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This logging and farming region has grown increasingly hazardous for travelers and residents alike. The hazards are many: kulkari uprisings, deva incursions, a war between loggers and the fey races, and the emergence of a cult calling itself the Scions of Lok. The argon front consumes soldiers like some great beast, so the Valkyon Federation needs you in Arcadia to do what those soldiers no longer can.

What Is Arcadia?

Forests and rolling grasslands are the dominant landscapes of this northern province of Southern Arun. Its lumber and cattle producers have long been vital to the economy of the region and more recently to the argon war effort. But federation soldiers are needed elsewhere, so local enemies such as the kulkaris and devas are gaining ground.

Arcadia seasons new characters fresh off the Island of Dawn and introduces them to important pieces of the storyline while they improve their skills. When you complete this province, you’ll be about level 25 and ready to move on to darker, more dangerous places.

TERA Arcadia Map

Cities and Towns

Lumbertown: The center of Arcadia’s logging industry and more recently a gathering point for refugees uprooted by the kulkaris and orcans.

Crescentia: A popular stopover on the trade route that connects Arcadia to the capital city of Velika.

Fey Forest (Level 11–16)

Poets use Arcadia as a symbol of a simple, pastoral way of life that no longer exists due to the constant strife the region now experiences. The fey races—faeries, centaurs, and unicorns—have always had a delicate relationship with Arcadian loggers, but now the relationship has deteriorated into insurgency, with much loss of life on both sides.

In addition to the feisty fey, sabertooths and sporewalkers roam the forest. These days you’re also likely to see jalmaraks, which are clearly not native to the region. Rumors tell of far worse foes lurking in Scarwood. Enter at your own risk.

TERA Fey Forest

Story Quests

Strife in the Fey Forest: Commander Samael orders you to Lumbertown to assist Daven with lumber supply difficulties and the problems triggered by a sudden influx of refugees.

Faeries in a Fix: Forest Keeper Maon arranges for you to meet Lillix, an emissary from the faeries, who has an idea about how to end the faerie insurgency once and for all.

Dark Hunger: A mystic named Klaon had a vision of a dark ritual in Scarwood, and he sends you to investigate some mysterious—and dangerous—arcanists.

Oblivion Woods (Level 15–17)

This forested region lies to the north of Crescentia and the Valley of Titans. A major north-south trade route connects the human capital of Velika with the rich farmlands and timberlands of Arcadia province, but devan interlopers have choked off the flow of goods desperately needed for the war effort. Federation outposts don’t have enough soldiers to maintain the trade routes and protect the citizenry. They need reinforcements, and that means you.

Sporewalkers and stonebeaks prowl the shady forest paths, but devans and their strange new allies will present a greater danger. Berzerad Cemetery, with its myriad undead, presents its own chilling hazards, and the basilisks of Bestial Vale offer a real challenge even for parties of level 20 adventurers.

TERA Oblivion Woods

Story Quests

Demon Uprising: You’re required in Oblivion Woods to help control the devas before they overrun Crescentia. In particular, the federation needs someone to defeat a devan chief named Tuebenius.

Pulling Back the Veil: The federation leaders in Oblivion Woods need intelligence on the devan warlord Dakanius. Also, who are the devas’ mysterious new allies deep inside Deva Silva?

Some Gave All: After dealing with the Scions of Lok in the Valley of Titans, you return to Oblivion Woods to scout out the location of a cult hideout.

Dungeon Instances

Bastion of Lok : The Scions of Lok are stockpiling resources deep inside Oblivion Woods and plotting against the federation. Information you gathered in the Valley of Titans will pave the way for your triumph over this sinister cult.

Notable BAMs

TERA Basilisk

Valley of Titans (Level 17–22)

The Valley of Titans is actually a system of interconnected valleys lying between the rocky peaks of the mountains west of Ostgarath. The small amount of arable land in the region is given over to cattle ranches and small farms, most of which have been overrun by the Gutrend kulkaris, including the burned-out ruins of the village of Colchester, now controlled by the Gutrends.

Federation troops are spread thin here. Suspicious activity in the southernmost valley, where the Scions of Lok appear to have established a local headquarters, is the federation’s primary concern. The few remaining ranchers depend on volunteer help to keep from being overrun by cattle-killing hyenas.

Besides hyenas and the Gutrends who hunt with them, bears and wild boars also pose a threat to soldiers and travelers. A lone ovolith, Arakia, roams the dales and kills at will. And in the far south, devas and the Scions of Lok band together to keep the federation out of the Valselok Shrine. The federation commanders need your help to take them down.

TERA Valley of Titans

Story Quests

Emergency Support: Prefect Daven sends you from Lumbertown to the Valley of Titans to help contain the Gutrend kulkaris.

The Force Behind the Gutrends: After discovering heavy crates inside Mags Kulkar, then defeating a kulkari chief, you find evidence that the Gutrends might be working with the Scions of Lok.

Going on the Offensive: The Scions of Lok have established a base in the Valselok Shrine in the far south of the Valley of Titans. Isla sends you to thin out the cult’s ranks and uncover some secrets.

From the Mouths of Scions: On a mission to penetrate the Scions’ innermost refuge inside Valselok Shrine, you discover the location of an important stronghold deep inside Oblivion Woods.

Notable BAMs

TERA Arakia

Celestial Hills (Level 21–23)

The people living in the arid grasslands between Tuwangi Mire and the Valley of Titans have long depended on cattle ranching for their livelihood. Kulkaris—who have increased in number and ferocity—have made ranching a hazardous occupation. The federation has not been forthcoming with extra troops, even after the destruction of the village of Colchester by the Gutrend kulkari tribe. The local ranchers, however, are a stubborn lot. They refuse to evacuate and join the growing number of refugees in Lumbertown.

Hyenas, along with Red Fang orcans and their kobold minions, roam the borders near the Fey Forest. Further into the hills, kumases and nagas provide a genuine challenge to fighting skills, while Lokians have established a base at the Cardovek Remnants that federation forces have been unable to penetrate. The federation needs your help there urgently.

TERA Celestial Hills

Story Quests

Scruffy Kumas Herders: Kumases in the Omphalos Plains, along with the nagas who work for them, are paying considerable attention to the magical baetyliths in the area. It’s your job to find out why, and that will mean killing a few kumases. Don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s going to be easy.

Building a Mystery: Mysterium researchers need to know what the Scions of Lok are planning in the Celestial Hills and how the baetyliths on the Omphalos Plains fit into their plans. You’ve been volunteered to help solve that mystery.

Notable BAMs

TERA Kumas
Juggernaut Mercenary
TERA Juggernaut Mercenary
Naga Mercenary
TERA Naga Mercenary

Tuwangi Mire (Level 19–23)

South of the Fey Forest, the gentle green hills descend into a swampy lowland inhabited by odd little creatures who use frogs as food, clothing, transportation, and building materials. The federation overlooked the tuwangis until civil war broke out between the tribes and one of the warring chiefs had a vision that led him to declare war on all non-tuwangis.

Other hazards to avoid while traveling in Tuwangi Mire include moldy sporewalkers, inky sabertooths, and brilliantly colored cullars and tentacullars. The mire is also home to harmless species like bullfrogs and chupathingies.

TERA Tuwangi Mire

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