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Tales of conflict and struggle fill Essenia’s past. While Essenian Crest bears the most obvious scars of countless wars, the toxic soils of Blightwood are another legacy of battles among humans, high elves, argons, and others. But not all is lost to war. The otherworldly forest of Timeless Woods and the long, lush runs of Blessing Basin hint at Essenia’s pastoral nature.

Home primarily to humans and high elves, Essenia’ is also a prized destination for amani seeking more restful, lush settings. Do not mistake Essenia’s quiet for lasting peace, however. Ancient forces, both divine and mortal, invested a great deal in the province…and there are always those who covet power.

What Is Essenia?

Ages ago, Essenia was home to the first human kingdoms, though now high elves and amani outnumber the humans. Essenia’s ancient paths hint at a primal majesty—at a grandeur that even the gods marveled. Home to the ancient stronghold, Essenian Fortress, Essenia’s tumultuous history is engraved in stone and steel, and painted with blood.

Essenia is the first province you’ll explore on Southern Shara. After sizing up the situation in Allemantheia, you’ll head to Essenian Crest to do battle with Thulsa’s forces, who’ve recently seized Essenian Fortress. Thulsa’s hand reaches deep into Essenia, and it falls to soldiers like you to thwart his plans. This might be the first time you’ve faced off against a god, but it won’t be your last.

TERA Essenia Map

Cities and Towns

Tralion: This tiny thorp supports the tourist trade, as well as the influx of researchers.

Tria: The central town of Essenia, Tria copes with Thulsa’s attack, toxic lands, and other threats, but the settlers who live here are undaunted.

Essenian Crest (Level 39–40)

Essenian Crest is a battlefront—always has been, and likely always will be. When the argons first reached the shores of Essenia, the high elves fitted Essenian Fortress with magical shields. Those upgrades helped the elves hold back the argons until the newly formed Valkyon Federation’s forces arrived to drive the argons north. Unfortunately, Thulsa’s legions later found a way to breach the shields and seize the fortress. It falls to you to find out how they bypassed the magical barriers so the federation can counterattack.

While normal beasts still exist, creatures of war have overrun Essenian Crest. Golems both great and small present the greatest threat, though Thulsa employs a vast number of Lokians as well. Happily, Thulsa is content to unleash his cruel Lokians and vicious iskaragards against the federation, rather than his larger, more dangerous pets.

TERA Essenian Crest

Story Quests

Rotten to the Core: You’re sent to Essenian Crest to breach Thulsa’s defenses and clear the way for a counterattack.

Blightwood (Level 40)

This region suffers from terrible pollution that permeates the land, rendering it toxic to all. The Mysterium has invested a great deal of money and researchers in an effort to find a cure, but their efforts haven’t paid off yet. The federation lures workers to Blightwood to endure the toxic conditions and help the Mysterium finish their research.

Blightwood’s corruption affects the local denizens, rendering them inedible, foul smelling, and unusually aggressive. Cullars, tentacullars, wolves, and unicorns are common, along with ovoliths, orisks, and the occasional demon.

TERA Blightwood

Story Quests

Shakan, Not Stirred: You’re sent to acquire an ancient relic and thwart Thulsa’s plans.

Notable BAMs

Reeking Orisk
TERA Reeking Orisk
Terkasia, Mistress of Treachery
TERA Terkasia
Tainted Ovolith
TERA Tainted Ovolith

Blessing Basin (Level 40–41)

Located west of Tralion, Blessing Basin is renowned for its sacred paths and serene setting. Recently scholars and the Forest Keepers, an order devoted to the preservation of Blessing Basin and the natural order of the Dream, want to know how creatures that died walk once more—not undead, but somehow resurrected. Other researchers search for the Fountain of Shara, hoping to find clues to locate divine relics. The Forest Keepers have run into a spot of trouble with the kulkari, and they need your deft touch to handle the situation.

TERA Blessing Basin

Story Quests

Visions of Destiny: You encounter an eerie set of markers that detail your accomplishments—and point towards a meeting most divine.

Notable BAMs

Andras, Temple Pilot
TERA Andras
TERA Lithikumas

Timeless Woods (Level 41–42)

The verdant trails through Timeless Woods belie its ancient nature. Little changed over the years, with hunters, herbalists, and woodcutters making their living off the land. Thulsa’s invasion of Essenian Crest changed all that. The federation stripped local units down to minimal strength, shipping the personnel and supplies sent to the front.

The weakened federation presence lacks the strength to adequately guard Timeless Woods, and its enemies move to exploit that weakness. Even as Thulsa tries to conquer Essenia, other creatures seek to acquire power or simply wreak havoc. You’ll encounter fangspawns, ghilliedhus, Lokians, shurians, and vulcans in Timeless Woods, all eager to split your skull open if you’re not careful.

TERA Timeless Woods

Notable BAMs

Vulcan Dreadnaught
TERA Vulcan Dreadnaught
Anansha, Arachnen Exile
TERA Anansha
TERA Fangspawn

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