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Endless battle rages north of Kaiator in the Helkan District, the focus of conflict in the Argon War. The Valkyon Federation has held the argons here since reclaiming most of Northern Shara. While the argons devoted their energies towards experimentation in Val Tirkai, they constantly hurl themselves against the federation positions along the Khanovar Front, wearing down the federation defenders.

Welcome to the war.

What Is the Helkan District?

The heart of the fight against the argons lies in the Helkan District, specifically along the Khanovar Front. Blasted and scarred by endless battles, the forces of the Valkyon Federation eye their blue-black enemies across the ruined landscape. Lines shift daily, but to little effect. The argons remain holed up in their stronghold, slowly gathering their forces. The federation deploys new technologies to counter the argons—who respond in kind.

The Helkan District presents players with their first opportunity to fight in the ongoing war. Missions include holding off argon assaults and infiltrating the argon catacombs. Quests in this province set the stage for the final confrontation with the argons, which takes place in Val Kaeli province.

TERA Helkan District Map

Cities and Towns

Zulfikar Fortress: From this stronghold, the federation directs the battle against the argons.

Geographical Features

Khanovar Citadel: The Shariar, a citizen-militia, use the citadel as a base of operations and a training ground for new recruits.

Cyanocannon Foundry: A new hope for the federation, the cyanocannons represent an attempt to turn the argons’ technology against them.

Valgurati Stronghold: This fortified cavern serves as the argon headquarters and staging area. Portals transport fresh argons to hurl themselves against the federation defenders.

The Nexuses: These mysterious tears in the fabric of the Dream present a grave danger to the federation.

Khanovar Front (Level 60)

Constant fighting has erased any traces of the original terrain and vegetation. Only craters and colossal war machines remain. Federation Commander Tamur left Kaiator to directly oversee the fighting, and he’ll turn to the player to serve as an instrument of his will. If the player can disrupt the argon energy sources and disable their constructs, the course of the war could change dramatically.

The appearance of the nexuses complicates matters. The surge of angry, dangerous creatures from a nexus can kill many soldiers—fighters that the federation can’t spare. Small teams of soldiers might prove more useful in the long run.

TERA Khanovar Front

Story Quests

Fire for Effect: Rescue federation weapon specialists, then take command of a new siege weapon to turn back an argon attack.

The Goddess of War: Fight alongside the goddess Kaia in a desperate attempt to end the Argon War once and for all.

TERA Khanovar Front

Notable BAMs

Hursaras, Arzakaar Gatekeeper
TERA Hursaras
Gilgash Guardian
TERA Gilgash Guardian
Smoldering Moloch
TERA Smoldering Moloch
Argonomorph Giant
TERA Argonomorph Giant

What Are the Nexuses?

The nexuses are tears in the Dream itself. Scholars aren’t entirely certain what causes them, or why they’re found only over argon territory (the Khanovar Front, Argonea, and Granarkus). What scholars and soldiers alike know is this: deadly creatures emerge from the nexuses to wreak havoc. For more information on the nexus invasions, read up in our nexus guide.

TERA Nexus

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