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Once home to fey woodlands, Val Kaeli is now the heart of argon territory in Northern Shara. Massive machines break up the skyline while dark, noxious clouds blanket the province. Little remains of the original vegetation, and nothing is left of the creatures that called this region home. Aside from a single town, cut off from federation forces, nothing remains to resist the argons. Here, amid the dark canyons, operatives of the Agnitor study the argons, looking for weaknesses to exploit. Not far away, the fearless (and possibly lunatic) members of the Valsekyr Hunt prey on the argons, exacting a small measure of revenge for their heinous crimes.

What Is Val Kaeli?

Val Kaeli is the center of argon operations. Reinforcements, terraforming machines, and the omnipresent teal glow of cyasma taint the province. The argons left virtually nothing unchanged, and the region looks as if it came from another world. Few federation outposts survive in Val Kaeli, and active resistance to the argons is limited. Fortunately, the argons don’t regard the town of Kanstria as a threat, or they’d have overrun it by now. They appear content to isolate the town, so a few federation soldiers use it as a safe launching point for their sporadic raids.

Val Kaeli pits the players against the argons in the heart of enemy territory. The argons have been busy reinforcing their position, transforming the landscape, and gathering their strength. Players will do the Agnitor’s dirty work and take on a few bounties for the Valsekyr Hunt. All their efforts drive toward uncovering a weakness in the argons, and then exploiting it.

TERA Val Kaeli Map

Cities and Towns

Kanstria: A castanic settlement near the border with the Helkan District, it’s recently been cut off from Kaiator.

Geographical Features

Agnurok Engine: This massive structure pumps noxious green clouds into the sky, but to what end?

Cyasma Spire: This enormous tower conceals a secret the federation is eager to uncover.

Sorgalur Complex: This colossal ringed complex houses some of the argons’ most advanced technology.

The Nexuses: These mysterious tears in the fabric of the Dream present a grave danger to the federation.

Argonea (Level 60)

Dominated by the Cyasma Spire and underscored by the viridian mist coming from the Agnurok Engine, A federation scout can tell that Argonea is the heart of argon territory by simply looking up. The Cyasma Spire and mists from the Agnurok Engine dominate Argonea’s sky. The argons work at ground level, too, leeching energy from Ilithieri mana fields and storing it in the Cyasma Spire. Only the Casian Tree remains of the natural wonders that existed before the argon invasion. The argons continue their efforts to transform the tree, but it endures, giving hope to federation and Mysterium scholars. The town of Kanstria serves as the forward operating base in Val Kaeli. Getting there overland would be dangerous, but enterprising inventors constructed a series of teleport platforms to help Agnitor operatives get around. The fates-be-damned stalkers of the Valsekyr Hunt simply stride forth to slay the argons. They scoff at danger and rarely bother with the platforms.

TERA Argonea

Story Quests

Into the Heart of Darkness: You must infiltrate Argonea, reestablish contact with Kanstria, and aid the Kanstrian resistance.

Crossing the Streams: The Mysterium orders you to attack the argon energy facilities in the Cyasma Spire and disrupt argon forces.

Notable BAMs

Akalath Overseer
TERA Akalath Overseer
Volsurus, Dread Preceptor
TERA Volsurus

Granarkus (Level 60)

While argon efforts in Argonea seem focused on energy gathering, their work in Granarkus appears to revolve around transmogrification. Argon shapers oversee changes to the landscape, the air, and whatever creatures are unlucky enough to get captured. The federation is mobilizing forces to make a decisive strike against the argons, eager to eliminate the argon queen, Shandra Manaya. If the federation can disrupt argon operations here, it might end the Argon War once and for all.

TERA Granarkus

Notable BAMs

Disholok, Arzakaar Warmaster
TERA Disholok
Suulvir Harvester
TERA Suulvir Harvester
Maskimxuul, Soverign Shaper
TERA Maskimxuul

What Are the Nexuses?

The nexuses are tears in the Dream itself. Scholars aren’t entirely certain what causes them, or why they’re found only over argon territory (the Khanovar Front, Argonea, and Granarkus). What scholars and soldiers alike know is this: deadly creatures emerge from the nexuses to wreak havoc. For more information on the nexus invasions, read up in our nexus guide.

TERA Nexus

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