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South of the capital city of Velika, the fertile fields of the Freeholds give way to the burning sands and sun-bleached ruins of Val Aureum. Treasure hunters sift for ancient wonders. Outlaws of all kinds hide in the stony canyons. Huge monsters patrol the sands, and ancient evils sleep beneath it. Rumors whisper that Lok’s cult has enclaves somewhere among the ruins of the ancient giants.

Val Aureum devours the unwary. When Samael sends you here, be very careful whom you trust.

What Is Val Aureum?

Long ago, Val Aureum was the center of the giants’ empire. With the help of their creator-god, Tithus, the giants very nearly conquered the whole world through magic and might—until the gods stepped in and all but wiped out their race. Where once a massive city stood beside a bridge that linked Southern Arun to Southern Shara, now crumbled remains litter the landscape, bleaching in the desert sun.

Val Aureum is where you’ll settle matters with the Scions of Lok, but it’s also a great BAM playground with a wealth of side stories to explore. The northern part of the province will take you through level 30 as you tackle the Tenebrous Mines and Basilisk Crag, and then take on the Freeholds. The southern areas take you from the mid-30s to around level 40 as you fight through the Colossal Ruins and Aurum Road to the final battles in the Dark Cathedral.

Val Aureum Map

Cities and Towns

Chebika: A wet, green oasis at the edge of the great southern desert.

Tulufan: A fortified town on a rock ridge above the sands; a safe place in the heart of the desert.

Tenebrous Mines (Level 28–30)

The wars of the gods left behind countless valuable artifacts. The Tenebrous Mines tap one of the richest deposits within easy reach of Velika. The nearby town of Chebika used to do brisk business in the artifact trade, but those days are sadly over.

Digging up artifacts is profitable, but risky. The Scions of Lok have captured the mines for their own nefarious plans. They continue to dig, but rather than manage rebellious miners, the Scions killed them all and raised an undead work force. Hulking bloodclaw arachnens and an army of undead lock down the middle levels, while deeper mines are full of Lokians and Scion thugs. A ferocious demon guards the center of it all.

TERA Tenebrous Mines

Story Quests

These Aren’t the Weapons We’re Looking For: Seir’s concerns about the Scions of Lok are growing. Samael sends you after a possible Scion base in the Tenebrous Mines.

The Mystery Deepens: What the Scions are actually up to in the mine still isn’t clear, but it’s time to take out the mine’s ringleader: the Black Hood!

Notable BAMs

Hydrath Demon
TERA Hydrath Demon

Basilisk Crag (Level 28–30)

These badlands aren’t as rich in artifacts as the rest of the province, but they do contain a few well-preserved sites worth researching. Unfortunately, these few sites have drawn ill-prepared researchers to a very dangerous area, forcing the federation to provide military protection from ravenous giant orisks, herds of basilisks, and territorial kulkaris.

It’s risky to wander these box canyons alone, even if you’re a well-equipped soldier. A careful, capable fighter can handle the hyenas, cullars, arachnens, and kulkaris, but nobody stumbles into a herd of nesting basilisks without paying a price.

TERA Basilisk Crag

Notable BAMs

Bloodjaw, Scourge of the Sands
TERA Basilisk

Freeholds (Level 29–31)

The Freeholds have long provided Velika’s grain. Its location couldn’t be more convenient, and the sheltered valley’s weather and soil are ideal for farming. After the founding of the Valkyon Federation, the magic of the Mysterium helped the local farmers massively increase their yields, allowing the Freeholds to feed much of the federation.

Now, though, the harvest is in serious danger. Farm machinery runs amok. Grain rots in the field, wild animals have broken down the fences, and the local farmers are at each other’s throats. How could things have slipped so far so quickly? It will take power, intelligence, and patience to clean up this mess.

TERA Freeholds

Colossal Ruins (Level 36–38)

The giants ruled the ancient world. Their military might was unstoppable, their magic unmatchable, and their knowledge unparalleled. They rivaled the gods in power…and eventually in pride.

That pride was their mistake. The gods burned the giants’ capital city down to little but dust in a single day. The Colossal Ruins are all that’s left.

The gods’ wrath scattered scraps of the giants’ technology, magic, and knowledge across these ruins. Not a day goes by without a new rumor of a super-weapon or a map to an ancient vault. The sands are dangerous: kulkari cargo cults worship the fallen giants, creaking golems protect buildings that no longer stand, and the Scions of Lok root through the wreckage. As for the giants, one barbaric tribe still scratches out a living high in the hills.

TERA Colossal Ruins

Story Quests

Secrets Not Meant to Be Known: The Scions of Lok are down but not out. Elleon sends you back to Val Aureum, chasing rumors of a secret super-weapon.

Aurum Road (Level 36–38)

The Aurum Road was a vast highway leading to a massive bridge that connected the continents. Hardly a trace of it remains. After the gods eradicated the giants and the bridge, tough desert tribes took over the area. The kulkaris thrive in the sand and sun. They hunt storm lizards for food, make clothes from desert wolf hides, and find water in the trunks of great babok trees.

As Velika expands, the federation competes with the kulkaris for resources. The Scions of Lok add fuel to the fire by providing weapons, training, and reinforcements to the local Sand Wind tribe. The tribe has surrounded the town of Tulufan, hoping to starve it out. On the coast, the Scions summon demons big enough to tear through Tulufan’s walls should the Sand Wind tribe’s siege fail.

TERA Aurum Road

Story Quests

Final Fury: The Scions of Lok have a book that could unlock the weapons of the giants’ ancient empire. Only you can take it from them.

Notable BAMs

Merkaratos, the Devourer
TERA Merkaratos
Solchranus, Arachnen Consort
TERA Solchranus
Zuulrakar, Giant-Bane
TERA Zuulrakar

Dark Cathedral (Level 36–38)

These ruins, dating back to the giants’ empire, are better preserved than most, at least underground. They’re confusing to scholars, though, who wonder why such a grand structure exists in the giants’ capital city, yet is not built to giant scale. One theory states that the Dark Cathedral was where the giants kept their amani slave soldiers, which would explain why it suffered less damage on the Day of Fire.

Today it’s a redoubt for Lok’s followers, a safe haven they can fall back to if their other strongholds get destroyed. An undead legion guards the front gates and upper halls. Lokians pack the inner chambers and lower levels, and the cult has several heavily armored fimbrilisks in reserve to repel assaults.

Federation scouts have searched the cathedral for the leaders of the cult, but so far those searches have been fruitless. Is there a secret hideout inside the fortress?

TERA Dark Cathedral

Story Quests

A Race Through Dark Places: Jelena calls you to the Dark Cathedral. Elleon is missing, and Jelena needs your help to find him.

Dark Dreams Sundered: Inside the Cultists’ Refuge, you must rescue Jelena’s injured sister, fight alongside Elleon, and break the Scions’ hold forever.

The Guardian of Velika: Triumph, victory, and celebration. If you get this far, you deserve all of it!

Dungeon Instances

Cultists’ Refuge: The last stand for the Scions of Lok, this fortress within a fortress is where the cult hopes to be reborn and wreak their revenge, unless you stop them.

Notable BAMs

Bhaozurbas, Argon Emissary
TERA Bhaozurbas
Terkasia, Mistress of Deceit
TERA Terkasia

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