Reach Your Apex Enters Its Final Week!


We're helping you prepare your characters for their new Apex skills with Stage Two of the Reach Your Apex event! If you can't wait to dig into the good stuff, head over to our "Dark Reaches" promo page right away—or get a top-level briefing right here:

Enchanting Event

For the next week—right up until the release of Dark Reaches on Tuesday, October 16—we're shifting the focus toward enchanting your gear! To be eligible for the Apex quest, you need Item Level 439, and that means enchanting—so we’re making it easier to successfully enchant.

For this final week before Dark Reaches launches, we’re doubling the success rate for enchanting key pieces of high-level gear: Twistshard and Frostmetal weapons, chests, boots, and gloves.

New Dungeons

And that’s not all! Dark Reaches includes two new dungeons: Dark Reach Citadel and the Grotto of Lost Souls, both of which are available in normal and Hard mode. You can read more about these dungeons—including what drops to expect—on the promo page.

Don’t Forget . . .

The arrival of the enchanting event doesn't mean that the leveling event and the gathering event are over. All three of these events run through Tuesday, October 16, when TERA's Dark Reaches update goes live.

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