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The scorched deserts of Val Elenium house ancient, terrible secrets. Empires rose and fell upon these sands. Massive relics mark the passing of the giants while the ruins of Thunder Hold give remnants of the long-forgotten prion civilization hope that they might one day regain their time-lost glories. For Valkyon Federation settlers, Val Elenium’s harsh nature is a point of pride. Pioneers who survive this bleak setting have proved their mettle.

The settlers battle kulkaris, arachnens, and prions as they fight to secure the region’s wealth and uncover ancient mysteries beneath its sands. Val Elenium has some new mysteries as well. The gods Thulsa and Killian both maintain forces in Val Elenium, searching for some lost relic or power source—and neither god is known for hospitality.

What Is Val Elenium?

Once a verdant province, Val Elenium still bears the scars from the Day of Fire. When the gods punished the giants for their greed and hubris, they blasted the giants’ strongholds with fire from the sky, leaving nothing but ruins and relics. The province remains contested territory as many races and groups pick over the remnants, hoping to uncover some means to achieve dominance.

Val Elenium figures prominently in the fight to defeat Thulsa and Killian, as well as the race to stop the rampaging, corrupted god Kelsaik. These final fights end a divine conspiracy and prepare you for battle along the argon front.

Val Elenium Map

Cities and Towns

Elenea: This frontier town provides a base of support for all federation operations in Val Elenium.

Wyrmgorge (Level 54–57)

A series of bleak canyons decorated with the bones of massive dragons, Wyrmgorge offers settlers a chance to strike it rich in the mines throughout the region. But few settlers could stake their claim before Thulsa's forces moved in. Thulsa dispatched an entire army of demons, dracoloths, and mercenaries to secure Wyrmgorge, but the army made no effort to plunder the mines. Mysterium operatives suggest that Thulsa seeks a source of power in the desert canyon, something to give him an edge in his battle against the federation.

TERA Wyrmgorge

Notable BAMs

Huzrat the Tyrant
TERA Huzrat the Tyrant

Tor Exsul (Level 54–57)

Located east of Elenea, Tor Exsul remains firmly in the hands of Killian and Thulsa. Their forces disrupt trade caravans and menace Elenea. While life remains harsh in Tor Exsul, explorers see hopeful signs. The lush Raintree Oasis might be the first step in Val Elenium's recovery—a demonstration that life can flourish in this arid land. Devan bandits and arachnens threaten the oasis, though the local wildlife can certainly take care of itself.

Tor Exsul

Notable BAMs

Sandlurker Lizard
TERA Sandlurker Lizard
Kelthuzad Vulcan
TERA Kelthuzad Vulcan
Vale Hunter Arachnen
TERA Vale Hunter Arachnen

Doomcrypt (Level 54–56)

Doomcrypt, formerly a mining complex in southeast Tor Exsul, is a battleground between federation researchers and Thulsa's demon and arachnen allies. The scholars search for ancient relics, eager to exploit their power, while Thulsa's force seeks to control access. It's no great mystery as to why—a god, Saleron, is imprisoned in Doomcrypt, and Thulsa doesn’t want him helping the federation. If you can reach Saleron, enter his Sky Garden, and pass his tests, the imprisoned god will help you thwart Thulsa’s plans for Kelsaik.


Story Quests

The Imprisoned God: Overcome challenges and dragons to pass Saleron's test and secure part of a relic that can bring down Kelsaik.

Dungeon Instances

Saleron's Sky Garden: In Doomcrypt, Saleron’s subterranean prison, you’ll come face-to-face (literally) with the god himself. His motivations aren’t entirely clear, but as he is the father of Killian, it might be wise to stay on guard. He challenges you to defeat a range of mobs and BAMs in his multi-level aerial garden, promising to entrust you with a relic fragment that will help you stop Kelsaik.

Sienna Canyon (Level 55-57)

Relics from the giants dot the landscape of Sienna Canyon, the largest region in Val Elenium. Dracoloths scour the region for artifacts, while fangspawns lurk in craters, ready to devour careless travelers. The prions, however, control Sienna Canyon. Resentful of past defeats, the prions plunder Thunder Hold in search of some power to return them to prominence. Thwarting the prions and disrupting Thulsa's minions will keep even the best soldier occupied.

Sienna Canyon

Story Quests

Fragment of Hope: Kill Striktryssir and defeat Killian's forces to save Muhrak, the legendary blacksmith.

Notable BAMs

TERA Naga Deathreaper
TERA Nyxarras
Gluttonous Fangspawn
TERA Gluttonous Fangspawn

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