Unquestionably, Allemantheia is a city of splendor: a bright desert jewel fashioned with and sustained by magic. But like any great city, it is beset by its share of politics and intrigue. The Council of Elders clashes with the federation, and the federation clashes with the Mysterium. Yet the city endures, sustained by the magic of the mysterious Core, and protected by the leadership of Commander Fraya of the high elves.

TERA Allemantheia

Welcome to Allemantheia

Allemantheia is the capital city of the high elves, founded centuries ago in the wake of the Divine War. Originally sustained by the “Flower of Life,” the city was nearly destroyed during an internal schism over whether imperialism or capitalism was the best way to restore order to the rest of the world.

The Flower of Life itself was so badly damaged that it threatened to lay waste to the world, and so the elves devised a kind of containment vessel for its power: the Core. Now the Core sustains Allemantheia, not only allowing it to thrive amid the blistering desert of Southern Shara, but also providing the high elves with near limitless arcane energy.

Important Allemantheia Residents

Most people come to Allemantheia for the magic—either the training offered at the Arcane Symposium or the opportunities presented by the Mysterium. Certainly, people do not come to Allemantheia for the landscapes; the city itself is the only bright spot in an otherwise bleak, barren desert. Most visitors to Allemantheia, in fact, rarely venture outside the city walls.

Aside from the magically-inclined, the most common visitors to the city are heroes, summoned by Fraya from her command center in the Allemantheia Headquarters (“Fraya’s Fury”). Likewise, Ryshan frequently looks outside the ranks of the Mysterium for heroes to conduct various investigations (“To the Garden of the Sun”). Expect to see them many times before you’re done with Allemantheia.

TERA Allemantheia

Commerce in Allemantheia

Because the city is largely self-sustaining, and the high elves who live there keep to themselves, most trade in Allemantheia is conducted with outsiders taking advantage of the oasis atmosphere to transfer goods shipped to or from the north. For heroes looking for supplies, most merchants can be found in the Agora, and the Pillar of Eons is a hub for the city’s trade brokers.

TERA Allemantheia

Learning in Allemantheia

The city known for its magicians understandably trades primarily in magic, as well as knowledge both arcane and mundane. The Arcane Symposium is particularly popular with priests, mystics, and sorcerers seeking further training.

For more physically-inclined heroes, Allemantheia offers the Martial Symposium as well. And between the Symposium of Artisans and the merchants of the Agora, heroes can find numerous opportunities to hone their crafting skills.

TERA Allemantheia

Getting Around Allemantheia

You just landed in Allemantheia. Here’s the fastest way to…

  1. …clear out your backpack: Head to Unari, located in the Agora. The city teleportal takes you directly to her!
  2. …visit the trade broker: Head to Lubnaria or any of the other friendly trade brokers located at the Pillar of Eons.
  3. …turn in the “Fraya’s Fury” quest: Head to Fraya, located in the Allemantheia Headquarters.
  4. …buy some potions or alkahest: Head to Roybond, in his shop off the Agora.
  5. …get daily quests: Head to Unified Theory Institute, north of the Agora.
TERA Allemantheia

Getting More from Allemantheia

Allemantheia unfolds itself the more you explore, so here are some tips for seeing the best parts, without missing anything.

City Teleportals

Allemantheia’s city teleportals are almost always your best bet for getting around the city, since the layout reflects a uniquely elven logic. Fortunately, when you arrive by pegasus, there’s a teleportal right in the middle of the Sharan Command area, so you needn’t wander too much.

TERA Allemantheia

Areas of interest in Allemantheia include:

Agora: The bulk of Allemantheia’s merchants are here, including Buseha (crystal merchant) and Kulin (dye merchant), as well as Roybond (general merchant) and Unari (specialty merchant).

Collegium Arcane: This is the Arcane Symposium, where you can find Kelsian (crystal merchant), Dociu (GvG merchant), and Pororo (inventory manager), among others. The entrance to the Mysterium is also here; just look for the dracoloth!

Enlightened Union Hall: The Allemantheia Outskirts, northeast of the city proper, are home to the grand hall of the Enlightened Union. If you’re part of their alliance, this is the best place to conduct business with them. The hall also houses a massive gate that teleports members to the Enlightened Union base in Tor Exsul—or to the beachhead in one of the other contested areas.

Martial Symposium: Warriors, archers, berserkers, lancers, and slayers can find skill trainers and glyph trainers in the Martial Symposium. And, next to the Agora, this is where you’ll find the largest concentration of merchants.

Sharan Command: The Allemantheia Headquarters will almost certainly be one of your first and most common stops in the city because this is where you’ll find Commander Fraya. But also look for the Bellicarium and Killing Spree quartermasters, the guild reward coordinator, and the Champions’ Skyring gatekeeper. Nearby is the Consul’s Hall, where you can register your guild.

Strategic Command: Drop by for your tokens, and to pick up quests at the mission board. And, if you’re looking for a shortcut to the Allemantheia Headquarters, speak to Grogul by the teleportal.

Symposium of Artisans: The crafting center of Allemantheia, where you can buy designs and materials for any field without having to venture far from your crafting station.

Unified Field Lab: Speak to Skeal to start a series of quests in the lab—both in the city and out in the deserts of Val Elenium.

TERA Allemantheia

Don’t Let Her Fool You

Klissa, the Unified Theory Senior Researcher, can be a bit…off-putting when you approach her. It seems she has forgotten that, many years ago, she grew up on a farm not far from Lumbertown where her nickname was “Stinky” after an incident involving redcaps and a large pile of warthog droppings…

Ruins of the Old City

If you’re curious, you can venture out of the city to the southern outskirts to see the last vestiges of the devastation from when the Flower of Life was nearly destroyed. Interestingly, the stone structures by the oasis are merely the tops of ancient towers, long since buried by sand. The nearby bridge used to run from “Lower Allemantheia” to the buildings that used to stand here—but are the signs of mystical energy flowing through the bridge a hint that this area is not entirely abandoned?

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