The World of TERA

  • The Dream Made Real

    When the titans created the world, their bodies became the continents upon which empires and gods would clash. The Valkyon Federation unites most of the world, with only a few provinces in Northern Shara falling under direct control of the argons. Federation soldiers will face danger across each continent, and experience wonders and mysteries.

  • Southern Arun

    Home to the capital of the Valkyon Federation, Southern Arun is its heartland. With so many soldiers reassigned to the argon front, Southern Arun’s provinces present tempting targets to pirates, raiders, and cultists. Players pacify Arcadia, stabilize Poporia, and brave the deserts of Val Aureum before tackling the lawlessness of Ostgarath.

  • Southern Shara

    The ruins of fallen empires litter the landscape of Southern Shara. The federation governs the region from the high elf city of Allemantheia. Most soldiers come here a little past the midway point in their careers. From Essenia, where they’ll battle the god of death—Thulsa—and his armies, they’ll bundle up for a tour of duty in icy Westonia. Then it’s on to the steamy jungles of Val Palrada before moving on to Val Elenium. Players at this stage can expect the attention of the gods—Thulsa, Mystel, and Zenobia, to name a few.

  • Northern Shara

    Bleak but for the lush forests of Sylvanoth, Northern Shara is torn apart by war and the elements. The argons occupy Val Tirkai, the Helkan District, and Val Kaeli, and make regular incursions into Lorcada and Sylvanoth. Players will stage their missions out of the amani fortress of Kaiator. The stakes are higher than ever, and the challenges truly epic. Players must defeat Thulsa and Killian’s plot to unleash Kelsaik upon the world, fight at Kaia’s side, and take the fight directly to the argons—on their territory!

  • Northern Arun

    Sealed off from the rest of the world for hundreds of years, Northern Arun was once a battlefield between the great empires of the giants and the devas, and in places like Ex Prima, one can still see the reminders of their conflict. The players begin their journey into this lost land in Savage Reach, and experience its conflicts firsthand in Spring Valley. Ultimately, their actions will restore contact between the baraka city of Highwatch and the Valkyon Federation, and bring them face-to-face with unspeakable evil in the dread fortress of Arx Umbra.

Southern Arun Southern Shara Northern Shara Northern Arun
The Cities
Velika Allemantheia Kaiator Highwatch
The Provinces
Arcadia Essenia Sylvanoth Val Oriyn
Poporia Westonia Lorcada
Val Aureum Val Palrada Val Tirkai
Ostgarath Val Elenium Helkan District
Veritas District Val Kaeli
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