Police and Nurse Costumes


The in-game TERA Store now features new uniforms to help you get into the Halloween spirit: nurse costumes for female characters, and police uniforms for everyone!

Police Bundle—1,995 EMP (or 1,495 for elite players)

  • Police Box (a smart box containing a police uniform suitable for your race and gender)
  • Paddy (a police car ground mount)
  • Day Shift Flat Cap
  • White Police Bowler
  • Gray Police Bowler

White Nurse Bundle—1,995 EMP (or 1,495 for elite players)

  • White Scrubs
  • White Eyepad
  • White Nurse's Cap
  • Fever Medicine (Halloween accessory)

Pink Nurse Bundle—1,995 EMP (or 1,495 for elite players)

  • Pink Scrubs
  • Pink Eyepad
  • Pink Nurse's Cap
  • Cold Medicine (Halloween accessory)

Night Shift Nurse Bundle—1,995 EMP (or 1,495 for elite players)

  • Night Shift Scrub
  • Black Eyepad
  • Black Nurse's Cap
  • Fever Medicine

We've also got some great loot boxes to complement your bundles, or maybe to share with a friend. Each loot box is guaranteed to contain a semi-enigmatic scroll, and possible rare costume piece or consumables.

  • Elin Dyeable Police Box—150 EMP
  • Personalized White Medicinal Box—150 EMP
  • Personalized Pink Medicinal Box—150 EMP
  • Personalized Night Shift Medicinal Box—150 EMP

TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat; a vast, gorgeous world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!