crescent sea

TERA’s next update, “Crescent Sea,” arrives for PC on Tuesday, February 11—bringing with it changes to guild quests, a new dungeon experience, and best of all, the elin valkyrie!

elin valkyrie

Elin Valkyrie

Inspired by their castanic counterparts, the elin have joined the ranks of the “choosers of the slain,” and now you have the option of wielding a runeglaive as an elin!

  • elin valkyrie
  • elin valkyrie
  • elin valkyrie

Sea of Honor

Crescent Sea introduces a new dungeon experience, “Sea of Honor.” Collect map pieces from dungeon bosses and monsters in hunting zones, then report to Ronyn at Cutthroat Harbor to enter! You’ll be tasked with defending the treasure ship Goldenscale against multiple waves of raiders and boarding actions. A successful defense earns you a variety of rewards based on the dungeon’s difficulty, including XP Tomes, Exodor Weapon Enchanting Scrolls, Exodor Armor Enchanting Scrolls, Azart Conquer and Expedition Badges, Ishara’s Halidoms, and a variety of crafting materials!

  • Sea of Honor
  • Level 65
  • Maximum 5 Players
  • 1 entry/week (2/week for elite)
  • Requires Sea of Honor Voyage Map to enter
sea of honor
  • elin valkyrie
  • elin valkyrie
  • elin valkyrie
  • elin valkyrie

Valderon Token System

valderon tokens

Crescent Sea also kicks off a number of improvements to guild quests, including the addition of the Valderon Token system. Completing guild quests earns tokens, which can be used to purchase Guild Reward Chests containing a ruby and a random useful consumable. (There is a limit on how many Valderon Tokens you can collect…but your count resets every week.)

TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat; a vast, gorgeous world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!