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The province of Val Tirkai fell early to the argons, who have held it for years. Its poisoned, twisted landscape demonstrates the cost of an argon victory. Val Tirkai’s small kingdoms and logging towns are unrecognizable now. What wasn’t consumed has been argonified: plants, creatures, even structures. The Valkyon Federation troops who retake the province are walking into another world—the argons’ world.

Exploring Val Tirkai is risky, but it’s the federation’s best chance to unravel the mysteries of the argons.

What Is Val Tirkai?

The argons emerged in nearby Val Kaeli and overwhelmed all resistance around the city of Kaiator in days. In Val Tirkai, they built a three-tower structure visible from the watchtowers of Kaiator. Sinister energies arced between the tower and the argons’ immense machines. Over the years, hundreds of the argons’ prisoners disappeared into Val Tirkai, but during a Valkyon Federation assault, the argons unexpectedly abandoned the province. Now researchers cover the grounds, trying to find out why.

Tamur, the commander of Kaiator, summons players to Kaiator at level 58. In Tirkai forest, the federation’s fey allies need protection as much as help reclaiming the poisoned landscape. Scholars analyze the blasted, abandoned machines of Thrallhold for keys to the argons’ power and capabilities. By the time players dismantle the argon labs inside the Three Towers, they’ll be near or at level 60.

TERA Val Tirkai Map

Cities and Towns

Pathfinder Post: Federation commanders camp in this abandoned town, taking advantage of its defensibility and clear view of the Three Towers.

Tirkai Forest (Level 58–59)

The lush Tirkai Forest died when the argons came. A tiny corner of Whitefrost’s old-growth trees and wildlife survives, but argon devices nibble its edges, corrupting trees and creatures. Everywhere else, glowing mushroom trees, coiled mechanical vines, and alien shrubs spray miasma into the air. Half-argon animals drink the poisonous blue water.

The federation is helping the fairies decontaminate Tirkai, but the forest itself is resisting. Argonized creatures attack the invaders while strange devices and energy fields counteract fey magic, and—worst of all—the faeries themselves succumb to argonification when overexposed.

TERA Tirkai Forest

Story Quests

Cleansing Tirkai: The argons unexpectedly retreat from Val Tirkai. Follow Commander Tamur’s orders to secure the province and its wealth of argon secrets.

Notable BAMs

Argonomorph Cornulisk
TERA Argonomorph Cornulisk

Thrallhold (Level 58–59)

Thrallhold’s ecosystem is entirely argon. The argons digested trees, creatures, and topsoil to build skyscraping machines and massive buried fortresses. Though the argons’ heavy troops have retreated, their machines churn on, extracting and distributing unknown energies and pouring out corrupted waste. Plus, the argons themselves are reproducing here.

The argons never intended others to see Thrallhold and live—the remaining argon guardians and argonized creatures kill unwary or overambitious scholars. But this is the federation’s first chance to see how argons are made. It’s worth any risk.

TERA Thrallhold

Story Quests

Cleansing Tirkai: The argons unexpectedly retreat from Val Tirkai. Follow Commander Tamur’s orders to secure the province and its wealth of argon secrets.

Notable BAMs

Argonomorph Naga Marauder
TERA Argonomorph Naga Marauder
Draelteryx, Argon Raptor
TERA Draelteryx, Argon Raptor

The Three Towers (Level 59–60)

During the siege of Kaiator, the argons strip-mined Val Tirkai to build these towers. Prisoner transports entered the towers full but returned empty. Federation scouts tried to penetrate the towers, but none succeeded. Few even returned. Now that the federation has captured this stronghold, it’s time to find out what the argons were doing here.

Chaos rules inside the towers. The federation’s assault troops established camps on each floor, but soldiers and researchers often lose their bearings in the maze of hallways. Argon minions patrol laboratories full of abandoned experiments and unnerving hints of what the argons were doing here. The deeper the labs, the scarier the argons and the more grotesque the discoveries. Still, thousands of people disappeared here. Where are they?

TERA The Three Towers

Story Quests

The Three Towers: You follow Yasring to the Three Towers, where federation forces are badly overstretched.

Sole Survivor: Yasring’s expedition has vanished! Rescue Yasring and recover her research.

Notable BAMs

Argonomorph Dread Maligos
TERA Argonomorph Dread Maligos

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