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Get the scoop on all the new features and content included in TERA's Aces Wild update.

Go Solo!

Ace Dungeons

Ace Dungeons

  • Players: 1
  • Minimum Level: 65

Ace dungeons are a whole new TERA experience for the solo player.

  • Accessed via a new tab on Instance Matching.
  • Engage solo versions of TERA’s classic dungeons—will you face Akasha in Akasha’s Lair or Baracos in the Golden Labyrinth?
  • Choose one or two special tasks to accomplish—dodge BAMs, a speed run, or maximize your combos—or accept a random task for bonus medals.
  • Prove you’re an Ace, and earn medals to exchange for accessories, Slaughter gear, and more!
  • Four daily quests help pile on extra rewards.

The Riddle of Manglemire

The Riddle of Manglemire

New Dungeon: Manglemire

  • Difficulty:
  • Players: 5
  • Minimum Level: 65
  • Drops: Imperator materials, Vainshadow and Vainblood accessories

Somewhere in a graveyard near the Eldritch Academy is a secret portal to a twisted swamp, where the cyclops Manglemore dwells. A compulsive liar, Manglemore tries to trick players into making mistakes when they battle him.

Dreadspire Returns!

Dreadspire Returns!

Dreadspire Season 3

    Season 3 of Dreadspire contains more challenging challenges (16 through 22) and improved rewards!

  • Challenge 4: Dreadnaught gear and comparable jewelry
  • Challenge 9: Slaughter gear, Shadowgate and Bloodgate jewelry
  • Challenge 14: Imperator materials, Shadowvain and Bloodvain jewelry
  • Challenges 16–22: Tier 10 feedstock, Tyrantblood tokens, Goldfinger tokens, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds

Three’s not Enough!

Three’s not Enough!

Kumas Royale Battleground

  • Players: 10v10
  • Minimum Level: 20
  • Two 5-minute rounds

Kumasylum has been updated for even more insanity! Now all combatants become kumases and battle to defeat their opponents’ kumas boss, while simultaneously protecting their own. Destroy a special stone to turn into a kumas healer!

Time to Fly!

Time to Fly!

New Flying Zones

It's a great time to pick up a flying mount because all of Arun is now a flying zone!

Room for Your Wardrobe!

Room for Your Wardrobe!

New Cosmetic Wardrobe

  • Separate bonus storage for cosmetic items.
  • Accessed via bankers.
  • One tab is unlocked by default and contains 72 slots shared with all your characters on the server.
  • Additional tabs of 72 slots can be unlocked with a Wardrobe Expansion item.
  • Elite status players receive three Wardrobe Expansion items for free! Learn more here.

Aces Wild is available now as a free update!

View the full patch notes for this update.

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