The Iron Bastion of the North has the look and feel of a fortress. Made of iron and glowing metals, it stands starkly against the bright white snow of Northern Shara.

TERA Kaiator

Welcome to Kaiator

After the amani were freed from their slavery to the giants, they built Kaiator over the ruins of the giants’ capital city and named it for the goddess who had orchestrated the amani’s release from their magical enslavement.

People love Kaiator for its proximity to the action in the Argon War. Whether you heed the call of the frontlines, nexuses, or dungeon BAMs, you still need the convenience of a big city, making Kaiator the perfect place to call home.

Important Kaiator Residents

The Danger in Kaiator (level 51) and Argon War (lvl 59) questlines will take you repeatedly to Tamur in the Kaiator Command Center (access through Yunari, the headquarters gatekeeper in the northeast corner of Forgeheart).

The Danger in Kaiator questline will also introduce you personally to Kaia (the goddess of war) She’s not always around, but appears when you need her—often inside the Kaiator Command Center.

Commerce in Kaiator

TERA Kaiator Commerce

Kaiator specializes in heavy industry and extraction industries. They handle mining and smelting ore, and then forge it into weapons and armor.

Rana (Link Street): Rana is the go-to general merchant in Kaiator—for everything from Alkahest to teleport scrolls.

Ansho and Bilokad (Link Street): These merchants deal in crystals for your best weapons and armor.

Krizpian (Link Street): Doing battle with other guilds? Check with Krizpian for GvG goods.

(Looking to avoid the Link Street crowds? Look for Jorri and Lansha, just south of the Hall of Strength; they sell general goods and crystals, respectively.)

Learning in Kaiator

TERA Kaiator Learning

Kaiator’s educational philosophy focuses on practicality and usability. Engineers stand ready nearly anywhere—you never know when you’ll need some new armor.

Phaline, Mustall, Telen (Hall of Power): These three are the sorcerer, priest, and mystic trainers, respectively, and each is accompanied by a glyphmaster.

Tesalia, Surnius, Kuldar, Vathanir, Lanise (Hall of Strength): The warrior, lancer, slayer, berserker, and archer trainers, moving clockwise around the room. Each is accompanied by a glyphmaster.

It takes a little searching through side rooms, but you can also find crafting merchants and stations off the Chamber of Artisans, southeast of the Plaza of Triumph.

Getting Around Kaiator

You just landed in Kaiator: Here’s the fastest way to…

  1. …clear out your backpack: Take the teleportal to Link Street and find Giralin, Ansho, Rana, or Krizpian.
  2. …visit the trade broker: Head to Kalila or Linus on High Street.
  3. …turn in the Cleansing Tirkai” quest: Head to Yunari, in Forgeheart; she’ll get you into the Command Center, where you can talk to Tamur.
  4. …buy potions or alkahest: Head to Rana on Link Street.
  5. …get to the Temple of Temerity: Head straight to Forgeheart and talk to Ebir, at the top of the steps.

The teleportals will take you close to almost any place you want to go, but it can be frustrating trying to figure out which teleportal leads to which section of the city. Here’s a quick rundown.

Plaza of Triumph

This teleportal is in the exact center of the city. The west gate is halfway between this teleportal and the one at the Hall of Strength.

Hall of Strength

This is the closest teleportal to both the magic and tactics instructors and the glyphmasters. The west gate is halfway between this teleportal and the one at the Plaza of Triumph.

Chamber of Artisans

This is the closest teleportal to the crafting area. It’s also close to a banker and a trade broker.

High Street

This teleportal is close to the inventory manager, a banker, and a trade broker. High Street contains the Iron Order vaultkeepers.

Link Street

This is the closest teleportal to the dye merchant and the equipment remodeler, and is also close to a crystal merchant.


Forgeheart is truly the heart of Kaiator. Forgeheart offers access to the Kaiator Command Center and Commander Tamur’s quests, to the Consul’s office for guild management, and to the Temple of Temerity. This teleportal is closest to the north and south gates, the mission board, the badge merchants, and token rewards.

Iron Order Hall

The Iron Order Hall lies on the outskirts of the city. The fastest way there is via any Kaiator city teleportals, but you can also ride out the northern gate, if you want to take the scenic route.

Getting More from Kaiator

Kaiator has a great deal to offer to the hordes of soldiers who come to fight the argon threat. Here are some tips on what to look for.

City Teleportals

The teleportals remain your first choice for fast travel. Finding the closest one after you first land takes a bit of searching, but just remember it’s in Forgeheart, and be sure to check your map if you get turned around.

TERA Kaiator Teleportal

Areas of interest in Kaiator include:

Forgeheart: This is pretty much the material hub of Kaiator. If it’ll help you fight, it’s on sale somewhere in this area. Look for Tecolt (who deals in molten tokens), Dasken, Lemic, and Seras (badge merchants), Tronan and Gohar (support tokens), Milena and Milona (progress tokens), Heraphe and Spiro (dedication tokens), and Cheena and Sharzai (frontlines tokens).

Consul’s Office: Accessed from Forgeheart by talking to Raziir, this is your one-stop shop for guild-related needs.

Temple of Temerity: Many soldiers who come to Kaiator start as local heroes who have a great deal of experience battling orcan invasions or the occasional basilisk, but little practical knowledge of defensive tactics. The Temple of Temerity teaches soldiers to hold objectives, singly or as part of a larger unit, without throwing them to the argon front and expecting them to accomplish mission-critical objectives.

The Half-Sisters: Despite Milena being a high elf, and Milona being castanic, the two are sisters. Both girls were orphaned in a dracoloth attack, and taken in by an amani warrior, who was part of the patrol that slew the beast. He fostered the young girls in Kaiator while he searched for their relatives to take them in, but with no luck. When he returned a few months later, Milena and Milona had become so close that he could not bear to separate them, and instead chose to adopt them both as his own daughters. Years later, their father still fights for the federation, while Milena and Milona supply troops with useful gear to help the war effort.

The Cinemas: Head north out of the northern flight platform, or south of the southern flight platform, and check out all of the coming attractions! Of course, the Argon War has pretty much shut down the entertainment industry in Kaiator—but that’s just another good reason to end the argon threat once and for all!

Iron Order Hall: Lying just north of the city, in the outskirts, is the grand hall of the Iron Order. If your guild is part of their alliance, this is the best place for buying gear, storing loot, and arranging enchantments. Here also you can find the massive gate that connects to their base in Darkquaver—or to their beachheads in the other contested areas.

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