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Tucked into the northeast corner of Southern Arun lies the province of Ostgarath. The city of Castanica sits in the heart of this coastal province. The castanic capital and its surrounding areas face many threats, not the least of which are the nagas to the west, who will stop at nothing to resurrect the serpent-god who created them. The murderous Kazuur Syndicate, masters of the slave trade, have enlisted the aid of the menacing Red Lash pirates to control much of the south.

With Valkyon Federation forces focused on the argon front, Ostgarath is more vulnerable than ever, and the people who live here desperately need outside help to survive predation by nagas, slavers, pirates, and worse. Corruption within the federation threatens Ostgarath from the inside—but perhaps the proof needed to expose this treachery hides within the province itself.

What Is Ostgarath?

Ostgarath features everything from sun-kissed beaches to volcanic chasms to the continent’s only red-light district. Ostgarath’s varied terrain has one thing in common: at one time or another, it’s all seen battle.

Ostgarath’s most notable battle is the one that led the castanics to settle here—their war against the devas. The devas were once castanics, but the god Lakan tempted the devas with promises of blood magic. Under Lakan’s guidance, the devas conquered most of Northern Arun and marched south, determined to exterminate the castanics who refused to join them. An alliance of castanics, humans, poporis, and amani made a stand against the devas in Ostgarath, driving the devas back north and sealing them behind a magic barrier.

Though the devas are gone, a visitor to Ostgarath sees two consequences of the war. First, the castanics remained in Ostgarath, settling around the town that grew into present-day Castanica. Second, the alliance that defeated the devas brought other races to Ostgarath and proved that interracial cooperation could defeat a common foe. When diplomats argued over the formation of the Valkyon Federation, proponents pointed to the successful “Stand at Ostgarath” as proof that such alliances could work.

Ostgarath Map

Cities and Towns

Castanica: The urban streets of Castanica mirror the castanics who call it home. It’s alive with deals, double-crosses, pleasure-seekers, and intrigue.

Cutthroat Harbor: The ships going in and out of this port are laden with goods taken by force or smuggled away in secret. On the settlement’s periphery, the gula slave trade runs rampant.

Jagged Coast (Level 31–33)

Home of the infamous Cutthroat Harbor, Jagged Coast is seafood country—and pirate country. Fishing rules here; without it the economy would collapse and the people would starve. Yet the Red Lash pirates intercept local fishing fleets, murder and kidnap the crews, and confiscate supplies. Federation troops are trying to get a leg up on the Red Lash, but the pirates are numerous and ruthless.

TERA Jagged Coast

Mistmoor Island (Level 31–33)

Gulas and Red Lash pirates have largely overrun Mistmoor Island, but a few federation camps hold out against slavers, buccaneers, and massive beasts that have emerged from the jungle. The Kazuur Syndicate imprisons slaves here before shipping them around the world, and they’ll fill their prisons with local victims when they can. If you aren’t “slave material,” the gulas in the syndicate will not only kill you, but eat you—and not always in that order.

TERA Mistmoor Island

Story Quests

Enemies in the Midst: Renowned federation soldiers have been keeping deadly secrets, but new evidence arises that can lead to their demise. It won’t be an easy task, but it’s a necessary one.

Sic Semper Proditores: A secretive group works against the federation at every turn. Their motives are sinister, and “they” could be anyone.

Dungeon Instances

Fane of Kaprima: You won’t pay much attention to the fane’s entrance until you’re level 60 and ready for a challenge (maybe even a hard-mode challenge!). The gulas in the fane are summoning a powerful demon. That can’t be good. If you’re looking for a break from duty on the argon front, the federation could use a seasoned and highly-skilled fighter to stop the gulas before it’s too late.

Notable BAMs

Abraxis, Red Lash Pirate
TERA Abraxis, Red Lash Pirate

Azarel’s Labyrinth (Level 32–33)

This multileveled, open dungeon is full of gulas and their caiman minions, as well as labyrinthine stalkers. You’ll also face juggernauts—massive horned creatures that stomp around just waiting for a fight.

Gulas are taking out federation forces by the dozens, and now these monsters have taken over Azarel’s Labyrinth. An elite federation regiment, Kaia’s Sword, is trying to seize the labyrinth and free any prisoners, but the gulas are numerous and well entrenched. Not only will you help Kaia’s Sword with the gula problem, you’ll also uncover a dark secret about a high-ranking federation officer.

TERA Azarel's Labyrinth

Story Quests

Relic of a Bygone Age: The gulas have their hands on an ancient weapon of the gods. You must stop the gulas before they use the weapon to feed their monstrous appetites.

The Fall of the Betrayer: With tremendous effort, the depraved traitor is finally exposed. You discover how far the corruption within the federation extends. Can you bring the traitor to justice, or will the villain silence you forever?

Notable BAMs

Tabruk, Divine Reaver
TERA Tabruk
Priest of Darkness Akia, Atel Akaad

Pirate Grotto (Level 33)

Two things fill the caves of Pirate Grotto: treasure...and danger. The Red Lash pirates are on the verge of overwhelming the scattered federation camps within the massive cave network.

Pirate swords aren't the only threat here. The federation believes the Red Lash have acquired explosives. What will they blow up? Hopefully not you!

Players may have to walk and talk like pirates to fit in and find answers—not to mention some stolen pirate treasure!

TERA Pirate Grotto

Ascension Valley (Level 32–48)

Wild beasts pepper the beaten path in this broad and shady valley, creeping behind every tree. Tawny sabertooths stalk the gentle hills, and mugatos pound the earth with paws the size of a popori’s head. Kaia’s Sword battles gulas in the area and keeps the Kazuur Syndicate from permanently claiming Azarel’s Labyrinth.

TERA Ascension Valley

Hungry Caverns (Level 48)

The Hungry Caverns is a gula stronghold riddled with slavers and mercenaries. Hitting the Hungry Caverns hard will hurt the gula slave trade and give their hired devas a wake-up call. In addition, intelligence reveals that the Hungry Caverns may also be home to Akasha, the goddess who stole the Core, a living artifact that powers much of the high elves’ magic.

TERA Hungry Caverns

Story Quests

Seeking the Core: Akasha has kidnapped Serion, the living embodiment of the Core, but she had a little help from the gulas. They might know where she’s taken Serion. Ask them, but you don’t have to be polite about it.

Like a Brother to Me: A soldier heading to the Hungry Caverns, unsure if he’ll return, needs a favor. He has a parting gift for his sister but no time to deliver it.

The Long Goodbye: A familiar face in the Hungry Caverns learns that his sister was taken by the gulas. She’ll suffer a terrible fate if you don’t find her.

Fraya's Faith: With Serion about to die, you and an elite team of federation soldiers must head into the Golden Labyrinth to recover a power transfer device that can keep the energy of the Core under control.

Dungeon Instances

Golden Labyrinth: Akasha has created a device to transfer the power of the Core to herself. Perhaps the device could contain the Core’s power—if you can find it within the twisting passageways.

Notable BAMs

Glauka, Nightmare Epicure
TERA Glauka

Serpentis Isle (Level 48–49)

The gentle landscape and crystalline waters surrounding Serpentis Isle are relatively quiet, but once you set foot on the big island you’ll find nagas of all sorts and oversized crabs that will snap you in half. The nagas surround Dagon’s tomb. They have a mind to resurrect their creator-god, and they don’t want anyone to get in the way.

TERA Serpentis Isle

Notable BAMs

Siraxatol, Priestess of Dagon
TERA Siraxatol
Malagash, Naga Warlord
TERA Malagash
Midirix, Master Clawrider
TERA Midirix

Fyrmount (Level 48–51)

This fiery region crawling with terrifying monsters is the home of the troublesome god Akasha. Fyrmount is a place of nightmarish deaths, but otherwise it’s quite lovely…if you like scorched earth, undead hordes, and enormous fangspawns.

TERA Fyrmount

Story Quests

Rescue the Core: Akasha is determined to steal the Core’s magic for herself. You must recover the Core before Akasha gains enough energy to devastate a continent.

Miner Problems, Indeed: Castanica faces its own energy crisis when undead seize the mine containing durignite, which they rely on to power the city’s shields. Castanica needs help before the shields fail.

Dungeon Instances

Akasha’s Hideout: Deep under the molten landscape of Fyrmount is the goddess Akasha’s home turf, where she’s surrounded by powerful minions. It’s the perfect place for a final showdown.

Notable BAMs

Tempest Kanash, Plague Messenger
TERA Tempest Kanash
Marakadi, Dark Servant
TERA Marakadi
Jirakar, Keeper of the Flames
TERA Jirakar
Cauterask, Servant of Akasha
TERA Cauterask

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