Highwatch, sealed away behind the Storm Barrier for over a hundred years, is the home city of the barakas. The last bastion of order in the war with the archdevans, it is under near-constant siege. But even in the midst of war, Highwatch is a pinnacle of civilization and hope.

TERA Highwatch

Welcome to Highwatch

Initially a minor outpost, Highwatch was mostly spared from the destruction of the once-indomitable empire of the giants. Then, after Northern Arun was cut off from the rest of the world, it became a refuge—and the home of the barakas.

If Highwatch feels a bit like a museum, it is because the barakas see it as their duty to preserve as much of the culture as they can. So while the city’s plazas are abuzz with commerce and conversation, its libraries are also full of scholars poring over ancient texts and mysterious artifacts.

Getting into Highwatch

Highwatch won’t be accessible until you’ve finished the appropriate quest and unlocked the gates. After that, you can enter and leave on foot whenever you like, but you won’t be able to fly to other continents until you find a way to disable the Storm Barrier.

Quest Area

Important Highwatch Residents

Initially, Verikam will be your primary point of contact, but you’ll soon be taking quests from Braga, as well as Dougal, from the federation’s Vanguard Initiative.

Commerce in Highwatch

As the center of Val Oriyn’s civilization, it’s only natural that Highwatch is a trade hub. Visit the Bazaar, in the city’s northwest corner, to find baraka merchants as well as Vanguard Initiative merchants. This is also where you’ll find the Artisans Hall, if you’re looking to do some crafting.

Highwatch Commerce

Getting Around Highwatch

Once you’ve secured entry into Highwatch, here are the places to…

  1. …buy alkahest, crystal, and potions or sell things: Head to either the Hall of Accord (for Bellicarium and Killing Spree Quartermasters) or the Bazaar and Court of Enlightenment, for virtually everything else.
  2. …visit the trade broker or banker: Look for Garom or Mandon, respectively, in the Bazaar; or seek Liomm or Megnan just off the Court of Enlightenment.
  3. …turn in most storyline quests: Head to Verikam in the Sanctuary of Illumination, and later Braga in the Hall of Arms.
  4. …craft armor, weapons, and alchemical concoctions: The Artisans Hall is just off the Bazaar, to the left of the banker and trade broker.
TERA Highwatch Map

Highwatch has only two city teleportals, but because the city is fairly small, these are pretty much all you’ll need to get around. (The other teleportals in the area take you to locations around Val Oriyn.)


The city’s primary teleportal is located just off the Bazaar, and so it’s central to most of the locations you’ll visit while you’re here.

Meditation Way

This one’s not far from the entrance of the Sanctuary of Illumination, and using it will save you a little time traveling to and from this remote location.

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