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This groundbreaking new tank gives as good as she gets—dropping enemies left and right with her massive powerfists. With stunning combos, powerful knock-backs, and the strength to go toe-to-toe with BAMs and bosses, the brawler is a relentless fighter who can take charge of any situation.



Marda crouched behind the anvil stump, trying not to draw attention before she was ready to act. The air was thick with smoke, but only some of it from the banked coals.

Her father once told her, “If you ever see orcans, run. But if you have to fight, make sure they remember you.” He was dead on the ground in front of her now, with a pair of crude orcan axes in his back. In any event, there was nowhere to run. The village was burning, and the screams of her neighbors were an eerie counterpart to the guttural, barking laughs of the raiding party.

They'd been turning horseshoes when the attack began, and the latest one was still red-hot on the ground next to his outstretched hand. The tent flap moved in the slight breeze, teasing the hot metal with every pass. A few loose threads had already burned away, but it wasn't time yet.

They needed to get closer.

Marda flexed her hands in the reinforced gloves she and her father used in the shop. The other apprentices refused to even try a pair, but she'd spent most of her childhood watching him reach directly into the forge to grab stock, and if it was small enough, bend it into shape without using a hammer.

And Marda was definitely her father's daughter. The gloves were huge over her small hands, but wearing them filled her with confidence. She balled her fists, and felt the power of the forge sing inside her.

Almost time. Just a little closer.

An orcan shadow edged into the tent, and Marda tensed for an attack. With no armor, she'd need to be fast, and match the raiders in ferocity, if not brute power. When it moved in and bent to reclaim its axes, she exploded from behind the anvil, upending the coal forge in a spray of fire.

Gathering two fistfuls of searing metal and red-hot coals, Marda stepped toward the shrieking orcan. Her first blow broke off one of its tusks, the next shoved the stump down its throat. With a kick for good measure, she stepped over the downed raider and out to face the rest.

She'd bury her father later. There was work to be done.