Guardians of the Sky

Ready to fly the unfriendly skies? Tuesday, August 14 after maintenance Guardian Legion missions are entering a whole new dimension! And if you’ve been looking for the perfect mount to complement your combat style, we’ve got several new varieties waiting to carry you to new heights!

Guardian Legion Flight Missions
  • Guardian Legion Flight Missions
Guardian Legion mode now includes flight missions!
Open your map, track Guardian Legion missions, and look for these missions:

Rhapsody of Wind and Fire

Fly through the skies collecting red or blue orbs. When you have enough, you can use stored orb energy to destroy desert wraiths and clear the path for sky whales to pass through, then protect them until they escape.

Search and Destroy

Alien forces have invaded, and you have to jolt their drones out of the sky. Hold out long enough for the mothership to arrive, and you have a chance to drive the aliens out altogether.
  • Guardians of the Sky
  • Guardians of the Sky
  • Guardians of the Sky
Guardians of the Sky
New Dragon Mounts

A new clutch of dragons is taking flight, bringing with them a shroud of darkness and corruption.

Each of these dragons— Gloom, Dusk, and Storm—has some variety of HP/MP-restoration for you while you’re mounted, and the “combat” versions also have passive skills that increase your Crit Power after you dismount, and “roar” skills that increase your damage against monsters.

Look for these new dragon mounts in the TERA Store for PC on August 14th, in “combat” and “non-combat” varieties.

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