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A Madman's Plot

The bloodshard grants power that few can resist—even those within the Valkyon Federation. A small group of traitors—led by a certain reculsive mad scientist—have broken rank, determined to use the bloodshard for what they believe is the ultimate weapon.

Thaumetal Refinery

Thaumetal Refinery was once home to a small tribe of goblins. Discovery of a new ore brought the archdevans, who offered the goblins riches in exchange for the opportunity to mine it. Once inside, however, they took over, enslaving everyone inside.

The archdevans are desperate to determine the properties of the new ore—and its capabilities. Something is different about it. They've been pumping the stuff into the goblins and recording the results, but nothing really came of it—until Gaaruksalk.

Large for a goblin already, Gaaruksalk's body tripled in size as a result of the injections—but between that and other abuses, he lost all semblance of reason becoming nothing but a puppet of the archdevans. You'll need to destroy him—and also deal with the archdevans in your way.

thaumetal refinery
thaumetal refinery
thaumetal refinery
thaumetal refinery

RK-9 Kennel

Now that he has it, there may be no stopping him.

Fight your way through big stompy robots, maneuver around magnetic fields, and ride the vortex to finally face the culmination of all his hard work: the RK–9. The biggest, stompiest (and grabbiest) robot of them all, the RK–9 now has the power of the bloodshard coursing through its circuitry.

Will you defeat this massive weapon—and the man who created it—or will you leave the Valkyon Federation vulnerable?

RK-9 Kennel
RK-9 Kennel
RK-9 Kennel
RK-9 Kennel

Gear Progression

Arsenal brings TERA players a new-and-improved way to gear up for end-game play.

New Gear

Arsenal's enchant and upgrade system features four new sets of gear. Using enchanting materials acquired from dungeons, battlegrounds, world bosses and quests, you'll enchant each set to its maximum bonus (+6 or +9), then upgrade it to the next set as follows:

To assist in the enchant and upgrade process, we’ve also introduced Item XP. When completing a Vanguard request wearing a piece of Twistshard or higher gear, you'll earn Item XP for all eligible gear equipped on your character. Item XP significantly increases the chance of enchanting or upgrading an item.

Belts, accessories, and circlets can also be upgraded using the same process. though they do not need to be enchanted.

Getting Started

At level 65, the quest Fresh Arms—and Legs awards a complete set of Guardian gear, as well as matching accessories and a circlet. This new gear comes to you enigmatic, but don’t worry! You get to choose your enchantment effects yourself, rather than through tiresome random Enigmatic Scroll/Identification Scroll cycles, which we’ve retired.

Old Gear

Gear is no longer classified by tiers, and we've retired the previous system of enchanting/Masterworking/Awakening.

Guardian gear has better stats than baseline Misery, but don't get rid of your old gear just yet! Ambush, Behemoth, Misery, Deathwrack, and Oblit gear can still be enchanted, and at +12 or above can be upgraded into the new gear sets according to their final enchantment bonus.

For level 1–64 play, you still enchant gear using tier 1–4 feedstock and alkahest, but no longer need to Masterwork items for additional bonuses. If an item could be made Masterwork before, it can now be enchanted up to +12 with no additional steps (the item’s tooltip will indicate this).

For tier 5 through 11, legacy feedstock and tiered spellbinds can be combined or traded. Tier 12 feedstock, basic spellbinds, most alkahest, and Enigmatic scrolls can be dismantled into Metamorphic Emblems or Entropic Emblems, each opening up a shop where you can acquire materials necessary for the new enchant and upgrade system. These enchanting materials also drop from dungeons, battlegrounds, world bosses, and quest rewards.

Phoenix Mount

Put some immortal excitement into your game with a Phoenix Loot Box! Guaranteed to contain 500 metamorphic emblems, each box may also contain either an Azure Phoenix flying mount, or Pteryx, the deluxe red phoenix!

Both these great mounts restore HP and MP while you fly, and also grant the passive skills Blazing Aura (increased Crit Power) and the prized Phoenix Aura, which grants you a free resurrection if your phoenix is the last mount you used!

These high-flying legends are waiting for you to crack their shells!

Get your very own phoenix mount now in the TERA store.

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