What Are Alliances?

With the end of the Argon War, a mysterious material called noctenium sunders the Valkyon Federation by creating conflict from within. Noctenium imbues its owner with power, and joining an alliance holds the key to unlocking its secrets.

Join one of three alliances, each with its own strengths and advantages.

Rise through the Ranks

Players who join an alliance will be promoted through the ranks based on their level of contribution.

With each rank, grow your influence on your alliance—and ultimately, your entire continent!

  • Commander

    Appointed by the exarch, commanders have special abilities in battle such as summoning teleportals, cannons, and merchants.

  • Exarch

    Become an all-powerful exarch for full control over your alliance—and an entire continent.

  • Echelon

    Top contributors for each alliance become echelons who gain special buffs and exclusive access to the alliance executive merchant.

Raid Enemy Alliances

Protect your fort from enemy alliance attacks or raid their territories to earn points and steal noctenium resources.

Capture and Defend Forts

Forts are heavily defended by cannons, guards, players, and the powerful executor.

Command the Attack

Commanders gain special orders during alliance raids, including the power to summon cannons, merchants, or teleportals.

Steal Resources

Take resources from enemy territories to obtain unique alliance weapons, items, and gear.

Discover the Power of Noctenium

Noctenium is as versatile as it is powerful, and numerous applications have already been discovered. Collect resources to unlock the mysterious powers of noctenium!


Consume noctenium to amplify your skills. Enhancements include increased damage, increased healing, faster casting, and more.

Armor and Weapons

Craft noctenium-infused weapons and armor that rival some of the strongest in the world.


Take on Rhinilisk to obtain noctenium accessories in the new alliance dungeons—the Vaults.

Summoning Wands

Summon BAMs for entertainment and loot—even rare noctenium resources!

Combat Items

Use invisibility potions and combat explosives to gain an advantage in infiltrating enemy territories.

Choose Your Allegiance

Alliances are made up of networks of guilds, so joining a guild opens up many benefits to the new alliance content.

Check out these guilds currently looking for new recruits! Click on their names to read more about them, or go to your Social menu in game to see a list of all guilds.

Once you’ve joined a guild, the guild leader can talk to the Alliance Admin NPC, located in each alliance headquarters, for your guild to join an alliance.

Ascension Valley Mount Tyrannus Tempest Reach Celestial Hills Valley of Titans Lake of Tears
Ilfirin HEXED We Are Nice Guys The Arete Kumafia Reminiscence
Muffins Every Villain Is Lemons Grand Theft Argon Requiem of Dreams Kraken The Purge
Final Fantasy SPQR Symphony Cross Heart Zebra Gank Squad Crusaders
Fusion Alive Liquid The Empyrean Divine The Morning After Magica
Valor of Valkyon Apostles Eryxias Band of the Phoenix Determination Popori Federation

For a more detailed look into alliances, check out our Alliance Game Guide.