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Until recently, the argons controlled much of this north-central Sharan province. Their sudden and unexplained retreat to the outlying districts north of Kaiator has opened a wealth of opportunities. For the arcanists of the Mysterium, the opportunity is one of exploration and learning, as well as devising ways to analyze and exploit abandoned argon technology. For the fey races, it’s a chance to use their particular magic to restore life to the places the argons did their best to destroy.

Meanwhile, a celestial ally has gone missing, and Thulsa may be hiding somewhere in the province. Ask yourself “Who in Sylvanoth is trying to resurrect a sleeping god, and where can I find his stronghold?” Chances are the god Thulsa will not be far away.

What Is Sylvanoth?

Once the territory of the long-dead ice giants, Sylvanoth is the southernmost province in Northern Shara. Its broad southern border hugs the great rift created when the benevolent god Balder sacrificed himself to save the world from the gods’ unstable power. In the north, Sylvanoth borders the outskirts of the amani capital, Kaiator.

The province is home to the mekonaris and the sikandaris, and their sleeping god, Sikander. The two races were once united, but divided into those who believe Sikander should rise in his own time and those who believe they should wake him immediately. Why the mekonaris want to rouse Sikander now is anyone’s guess, but key players in the federation believe Thulsa has something to do with it. Around level 49, seasoned soldiers will find themselves between the two factions when the sikandaris seek federation aid and their resting god is threatened like never before.

Until recent days, the argons controlled much of Sylvanoth. The mechanical invaders have inexplicably withdrawn, however, leaving behind strange and deadly technology. This sudden retreat is ominous, but it provides a unique opportunity for Mysterium researchers to study the argons through the artifacts strewn about the land.

The horrors of Fyrmount and the Hungry Caverns may be fresh in your mind, but Fraya and Tamur need someone to take over for a murdered general and solve the mysteries of Sylvanoth.

TERA Sylvanoth Map

Cities and Towns

Scythera Fae: A quiet trading village, Scythera Fae is the only commercial outpost in western Sylvanoth. Here you can buy needed supplies and witness the inexplicable dance of the mandrakes.

Dragonfall: Already beleaguered by runekeepers and undead, Dragonfall now faces an incursion of kulkaris. The mekonaris have blockaded the valley to keep the federation from interfering with their plans to awaken Sikander, but a sikandari delegation has arrived, hoping for help in foiling their former allies’ plans.

Seeliewood (Level 58–59)

Faerie magic—needed to restore Seeliewood after the argon occupation—is failing. Although the argons have not blighted the region utterly, they have damaged its inherent magic in other ways: the native races are suffering from a puzzling illness. Fearful of the magic of the fey, which may have special powers against them, Seeliewood’s denizens are seeking a cure elsewhere.

Sabertooths, mugatos, and noruks are part of the everyday wildlife of Sylvanoth, and now hostile centaurs and unicorns—victims of the argons’ assault on fey magic—menace the forests and roads. Tuwangis creep into the lower and wetter parts of Seeliewood. The lithikumas, known to find sources of arcane power attractive, and the dracoloths, who inhabit the Bower, are formidable foes and best approached with a group of well-trained friends.

TERA Seeliewood

Notable BAMs

Maevia, Arachnen Broodmother
TERA Maevia
Emberheart Dracoloth
TERA Emberheart Dracoloth

Darkquaver Woods (Level 49–54)

This region, so near the shadow of the argon front, is where Elleon has pursued Thulsa. The god of death wants to control the god Sikander, currently sleeping in nearby Amena Quatla.

The fey races in this region have turned against their former federation allies. Orcans who once ignored the federation presence are raiding camps and menacing travelers. The presence of mekonaris, jalmaraks, and dracoloths near the Staff of Isren leads some to fear Thulsa’s interest in that ancient and powerful artifact.

TERA Darkquaver Woods

Story Quests

The Gauntlet Thrown Down: Fraya thinks Thulsa may now be in Northern Shara. She sends you to Commander Tamur in Kaiator to coordinate a plan for his defeat. After tragedy strikes, Tamur sends you to Darkquaver to speak to the general’s advisor.

The Indomitable Spirit: Receive the help and blessings of a sympathetic goddess when you reach the sikandari settlement of Amena Quatla to foil Thulsa’s plan for awakening Sikander.

Notable BAMs

Raugharak, Guardian Barsicore
TERA Raugharak, Guardian Barsicore
Tyrant Arachnen
TERA Tyrant Arachnen
Malbinar Dracoloth
TERA Malbinar Dracoloth

Sussurus Woods (Level 49–54)

This lovely, sunlit region is being terrorized by a rash of kidnappings. Men, women, and children are disappearing into Amena Quatla, and no one knows why. Many suspect blood magic is behind it all. And kidnapping isn’t the only problem. Mekonaris and kulkaris attack the locals, then fade into the wilderness.

TERA Sussurus Woods

Story Quests

Drowned in Blood: Isrenia—the spirit of the staff of Isren—warns you of Thulsa’s plans for Sikander. Following the trail of the mekonari kidnappers, you face the terror of blood magic at the Raven Altar.

Sikander's Bane: In Amena Quatla, you’ll battle argons and their corrupted sikandari allies in an attempt to prevent the untimely resurrection of the god Sikander. In the aftermath, the goddess Kaia sends you to retrieve an ancient artifact that might stop a rampaging god.

Amena Quatla (Level 50–52)

The ancient city of the sikandaris has lately seen the coming of Thulsa and his mekonari allies, determined to revive the sleeping god Sikander with help from the Atel Akaad.

Teraliths roam the ruins, fulfilling their guardian mission of old. Thulsa’s ally, the god Killian, has imported Lokians, fimbrilisks, and argons to do his bidding, and his sikandari allies make life difficult for federation troops attempting to penetrate the deepest regions of the Temple of Sikander.

TERA Amena Quatla

Notable BAMs

Betsael, Infernal Fimbrilisk
TERA Betsael
Inexorable Akalath Warlord
TERA Inexorable Akalath Warlord
Consecrated Teralith
TERA Consecrated Teralith
Lurking Storm Lizard
TERA Lurking Storm Lizard
Ebon Fimbrilisk
TERA Ebon Fimbrilisk

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