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After the giants' victory over the devas, Val Oriyn was an idyllic province. But when their empire fell, the devas were quick to return, and just over a hundred years ago it was sealed off from the rest of the world by the Storm Barrier. More recently, it has become the primary battleground in the war between the Archdevan Army and the barakas—and the initial landing site of the Valkyon Federation’s expedition to the north.

What Is Val Oriyn?

Val Oriyn runs the gamut of terrain and climate, from the steamy jungles of the Savage Reach to the frozen mountainsides of Arx Umbra. The land is mostly untamed, except for the Khirian and Parthian campsites here and there, the military bases and prisons of the Archdevan Army, the stronghold at Arx Umbra, and of course the baraka city of Highwatch.

This entire province serves as a beachhead for the Vanguard Initiative, introducing level 60 characters to the ongoing struggle against the archdevan conquerors and their diabolical master, Dakuryon. By the time characters reach Arx Umbra, they should be level 65, and prepared for further adventures in Northern Arun.

TERA Val Oriyn Map

Cities and Towns

Amadjuak Trading Post: A camp used by goblin smugglers, temporarily serving as a base for Khirian refugees fleeing the fighting in other areas.

Highwatch: The center of Val Oriyn’s civilization and culture and the home city of the baraka.

Savage Reach (Level 60–61)

As its name suggests, the Savage Reach is an untamed area infested with wild beasts, including arachnens, ovoliths, and the reptilian guwangi tribes. It is also the temporary refuge of the Khirian resistance—brave warriors battling against the archdevan conquerors and their Parthian slaves.

TERA Savage Reach

Story Quests

Rough Landing: You help the Vanguard Initiative recover from a crash landing in Northern Arun. Augurs and Omens: You encounter the beleaguered Khirians.

Trials and Errors: You are given an opportunity to prove yourself to the Khirians.

The Valley of the Guwangi: You search for the missing sage Madat.

The Dangers of Diplomacy: Paesyn, the Vanguard Initiative engineer, asks you to speak to Zolyn on his behalf.

Mechanically Inclined: Paesyn asks you to help recover your sky cruiser’s engine.

The Not-So-Great Escape: You stop to help a traveler in need…and he proves to be more than you can handle.

Spring Valley (Level 61–62)

Once a pleasant valley of rolling meadows and luxuriant hot springs, Spring Valley has become the front line of the war between the Archdevan Imperial Army and the barakas of Highwatch. The almost idyllic terrain is now dotted with Parthian siege engines and training camps, all with the aim of slaughtering the last pocket of resistance in the trading post now serving as the headquarters of both the Khirians and the survivors of the Vanguard Initiative.

TERA Spring Valley

Notable BAMs

Sharazan, Sacred Noruk
TERA Sharazan
Darzan, Sacred Boar
TERA Darzan

Story Quests

Barreling In: The pursuit of the traveler leads to a secret enemy surveillance post right beneath your allies’ feet.

Intercepted Transmission: You race to stop an archdevan spy from informing her masters that the Vanguard Initiative is now reinforcing the ranks of the Khirians.

In Search of Answers: You conduct a little espionage on behalf of the barakas in exchange for being allowed to enter the besieged city of Highwatch.

Closer to the Truth: Having still not earned the barakas’ trust, you set out to learn how the archdevas control their pet demokrons.

Lucky Charms: Cromagh the Mighty sends you on a quest for a pendant that he believes controls demokrons.

Weird Science: After Cromagh breaks the pendant, he refers you to someone who can repair it.

Stick with It: Keezar, the mad shaman, offers to repair the pendant, but her instructions are less than clear.

Not FDA-Approved: Paesyn goes missing, and it’s up to you to find him, and get him to come back.

One Step Forward: With the archdevan pendant in hand, you finally earn the trust of the baraka Seeker, and you’re off to Highwatch…or so it seems.

Birthplace of Knowledge: You make your way into Highwatch and seek the counsel of High Elder Verikam.

Need to Know: Verikam encourages you to enter the Vault of Oriyn to consult with the god of knowledge.

One Price Left to Pay: You unmask Dakuryon, the evil mastermind behind the archdevan invasion—with disastrous results.

Ex Prima (Level 62–63)

Its original name is lost in time, so the barakas named this land of ruins for its place in their history: the first home any of them can remember. The landscape is dotted with broken temples and shattered towers, haunted now by wild beasts and the odd patrol from the Archdevan Imperial Army.

TERA Ex Prima

Notable BAMs

Humedras, Shaeldan Necromancer
TERA Humedras

Story Quests

I Bring Bad Tidings: You are tasked with the unfortunate responsibility of informing the barakas that their leader, High Elder Verikam, is gone.

How Does This Work?: In order to lift the siege of Highwatch, you undertake a mission to get the city’s teleportal working again, so you can contact the Valkyon Federation for reinforcements.

Stairway to Wisdom: Seeking some guidance on how to repair the Highwatch teleportal, you consult Mystel’s Arcana, and are presented with another ancient prophecy.

Harrier and Harrier: The path to your first stop on repairing the teleportal is teeming with demokrons placed there by the archdevans to harass travelers around the city.

Little Lost Lambs: Encountering some stranded baraka researchers, you escort them to safety at Qeldar Station.

Unforeseen Effects: A baraka Seeker provides you with an invisibility potion to aid your quest…you hope.

Ritual of Solace: En route to Diranas Quarry, you help Rhodos with some mysterious corpses.

Non Compos Mentis: The barakas ask for your help in restoring the composure of some of their patrol members, driven to the edge of sanity by archdevan blood magic.

It’s All Relative: With the aid of the invisibility potion, you infiltrate archdevan territory to gather relativity stones.

Evade and Escape: When the invisibility potion wears off, you have to use stealth and strength to escape archdevan territory unscathed.

Trash and Treasure: While escaping, you gather devastones for the Seekers to research.

Zo-Zo’s Petals: Paesyn once again enlists your aid on another “vital” mission.

Narrowing the Search: Hagand the Seeker develops a theory about why the Highwatch teleportal won’t work, and sets you on the path to correcting the problem.

The Search for Truth: Your quest takes you on a search for an archdevan camp, to interrogate an archdevan officer.

Moment of Truth: You need Zolyn’s help infiltrating a secret archdevan research facility, but first, she asks for your help in locating Paesyn.

Secret of the Storm Barrier: The archdevan officer’s map reveals the location of the research facility.

Tragedy and Triumph: Inside the archdevan laboratory, you discover the horrible secret of the demokrons…and try to avert a terrible tragedy.

War Is Nigh: With the Storm Barrier disabled, you return to Highwatch.

Arx Umbra (Level 63–65)

Where Spring Valley is the front line in the siege of Highwatch, Arx Umbra is the front line in the siege of the archdevan citadel—Trellum Consurgo—and it shows. The mountainous terrain is a bleak, icy waste, scarred by the intense fighting at the castle gates, and dominated by the great energy stream over the stronghold itself.

TERA Arx Umbra

Notable BAMs

Armant Hammar, Foecrusher
TERA Armant Hammar

Story Quests

Playing Catch-Up: You set out to assault Arx Umbra and recover Zolyn, but must first recover some stolen war supplies.

Parts are Parts: The attack on Arx Umbra relies on you using an airship to create a pincer movement. Now you just have to reach the airship.

A Heavy Burden: You must keep help Paesyn deliver supplies to the Valkyon Initiative’s forward airship platform in Arx Umbra.

Pulling the Strings: A dying warrior reveals that all is not what it seems within the Parthian ranks.

Unravelling the Mystery: Rhodos requests your help in determining whether the Parthians can be defeated without killing them.

Shut the Front Door: The full assault begins with an attack on the gates of Trellum Consurgo.

Having a Blast: The first step is disabling the devices which maintain the fortress’s portals. Step two is making sure the siege cannons reach their destination. Step three: Open fire!

Have Fun Storming the Castle: The siege weapons on the fortress wall are out of range, so it’s up to you to take them out of the fight.

Into the Fortress: Paesyn provides you with the means to locate Zolyn inside Dakuryon’s fortress.

Never Let Go: You locate Dakuryon and force him to release Zolyn, but the damage is already done.

In Pursuit of Justice: Dakuryon escapes into the bowels of his fortress, and you pursue!

The Reckoning: Rhodos rushes to confront Dakuryon, and together you battle him into submission…for now.

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