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Shadowy valleys and eerie forests await soldiers of the Valkyon Federation as they venture into Poporia. Ancient mysteries and dark conspiracies endanger the kingdom, including the ongoing threat from the Scions of Lok. The vampirs, long allies of Poporia, grow restless and thirst for blood like never before. Disturbing rumors emerge from the Heavens Fall plantations.

The grim threats arrayed against the kingdom would prove too much for ordinary investigators, so the federation is sending in veteran soldiers like you.

What Is Poporia?

Poporia is the ancestral home of the elin and the poporis, located in southeastern Arun. It’s the Valkyon Federation’s sole monarchy, ruled by an elin queen in Pora Elinu. Poporia’s haunting beauty comes from the perpetual darkness that shrouds it, and the wondrous landscape around the Lake of Tears. The elin and the poporis welcomed other settlers to their lands, taking in the vampirs when they needed a home, and allowing the Witches of Vadoma to found the Eldritch Academy there.

Poporia represents the transition from the beginning of a player’s career to the middle. By the time a player completes the Cliffs of Insanity, the Vale of the Fang, and Paraanon Ravine, they’ll be close to level 30. Taking on the challenges of Sinestral Manor should push players over the top, into the midgame levels. Completing the Lake of Tears, including the Eldritch Academy, will take care of your mid-thirties content.

Poporia Map

Cities and Towns

Popolion: The main town, Popolion exists primarily to ship agricultural goods.

Pora Elinu: The capital of Poporia. The elin queen rules from here.

Cliffs of Insanity (Level 24–25)

The origin of this region’s name is lost to the ages, but it’s more appropriate than ever. The presence of dementaliths causes creatures to lose control—and drives the vampirs’ thirst for blood to dangerous levels. The Cliffs of Insanity are notable for the farms in the south and the ruins of an ancient citadel in the north.

Dangerous predators such as sabertooths have always stalked the rolling plains, but now bizarre abominations hunt the living. Worse still is the recent influx of fimbrilisks. These massive creatures are more than a match for ordinary town guards. It’ll take combat veterans to defeat them.

TERA Cliffs of Insanity

Story Quests

Circle the Wagons: Samael dispatches you to investigate the source of attacks across the Cliffs of Insanity. While there, you’re sent to protect a caravan, which unlocks new mysteries.

Pure Rock Madness: You’re introduced to Jelena, a castanic saboteur, and encounter signs of some familiar foes.

Notable BAMs

Atrocitas, Cruel Fimbrilisk
TERA Atrocitas
Ebonathis, Shadow Fimbrilisk

Vale of the Fang (Level 25–27)

Home to most of Poporia’s vampirs, the Vale of the Fang is unofficially ruled by the vampir aristocrats (particularly Duke Volperon and Duchess Tirania) who dwell in the Sinestral Manor. Vampir guards have traditionally kept the roads safe and guarded the farms where vampirs raise beasts to slake their thirst.

Now, however, the roads aren’t safe. Deva mercenaries from Stalker Company, working alongside the vampir guards, control the entrance to the vale and threaten Popolion. Massive ovolith arachnens guard the grounds of Sinestral Manor, waiting to devour anyone foolish enough to approach. The aristocrats fortify their positions and marshal their strength, but to what end?

Finding those answers will be up to you.

TERA Vale of the Fang

Story Quests

Blood Will Always Tell: You’re sent to help Jelena investigate the vampirs and their connection to the Scions of Lok.

A Manor Invasion: You join Jelena in an assault on Sinestral Manor, seeking to put the vampirs’ treachery to an end once and for all.

Discredit Where Credit Is Due: Justicar Bruke is furious that you worked with Jelena and orders you to bring him her head. Jelena, however, warns you that things aren’t what they seem.

Dungeon Instances

Sinestral Manor: You must confront the vampir nobles and stop their alliance with the Scions of Lok in order to preserve Poporia.

Notable BAMs

Lurking Ovolith

Paraanon Ravine (Level 26–27)

The agricultural heart of Poporia, Paraanon Ravine is home to the Heavens Fall plantations, a farming collective known for its record-breaking harvests. Recently, however, reports emerged about strange behavior among the collective’s members. Scouts spotted strange shrines and armed guards watching over the plantation farmers, most of whom seem to work themselves nearly to death.

The strange behavior and armed forces concern the powers in Popolion. Poporis and elins despise slavery, but don’t want to risk their lives with a massive show of force. A small force might uncover the truth without endangering the innocent.

TERA Paraanon Ravine

Eldritch Academy (Level 35–37)

The Witches of Vadoma teach young girls ancient secrets of magic in the academy, providing them with both a home and a sense of family. The academy’s presence benefits Poporia, providing it with a pool of trained arcanists, and the academy tries to give back to the kingdom. The lavish harvest festival parties are famous across Southern Arun, though invitations are always scarce. Dark rumors have reached Pora Elinu, however, about events transpiring in the academy that could undermine everything the witches and Poporia have worked for.

The players are called upon to investigate the rumors of chaos and violence in the academy. Poporia relies upon the Eldritch Academy and wants to protect that relationship, so discreet investigations and assistance are the orders of the day. The academy houses a tremendous amount of magical power—power that could cause great harm if it were to fall into the wrong hands.

TERA Eldritch Academy

Story Quests

The Domain of Witches: Prefect Lohona needs you to investigate the strange reports coming out of the Eldritch Academy.

The Precocious Apprentice: The player must confront Taera, a promising young witch, in order to uncover the truth behind the events at the Eldritch Academy.

Notable BAMs

Nyrixia, Chaosbinder

Lake of Tears (Level 34–35)

Home to the capital of Pora Elinu, the Lake of Tears is a hauntingly beautiful region. The lake itself surrounds Pora Elinu, while the pathways lead through the various woods. Nominally a wildlife preserve, sabertooths, bears, noruks, and ghilliedhus wander the hills. More recently, however, marauding fangspawns and mekonaris have stirred up trouble, while the royal princesses’ constant bickering could tear apart the kingdom.

Life’s never dull in the Lake of Tears.

TERA Lake of Tears

Story Quests

A Tale of Two Tails: The player is dispatched to Pora Elinu to help mediate a dispute between the elin princesses, Rida and Arin. Arin is more interested in coercion than diplomacy, however.

Sibling Rivalry: Princess Rida sees through Arin’s attempt to drug her, but recognizes your abilities. To end the dispute, she requires your help to regain control of her forces.

Notable BAMs

Trunus, Savage Lurker
TERA Trunus Lurker
Molten Fangspawn
TERA Fangspawn

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