Server Merges Are Coming to TERA


As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the player experience, we want to make it easier for players to find friends, group up for runs, and otherwise enjoy the TERA community. To that end, we are merging servers in all regions and platforms.

We will also be merging servers on TERA for PC, but that will occur later in the year. (The policies for PC may be different than for consoles.)

We’ve put together answers to the most common questions:

Q: Which servers will merge?

PlayStation NA Servers

Dracoloth, Thulsa, Ovolith, Felbane, Hydrath: New Server 1 (PVE)

Nyxarras, Huzrat: New Server 2 (PVP)

PlayStation EU Servers

Maligos, Skulregnath, Molach, Saravash: New Server 3 (PVE)

Zyrnaaxis, Arzakaar: New Server 4 (PVP)

Xbox One NA Servers

Smulch, Basilisk, Orisk, Melkatran: New Server 5 (PVE)

Vesporax, Suryati: New Server 6 (PVP)

Xbox One EU Servers

Karascha, Abraxis, Fimbrilisk: New Server 7 (PVE)

When will the servers be merged?

The official date is August 21, 2018, but because the merge could take up to 12 hours, we’re going to start the merge on August 20, 2018 at 9 p.m. PDT. During this time, the servers will not be accessible.

I play on multiple servers. How many character slots will I end up with on the new server?

By default, players with characters on more than one server will have their highest number of character slots—not characters, necessarily—on the new server. That is, if you have four characters on Maligos and two characters on Molach, you’ll have four character slots on the new server (not six).

In addition, the week before the server merges, En Masse Entertainment is going to grant five free character slots to every account upon login, but you will need to add those to the server where you have the most characters. This will maximize your available slots on the new server (and help minimize the number of characters you have to delete).

And as always, remember that the total maximum number of character slots on any server is still 16.

Will any characters be automatically deleted?

No characters will be deleted during the merge. However, once the merge is complete, if you have more characters than character slots, you will need to delete some until you have a number of characters no higher than your total character slots. There is no time frame for the characters to be deleted, but you will not be able to play on this server until this is done.

(NOTE: Characters only need to be in a deletion state, and not fully deleted, for you to enter the server.)

Do I have to do anything?

You are not required to do anything, but there are certainly some things we recommend you do to ensure you have a safe and easy merge:

  • Delete any characters you don’t need. Character slots on the new server will be limited to the highest amount of character slots you have on one of the servers, and having too many characters will prevent you from entering the game with any character. Once the servers merge, you will be required to delete additional characters until you reach your new character limit. For example: You have a total of 4 character slots on Ovolith, 9 on Felbane, and 2 on Hydrath. On the new server, you will have a total of 9 slots.
  • If you do choose to delete characters, make sure you save all their items and gold before you delete them!
  • Start planning backup character names. While we wish we could promise your name will not be taken, you could abruptly find yourself needing to think of a new name. Click here for more information about how name conflicts will be resolved.
  • Make sure your guild has active players in it—and that the members don’t plan on deleting characters who are in the guild. Remember that guilds automatically disband if there are two players and one of them quits. If players delete too many guild characters, that could cause guilds to disband.
  • Remove items you have listed on the trade broker before the merge. Items that you have listed on the trade broker will be merged to the new server. However, keep in mind that multiple servers' economies will be merged into one which may cause some price discrepancies.

Will I need to change my name?

If two or more characters share the same name prior to the merge, only one character will keep the name on the new server. The name will automatically be awarded to the character with the most play time. If you have less play time than another character with the same name, you will receive a tag designating that your name must be changed (for example: “Cool.Guy_1”). You will be prompted to choose a new name before logging into the server with that character.

Will there be a name appeal process?

There will not be a name appeal process for this server merge. We understand that no one wants to lose a character name. However, we feel that resolving name conflicts based on play time is the fairest method available.

What about Guilds?

Guild names and memberships will all be preserved and merged. If your guild's name is already taken on the new server your guild leader will be required to change it.

What if there are multiple guilds with the same name?

If your guild shares a name with another guild on the merged server, your guild will receive a tag designating that your guild's name must be changed. For example: When the guild “Baraka Style” from Karascha and the guild “Baraka Style” from Abraxis are merged onto the new server, the older guild will retain its name, and the newer one will need to change it.

Will I keep my friends list after the server merge?

Yes! All friends will remain unchanged. However, keep in mind that some of your friends might have changed names due to the merge.

What will happen to my broker items?

Your broker items will be preserved when the servers merge. Please keep in mind that merging the servers also merges the economies, so the price difference on items may be quite different. We recommend that you do not begin any new auctions before the server merge.

Items registered and sold (but awaiting confirmation) in the broker will be returned via parcel. We highly recommend removing all items you have in the broker before the merge.

What about my mail?

All of your mail and parcel deliveries will be preserved in the move.

Will my banks be merged?

All of your bank contents from different servers will be moved to a temporary bank on the new server. (Your account banks from different servers will only transfer if you have at least one character on the server where the bank items are stored.)

You will see a button at the bottom of your standard bank menu to access the temporary bank. The temporary bank has multiple tabs and tab pages to accommodate even a large number of bank items.

You can only withdraw items from the temporary bank; you cannot deposit items into the temporary bank. The temporary bank has no time limit, so you do not need to rush to make room in your standard bank.

Will this affect the items in my Item Claim?

The items in your Item Claim will not be affected by the merge.

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