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Veritas District was the god Balder’s home—and his grave. Balder’s immense power still protects these lush woods and crumbling buildings, sealed away by the gods until recently. There are no demons here, no argons, no Lokians. Golems maintain the gardens, and beasts and nature spirits dwell within them. An environmental group, the Hyderad Legacy, has its base in Veritas as well. And somewhere in these gardens, Balder has hidden a legacy for heroes. Are you worthy enough to find it?

What Is Veritas District?

Long ago, Balder and Seren found a valley so beautiful that they made their home there, near the library of the local baraka. Balder’s magic protected the valley, which became a sanctuary for natural beauty and knowledge. All this was lost When Balder died, the gods forbade access to the ruins. Just recently, the gods lifted their ban—curiously, around the time a young hero visited the Fountain of Shara.

Most players explore Veritas District at level 60 when they’re neck-deep in the Argon War and a superstar to mortals and gods alike. The bulk of the district is Balder’s Refuge. Most missions involve protecting the refuge’s wonders and archives from the ravages of time and unlocking Balder’s Temple, hidden somewhere inside. Don’t underestimate the BAMs here just because it’s friendly territory. The big fights here are as tough as anywhere in TERA.

TERA Veritas District Map

Cities and Towns

Bastion: Researchers established this town to watch the refuge while the gods sealed it away, and Balder’s faithful came here to mourn his death.

Balder’s Refuge (Level 46)

The events of Balder’s death buckled and rippled the earth, severely damaging the Great Archive. Today it’s split in two by a cliff hundreds of feet high. Though badly damaged, the archive’s magical golem infrastructure repaired and maintained itself over long years. Today, though, the ancient golems and other systems have begun to break down.

The many golems that protected the archive now attack at random. The groundskeepers often destroy what they should be repairing. Giant mandrills live in the archives, and ferocious carnivorous sloths hunt on the grounds in packs. No, really. Sloths.

TERA Balder's Refuge

Story Quests

To the Garden of the Sun: You’re invited to Allemantheia to help investigate a mystery in Veritas District.

Keepers of the Sun: You and the reluctant elin princess Rida must complete rituals to find Balder’s Temple.

Seren’s Lake: Only the pure of intention and spirit can find the second temple seal.

Into the Light: Nandu, leader of the Consos clan of baraka, has the temple’s key. Prepare yourself for the final trial.

Under Balder’s Eye: The temple will test you. Can you survive? What’s the mysterious legacy Balder left behind, and will it be worth all this risk?

Dungeon Instances

Balder’s Temple: Balder built this temple in secret, then hid it away, so no mortal has seen the temple’s glories since Balder died. Who can say what wonders lie inside?

Lighthouse of the Sun: The lighthouses spread Balder’s benevolent energy throughout the refuge. This one’s begun breaking down.

TERA Balder's Temple

Notable BAMs

Direpaw Mandrill
TERA Direpaw Mandrill
Arkaina, the Arkai Regent
TERA Arkaina, the Arkai Regent
Krylar Iskaragard
TERA Krylar Iskaragard
Grig, the Keeper of Flame
TERA Grig, the Keeper of Flame
Glaciernus, the Frostbinder
TERA Glaciernus, the Frostbinder
Auricadis, Guardian of the Relic
TERA Auricadis, Guardian of the Relic
Lagreah, Protector of the Garden
TERA Lagreah, Protector of the Garden

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