Corsairs’ Stronghold
Dead men tell no tales...

Join the pillage and plunder! Enter Corsairs’ Stronghold to battle for gold and glory… and the coveted Black Pearl mount.

A New Battleground

Ready for the pirate life? Click on Battleground Matching in your UI and you’ll see Corsairs’ Stronghold.

This new battleground pits level 30 characters and above in a massive 20 vs. 20 siege battle!

Corsairs’ Stronghold gives you three siege tactics for getting inside the castle walls.

You can scale the ladders‚ but airships and siege weapons are there for a reason. Ride the airship to a strategic location and drop in behind enemy lines‚ or hop in a siege tank and blast the gate to pieces–then keep rolling right on through to the anchorstone!

Matches in Corsairs’ Stronghold consist of two rounds–each team takes turns attacking and defending the anchorstone in the heart of the stronghold.

Employ various tactics to outwit and overpower your opponents‚ and the fastest team to destroy the anchorstone wins!

Corsairs’ Stronghold is a test of your ability‚ not your gear!

When you enter Corsairs’ Stronghold‚ your skills, weapons‚ armor‚ and jewelry are standardized. You’ll keep the same number of crystal slots as the gear you wear in‚ and if you’re under level 60‚ your existing skills will scale to level 60 versions.

There’s more to Corsairs’ Stronghold than just bragging rights and a pocket full of gold. The more times you win‚ the more pirate titles you unlock!

  • “Think Like a Pirate”

    Win once in Corsairs’ Stronghold

    Title: Swabby

  • “Talk Like a Pirate”

    Win ten times in Corsairs’ Stronghold

    Title: Swashbuckler

  • “Stink Like a Pirate”

    Win 50 times in Corsairs’ Stronghold

    Title: First Mate

  • “Walk Like a Pirate”

    Win 150 times in Corsairs’ Stronghold

    Title: Cap’n

    Reward: Black Pearl mount

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