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This verdant province on the southeastern coast of the continent of Shara suffers from a mutation plague. The people of Frontera live in fear of contagion, so they have quarantined the western portion of the province. Signs point to the god Thulsa as the possible source of the sickness, especially as he is rumored to have fled here after stealing the Core from the high elves.

In Feral Valley, a recent alliance of orcan tribes has the Valkyon Federation on the alert. But one tribe of orcans has a different proposition, and they need someone on the inside to present it for them.

What Is Val Palrada?

Val Palrada’s tropical landscape is a welcome contrast to the sere deserts of Val Elenium and the freezing ice fields of Westonia. Settlers in the region enjoyed a relatively easy existence until the coming of the mutation plague and the wave of kidnappings that followed.

After your mission to Westonia to investigate the Kaidun rebellion, the high elf commander, Fraya, learned that Thulsa escaped to Val Palrada with the Core. He’s also responsible, she believes, for the mutation plague ravaging the area.

Somewhere in Val Palrada is the traitor who provides Thulsa with the materials he needs to mutate and enslave the people of the province. After destroying the means of production here, you and Fraya must confront a powerful enemy in the heart of Allemantheia.

Val Palrada Map

Cities and Towns

Frontera: The sleepy outpost town of Frontera straddles the border between Feral Valley and the Quarantine Zone. Of late, it has been troubled by a plague to the west, an increasing Mysterium presence, and the kidnapping of its citizens.

Arachnaea (Level 46)

An underground spider lair home to arachnens and other horrors, Arachnaea got the attention of the federation and the Mysterium when scouts found the sinister Atel Akaad organization there. Arachnaea may also be the source of morboliths, the magic-infused stones that spread the mutation plague currently raging in the Quarantine Zone. Some see Thulsa’s hand in all this.

As if arachnens and Atel Akaad weren’t enough to contend with, the damp caverns of Arachnaea are also home to numerous ovoliths—large and lethal foes.

TERA Arachnaea

Story Quests

Unveil the Mask: Fraya, suspicious that someone in the Mysterium might be providing the materials necessary to create morboliths, sends you to Arachnaea to find and destroy the device being used to manufacture them. In the process, you uncover the identity of the traitor.

Notable BAMs

TERA Dulagoras
TERA Arachnitilla

Quarantine Zone (Level 45–46)

This region has been the hardest-hit by the mutation plague. People, livestock, and even the wildlife have twisted features and an unreasoning hostility to anyone who isn’t mutated. The few uninfected residents live in constant fear for their lives.

Mutated wolves and sabertooths, along with maliciously transformed townspeople, add to the nightmare quality of life in the Quarantine Zone. The selvaras scouts, a tribe of bandits, have been linked with a recent rash of kidnappings. What is happening to the disappeared? You may be the locals’ only hope for an answer.

TERA Quarantine Zone

Story Quests

Fraya’s Fury: Fraya is certain that Thulsa is behind the plague that’s turning people in this region into murderous mutants. You head up an investigation into the plague and the mechanism by which it’s spread.

Feral Valley (Level 46–47)

The orcans control this region of twisting jungle trails and vine ladders leading to high encampments. The warlike Black Claw tribe opposes a new alliance of orcans who believe that peace with the federation is the best way forward. Karba and the other enlightened orcans need a champion from outside their tribe.

Feral Valley has always been hazardous, infested with sabertooths, cullars, and kamaras. Now, gula slavers and their minions multiply those hazards. The gulas, mercenary giants, and enslaved brutes lurk near the Arena of Blood, ready to do battle.

Feral Valley

Story Quests

A New Breed: One of the orcan tribes in Feral Valley wants to live in peace with the federation. Their leader, Karba, enlists you to help them achieve their goal.

Temple of Dagon (Level 46–48)

The subterranean Temple of Dagon has been disused and overgrown since the fall of the nagas’ creator god. But mysterious activity by the nagas and rumors of a treasure that could finance the entire argon war have brought the federation here to uncover the schemes and the fortune that lie inside.

Slavers, imps, and nightmarish beasts walk and slither the vine-covered halls of the temple, working together to perform the awful rituals that will resurrect the serpent god, Dagon. Fraya wants you to ensure their plans come to ruin.

TERA Temple of Dagon

Story Quests

Dagon’s Treasure: Fraya sends you to the Temple of Dagon to search for a rumored treasure that could finance the cost of the Argon War. There you find an attempt in progress to resurrect the serpent god.

Dungeon Instances

Sigil Adstringo: The dragon Skulregnath—part of the plot to resurrect Dagon—lurks somewhere deep inside this remote dungeon. Skulregnath can regenerate from even a small fragment of itself, so it must be destroyed utterly, and that’s not going to be easy.

Notable BAMs

Maelsaress, Primus of Dagon
TERA Maelsaress, Primus of Dagon
Skulregnath, the Wyrm Eternal
TERA Skulregnath, The Wyrm Eternal

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