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Bitter, icy winds and cold stone cliffs await travelers in Lorcada—not that the province gets many visitors. Only the hardiest settlers and soldiers enter this bleak land. East of Kaiator, this province is on the front lines in the war for the world of TERA. Two gods dwell in Lorcada, and neither are known for their charm or hospitality.

The brave and cunning test their mettle against frigid Lorcada. Only the lucky return.

What Is Lorcada?

Lorcada is a cold, forbidding province located east of Kaiator. It’s notable as the second major territory of wendigos, though the Lorcadan wendigos are more hostile than their Westonian kin. Lorcada is relatively free of argons, though some parts of the Vale of Spires show signs of their intrusion. Strategically, the Divine Furnace—an ancient forge capable of producing true relics—is the most important landmark in Lorcada, especially now that the gods Killian and Thulsa both dwell there.

Lorcada represents the end of a long road for players, ending the fight against the evil gods and the threat posed by Kelsaik. After securing victory here, players move on to the Helkan District and Val Kaeli to face a more implacable foe—the argons.

TERA Lorcada Map

Cities and Towns

Habere: A frontier town populated by amani too stubborn to flee in the face of Killian’s capricious attacks or Thulsa’s calculated cruelty.

Plain of the Damned (Level 56–58)

This bleak snowfield stretches out west of Habere, dominated by the massive structure of the Divine Furnace. The northwest road leads to Kaiator, while the southern road leads to the Labyrinth of Terror. Currently, the Plain of the Damned is a battlefield. Ossugons and other undead menace Habere, while frost sirens and Ksharan argons try to isolate the Divine Furnace.

TERA Plain of the Damned

Story Quests

Into the Furnace: You must rescue Muhrak, the legendary blacksmith—and the only one who can operate the Divine Furnace—then thwart Thulsa’s plans for the ancient forge.

Labyrinth of Terror: Killian’s gem is necessary to safely enter the Ebon Tower...but to get the gem, you must face Killian.

Materials for Miracles: To defeat the corrupted god Kelsaik, you need to overcome his tremendous damage resistance —and Muhrak, the legendary blacksmith, knows just how to do it.

Dungeon Instances

Labyrinth of Terror: Killian makes his home inside this nightmare.

Labyrinth of Terror
TERA Labyrinth of Terror

Notable BAMs

TERA Killian
Yunaras Snaggletooth, Icemane Barsicore
TERA Yunaras Snaggletooth

Vale of Spires (Level 57–59)

Dominated by jagged spires and the marks of giants, the Vale of Spires is a forbidding abode, perfect for the god of death. Sinuous metallic coils, the argons’ technological signature, poke through the rocky peaks over fields of snow and ice. Crystalline wendigos, massive giants, and other dark forces guard the entrance to the Ebon Tower, keeping federation soldiers at bay.

Your role is to subjugate the area and make your way into the Ebon Tower. Time is running out to stop Thulsa’s attempts to harness Kelsaik’s power and turn it against the world. Prepare yourself well before attempting to take either of these two gods on. And if anyone asks you if you’re a god, you say: yes.

TERA Vale of Spires

Story Quests

Thulsa’s Doom: Infiltrate the Ebon Tower and battle Thulsa in the heart of his lair.

The Harbinger of Annihilation: You must triumph in your final confrontation with Thulsa and Kelsaik, or the Dream may perish.

Dungeon Instances

Ebon Tower: Thulsa’s stronghold—it’s toxic to mortals, which is just how the god of death likes it.

Kelsaik’s Nest: An eerie and wondrous pocket of space where Kelsaik awaits. This is no place for the faint of heart. Kelsaik is a corrupted, mutated god, incredibly powerful and single-minded in his devotion to destruction.

Ebon Tower
TERA Ebon Tower
Kelsaik's Nest
TERA Kelsaik's Nest

Notable BAMs

Kelsaik, Harbinger of Annihilation
TERA Kelsaik
Thulsa, God of Death
TERA Thulsa
Ice Giant
TERA Ice Giant
Linyphi, Ice Huntress
TERA Linyphi

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