Reach Your Apex Enters Its Second Week!


For the next few weeks, we’re helping players power up for the Dark Reaches content update with Stage Two of the Reach Your Apex event! If you can’t wait to dig into the good stuff, head over to our "Dark Reaches" promo page right away to learn about Apex skills and our upcoming events—or you can get a top-level briefing right here:

Material-Gathering Event

For the weeks leading up to the release of Dark Reaches on Tuesday, October 16, we’re running a materials-gathering event. The goal for this event is to help you get your character’s item level up to 439 as soon as possible, by enchanting and upgrading it so you can begin the quest that unlocks your Apex skills.

You can also maximize your efforts with bonus Metamorphic Emblems from Guardian Legion missions and double drops from dungeons on the weekends.

Cumulative Login Rewards

Log in every day from Tuesday, October 2 –Monday, October 15, and complete any Vanguard Request to claim daily rewards of Precious Gem Boxes and Golden and Silver Talents.

Dungeon Double Drops

Also, on weekends during the event (October 5–8, and again October 12–15) we’re adding double drops to popular dungeons, including Antaroth's Abyss, RK-9 Kennel, Ruinous Manor, Broken Prison, Red Refuge, and more!

Guardian Legion Bonus Items

On weekdays, we’re also handing out Metamorphic Emblems as additional rewards for completing Guardian Legion missions. Depending on your performance, earn 300 Metamorphic Emblems with each turn-in, from Monday at 10 a.m. PDT until Friday at 10 a.m. PDT. Be sure to check the specific rewards schedule on the Dark Reaches promo page.

Apex for Everyone

Apex skills were first introduced to a limited selection of classes in the Godsfall content update and are considerably more powerful than ones you’ve been using for the last 65 levels. When Dark Reaches arrives, all classes can unlock these amazing skills through an exclusive quest available to max-level characters Item Level 439 and higher.

We've got more info on the promo page, but here’s a rundown of the skills the remaining classes can unlock:

  • Archer—Find Weakness, Wind Walk, Windsong, Gust Arrow, Safe Space, Seasoned, Huntsman
  • Gunner—Modular Weapon System, Remote Trigger, Obliteration, Arcane Splash, Back Blast
  • Ninja—Boomerang Shuriken, Quick Attack, Inner Harmony, Piercing Gaze, Cyclic Chi
  • Reaper—Dark Harvest, Recall Scythes, Binding Scythes, Assassination, Vengeful Attack
  • Sorcerer—Ice Lance, Fusion, Implosion, Spatial Gap, Enhanced Ice Lance, Elemental Attunement
  • Valkyrie—Gungnir's Bite, Twilight Waltz, Godsfall, Opportunistic Charge, Dreamblaze

Even More . . .

We're also unveiling a new user interface, the "Compliment" system, and, of course, the Halloween event in the Eldritch Academy: the Harvest Festival Hall!

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