The city of wheels is constantly in motion. The center of the Valkyon Federation, it functions as the home base of the Argon War, though far from the front lines. Velika is clean and bright, and you can almost feel the human optimism as you run through the streets.

TERA Velika

Welcome to Velika

When the humans’ curse to walk the world finally lifted, the goddess Velik built a fortress—a refuge for an entire race. Over time, they built a city around this fortress and named it for the goddess who had protected them: Velika.

Many people love Velika for its central location and importance to the federation. Others love it for the fields surrounding the city, one of the few open places monsters haven’t taken over. Many come for the city’s commerce—but stay for its beauty.

Important Velika Residents

You will turn in numerous quests to Seir and Samael in Valkyon Federation Headquarters. You’ll also interact frequently with Ceibel at Velik’s Steps. Prepare to see the three of them multiple times.

TERA Velika

Commerce in Velika

A trade hub for Southern Arun, Velika sees its share of Arcadia loggers, Cutthroat Harbor fishmongers, Val Aureum farmers, and Ostgarath miners. The area is also known for its horse breeding. If you are looking for merchants in Velika, you can find them in either Boreas Alley or Notus Alley.

TERA Velika

Learning in Velika

As a formerly nomadic people, humans picked up a little bit from every culture they encountered. As a result, Velika offers basic knowledge in a wide variety of subjects. Looking to improve your skills? Seek the Legion of Arms for martial trainers, or the Collegium Arcane for the magic trainers. You’ll find glyphmasters there, as well.

Getting Around Velika

You just landed in Velika: Here are the places to…

  1. …buy alkahest, crystal, and potions or sell things: Head to either Notus Alley or Boreas Alley—both are packed with merchants looking to trade gear for gold!
  2. …visit the trade broker or banker: Head to Yieron and Haphiz in Freedom Plaza or Choro and Kyzion in the Plaza of the Huntress.
  3. …turn in most storyline quests: Head to Seir and Samael in Valkyon Federation Headquarters, or Ceibel at Velik’s Steps.
  4. …craft armor, weapons, and alchemical concoctions: Head to the Creation Workshop.
  5. …talk to the Free Traders Collective: Head out the North Gate to the Free Traders Hall, or just take the nearest city teleportal.
TERA Velika

City teleportals can get you close to almost any place you want to go, but it can be frustrating trying to figure out which teleportal leads to which section of the city. Here’s a quick rundown.

TERA Velika

Velik’s Steps

This teleportal is in the center of the city, and likely to be the first one you run across as you explore the city. It’s also the closest to the pegasus platform. You can find guild quests (and rewards) halfway between this teleportal and the one at Velika West Gate.

Plaza of the Huntress

This is the closest teleportal to the Velik Consul Office, where you’ll find the guild manager. This is also the closest teleportal to Notus Alley, where you can find several merchants including a dye merchant and equipment remodeler.

Velika West Gate

You can find the guild quests (and rewards) halfway between this teleportal and the one at Velik’s Steps. This is also the closest teleportal to the city’s western entrance.

Velika North Gate

This is the closest teleportal to the creation workshop as well as the north entrance to the city.

Ring Plaza

This is the closest teleportal to the Hands of Velika reputation merchant.

Freedom Plaza

This is the closest teleportal to Valkyon Federation Headquarters, where you’ll talk to Seir and Samael several times over the course of your low-level quests. Also, you’ll find the inventory manager just inside Freedom Plaza, near the trade broker.

Free Traders Collective

Head north into the Velika Outskirts and you’ll find the Free Traders Hall. If you are part of the Free Traders Collective, this is the ideal place for conducting all your alliance business.

TERA Velika

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