Bam Killer - by En Masse Entertainment

BAM-Killer is a revolutionary 21-day crowdsourcing program where players earn rewards for killing BAMs.


What the Heck Are BAMs?

Big-Ass Monsters, or BAMs for short, roam the world of TERA. These massive and powerful beasts require teamwork and strategic positioning, and sometimes a little luck to take down.

BAM concept art

Recently, our scientists discovered BAMs spawning at a much faster rate than we’ve ever seen before...a rate considerably faster than our players are killing them.

Young shows spawning data

In just a matter of days, the BAM population reached a level where our servers couldn’t handle them anymore. This led to BAMs crossing over into the real world and causing all sorts of problems for us.



For the next 21 days, from August 26 to September 16, each BAM defeated by TERA players in the dungeons or the world contributes to the overall BAM kill count. If we kill 5 million BAMs within 21 days, we can slow down the exponential BAM growth to the previous, much more manageable rate.

With the extra time we'll have, we should be able to fortify our reality-game teleportals and return both TERA and our world back to normal! We turned to you, our community, because we believe that together, our TERA players can rise up and accomplish any challenge.

We take our fight to the BAMS



Every day during the BAM-Killer program, when you log in, we will send you a loot box. This loot box will contain five federation bills and a chance to drop bronze, silver, or gold BAM tokens. These BAM tokens can be exchanged for exclusive weapons, accessories, and costumes that our community team will bring you. Hold onto your BAM tokens! You'll need them to purchase that equipment.

NPC Store assets

Unfortunately, a certain number of BAMs must be killed before we can activate one of the reality-game teleportals that connects us to TERA’s world. When we reach these milestones, the bronze, silver, and gold stores will unlock along with special BAM Killer events to help you kill more BAMs!

Bronze Reward Items Silver Reward Items Gold Reward Items


Critics Say...

BAMtaku: “Big Ass Monsters have become a big ass problem”

BAM Crunch: “BAM Killer is the answer to a problem that didn’t exist yesterday”

Interactive BAM Network: “Bold. Innovative.The Cloud. This is the future.”


Who Are We?

En Masse Entertainment is a video game company that brings you TERA, the MMORPG that defines true- action combat. Our team is based in Seattle, Washington and we are a dedicated group of gamers passionate about bringing millions of players together with online games.

We Are En Masse

Please help us spread the word to your friends, family, loved ones, colleagues, and anyone that’s ever been affected by BAMs. We are starting a revolution in TERA and we need YOU to succeed!

Updates Section

9/15/2014 11:05 am - P Sun 600


You guys made it, and you did it in style, with time running out, you pushed up to the very last minute. We are so excited that the 5 million BAMs have been killed, that we are going to send our very own TERA Producer, aka Treeshark, in game to trade awesome loot for your gold tokens. You will find Treeshark in game next to me, Tonka, and Minea, so make sure to come out and grab a Frosty Mantle of Indifference, Dyeable Princess Arin’s Maid Uniform, Blessed Enigmatic Event case, or the brand new Any Race Voucher, if that’s more to your liking.

Don’t forget, you guys have also earned a Triple-Drop Weekend that will start at on Friday, September 19 at 11 a.m. PDT and run until September 22 at 11 a.m. PDT. Make sure to hop in game, say “Hey!” to Treeshark, and spend the last of your gold tokens. The token stores will be available until maintenance has completed on Tuesday, September 23. Well done TERA community, enjoy the fruits of your… endless slaughter of over 5 million BAMs!


9/13/2014 11:05 am - Over 4 MILLION BAM’s have been killed by our valiant community! As a thank you for continuing to protect our world from BAMs, double BG credit is now active! This is for all battlegrounds, at all times, until the event’s end at 11a.m. PDT on September 16th! (This does not stack with the current power hour effect.) We are almost there! Let’s get the Gold Token store unlocked with the double BAM credit this weekend!

9/10/2014 11:02 am -   Bob 315b
You guys are awesome! Collectively, you have violently slaughtered over 3 million BAMs, and I, Tonka ... am your reward! Well, my similarly named mindless avatars stretched all over Arborea are your rewards. But that's basically the same thing, right?

No doubt you have already paid Minea a visit and checked out all her goods.  Well, you will find me standing right next to her in all my Popori glory.  Come find me in game, give me a wave, and grab yourself a Nut Hatch Weapon Skin.  The only catch is those silver tokens you have accumulated, you are going to have to hand some of those over to me.  I love me some silver!


9/5/2014 11:05 am - Ultra-Hyper-Fire-Turbo-Time is unlocked!  This cooldown event is set to happen THIS SATURDAY at 8pm and ending at 10pm PDT.  In other words, it's on like Donkey Kong tomorrow night!  

Also don't forget, the Double Enchantment unlock starts now, and ends Monday at 11am PDT.

9/3/2014 11:01 am -  Minea 315
Hello, everyone!

You've done it! You've unlocked the Bronze Token store.  ALL PRAISE THE SKYWHALE!

Now with your help, I am transported into TERA with all kinds of goodies that can be exchanged with the Bronze tokens!

Look for me near the Federation Bill vendor in towns.  If you want to improve your gameplay, I've got you covered with Master Enigmatic Scrolls, Premium Alkahests, Semi Enigmatic Scrolls and more! Have you been eyeing the unique hats instead? I have them too, plus the coveted Nightfall Ninja outfit and the Fashion Coupons!

The next goal is to unlock Ultra-Hyper-Fire-Turbo Time! The time for insane skill explosion is upon us.  We can do this!

And don't forget, Double Enchantment weekend starts this Friday at 11 a.m. PDT, and lasts until Monday (9/8) at 11 a.m. PDT.

- Minea

8/31/2014 11:10 am - Over 750k BAM's killed in less than a week! Double Enchantment Days unlocked! Next weekend, we will double the success rates of all your enchanting attempts. We are already over halfway to unlock the bronze token store, keep up the good work!

8/29/2014 11:00 am- BAM's are still overflowing here and it's getting a bit out of hand.  Today, we are going to make a rule change for the event that should allow you to help us out even more.  As of right now, any BAM two levels below you will count.  So yes, that means level 60's will get credit for killing a level 58 BAM, a level 20 will get credit for killing a level 18 BAM, and so on.  We're halfway to unlocking the first tier, so let's see if we can get there even faster!

8/27/2014 11:01 am - Day 1 is in the books! We've seen a lot of interest as well as a lot of BAM's dying, but we're still quite a ways from the first tier. Remember, the BAM's have to be your level or higher to count! Also be sure to team up with a friend, or even a kind stranger to get through the hunt even faster.
  Happy Hunting - Treeshark

BAMS Killed

Updated daily at 11:00am PDT

days to go

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  • Select this reward

    Tier 1

    750,000 BAMS killed Unlocked!

    Double Enchantment Days

    After this milestone is reached, we will double the success rates of all enchanting attempts during the next weekend!

    750,000 BAMS killed

    Double Enchantment Days

    Need to enchant your nice new Devastator gear? After we reach this milestone, we will double the success rates of all your enchanting attempts—and they'll stay doubled during the next weekend.

  • Select this reward

    Tier 2

    1,500,000 BAMS killed Unlocked!

    Open the Bronze Store!

    The Bronze BAM Store is full of useful items, and once unlocked it’ll stay open until the event ends!

    1,500,000 BAMS BAMS killed

    Open the Bronze Store!

    We’ll send Minea into towns throughout TERA with cosmetics for your enjoyment and consumables to aid in the BAM killing. Exchange your Bronze BAM tokens with her.* Once unlocked, the Bronze Store will stay open for the duration of the event.
    * Bronze BAM Tokens can be collected by logging in daily and as drops from killing BAMs.

  • Select this reward

    Tier 3

    2,000,000 BAMS killed Unlocked!

    Ultra-Hyper-Fire-Turbo Time

    Get 80% faster cooldowns on all your skills, plus super-extreme MP regen.

    2,000,000 BAMS killed

    Ultra-Hyper-Fire-Turbo Time

    Starting the Saturday after we reach this milestone, Ultra-Hyper-Fire-Turbo Time is go! For two solid hours—from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. PDT on Saturday night—you'll get super-extreme MP regeneration and all your skills will have their cooldowns reduced by 80%*. Go go go!
    *A normally 10-second cooldown will only take 2 seconds during Ultra-Hyper-Fire-Turbo time.

  • Select this reward

    Tier 4

    3,000,000 BAMS killed Unlocked!

    Open the Silver Store!

    The Silver BAM Store is chock-full of cosmetic items—some not available anywhere else!

    3,000,000 BAMS killed

    Open the Silver Store!

    An accompanying weapon skin for your panda outfit? Sterling silver or gold outfits? We’ll send Tonka into the world of TERA with armfuls of the stuff! Find Tonka in any town to exchange your Silver BAM Tokens* with him. Plus, we’ll keep the Silver Store open until the BAM Killer event ends!
    * BAM Tokens can be collected by logging in daily and as drops from killing BAMs.

  • Select this reward

    Tier 5

    4,000,000 BAMS killed Unlocked!

    Double BG Credits

    All battlegrounds in TERA will offer double battleground credits, all the time, until the event ends!

    4,000,000 BAMS killed

    Double BG Credits

    Power Hours are nice, but they're only for a few hours, four days a week. This one goes on 24/7 until BAM Killer ends.

  • Select this reward

    Tier 6

    5,000,000 BAMS killed Unlocked!

    Open the Gold Store!

    The Gold BAM Store will remain open until Tuesday, September 23. Contains precious items—some of which have never been seen previously in TERA.

    5,000,000 BAMS killed

    Open the Gold Store!

    Minea and Tonka already arrived with consumables and cosmetics, but now Treeshark will open the Gold BAM Store and turn the dial up to 11. Exchange your Gold BAM Tokens* with him for highly sought-after items and some items completely new to TERA. The Gold BAM Store will remain open until Tuesday, September 23.
    * BAM Tokens can be collected by logging in daily and as drops from killing BAMs.

BAMS need to be killed!
Based on our research, we have until September 16th, 2014 7:00am PST to reach our BAM kill goals.

En Masse Entertainment