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From the frozen maelstrom of Tempest Reach to the howling tundra of Frost Reach, the only way to survive in Westonia is to fight. Explorers struggle for survival every minute—against mountain rebels, naga pirates, savage wendigos, and hostile spirits tortured beyond reason.

Surviving Westonia is a challenge for the Valkyon Federation’s rising stars. Dress warmly!

What Is Westonia?

The amani have a saying: snow doesn’t cool a burning rage. Nowhere is this clearer than in Westonia. The dead of a dozen wars sleep under the ice—yet every day is a new, rage-fueled battle. Scholars believe the first war in Westonia started thousands of years ago between the devas and the amani, just after the god Gidd exiled the humans from their homeland. Violence and conflict have called Westonia home ever since.

By the time you reach Westonia, you’ve proved your combat skill to Allemantheia’s Commander Fraya. In Westonia you’ll earn her friendship. You come to Tempest Reach around level 41 in the aftermath of a freak storm and undead invasion, then go to Mount Tyrannas to contain the rebellion of Kaiator’s celebrated General Kaidun. By the mid-40s, you’re on the offensive against rebels in the Citadel of Torment. You finish Westonia in Frost Reach, dealing with the native wendigos. Westonia can take you to level 47. You’ll return briefly at level 58 for Suryati’s Peak, an instance on Mount Tyrannas.

TERA Westonia Map

Cities and Towns

Acarum: The evil Citadel of Torment looms over Acarum’s cozy houses and its tough townsfolk.

Bleakrock: The blizzard always blows, but the furnaces of these eldritch shard miners keep them warm.

Tempest Reach (Level 42–44)

Tempest Reach was a peaceful fishing community. The local goddess Zenobia ensured fair weather and a clear harbor. A short while ago, though, three tragedies devastated the area. First, a terrible cyclone struck the harbor. Next, bitterly cold weather froze the seas solid. Finally, legions of undead came ashore, destroying houses and killing people.

Skeletal ossugons and chargers block the roads. Pirates—living nagas and undead gulas—hold the harbor. The sea froze instantly, with waves hanging in midair. Naga ships groan on the ice, caught in a whirlpool that no longer turns. Thulsa’s unholy allies guard the heart of the maelstrom.

TERA Tempest Reach

Story Quests

Zenobia’s Loss: As you investigate a massive mana fluctuation connected to the ice storm, a mysterious bard named Ona tells you a legend that explains the event. Help Ona stop Thulsa’s evil plans for the undead.

Notable BAMs

Onyx Hydrath
TERA Onyx Hydrath
TERA Kestol
TERA Marutash
Naga Deathreaper
TERA Naga Deathreaper
Naga Colossus
TERA Naga Colossus

Mount Tyrannas (Level 42–45)

These mountain passes are notoriously hard to secure. A small group of well-trained soldiers can hold off a much larger force coming up from below. Bandits on the peaks preyed on the town of Acarum and hijacked convoys of arcane shards from Bleakrock. Kaidun, a brilliant commander, skillfully maneuvered his troops to drive them out and reclaim the mountain.

Kaidun’s veterans still hold the heights, but they’ve turned on Acarum, filling its graveyards with former brothers. Stalker Company mercenaries augment his already deadly force. Kaidun was supposed to be looking for the missing Core, a living artifact stolen from the high elves. Instead, Kaidun’s troops are building a kingdom in his name. Defeat that insurrection and end Kaidun’s tyranny.

TERA Mount Tyrannas

Story Quests

The Traitor of Acarum: The army of Kaidun, a hero of Kaiator and close friend of Fraya, has rebelled. Stop them and figure out why Kaidun’s troops are slaughtering the people he swore to protect.

Dungeon Instances

Suryati’s Peak: Argons have seized control of rebel soldiers. Show them what the federation does with tyrants!

Citadel of Torment (Level 43–46)

Even half collapsed, the citadel is massive. Tortured, restless souls have haunted it since time out of mind; little wonder the Citadel of Torment is so aptly named. Armies throughout history have tried to cleanse or control it, but only ever faced horror. Those who have fled the citadel, screaming out into the snow, are the lucky ones.

For a while, it looked like Kaidun and his troops had finally broken the curse. Then Kaidun’s army turned on Acarum, and Kaidun retreated into the citadel. Confronting Kaidun means ascending the tower past damned souls, jesters, vampirs, living dolls, and enchanted armor to reach the citadel’s secret dungeons. Once inside the dungeons, the battles continue during a descent through Lokians, mekonari mercenaries, undead victims, and demonic torturers.

TERA Citadel of Torment

Story Quests

Where’s Kaidun: Kaidun was last seen in the Citadel of Torment. Scour the citadel for clues.

Freeing Kaidun: Below the citadel lies a sealed necromantic facility. If Kaidun’s a prisoner, he’s in there.

Dungeon Instances

Necromancer Tomb: Find Kaidun and his remaining command staff.

Notable BAMs

TERA Vedilith
Mutated Kaidun
TERA Mutated Kaidun

Frost Reach (Level 44–47)

Frost Reach is the homeland of the mighty wendigos. For a long time, nobody else braved the driving snow and giant beasts to visit these forbidding plains. Then someone discovered Frost Reach’s deposits of eldritch shards. As the easy deposits of shards ran out, the conflict between miners and wendigos intensified.

The town of Bleakrock, once just a campsite, is now a thriving town with a magma-powered crystal forge. Bleakrock already has a host of enemies pounding on its gates: weather, mugatos, barsicores, Junaidar raiders, and exiled giants. If Bleakrock can’t find a way to handle the wendigos and keep shard production up, the snow or the town’s enemies will quickly swallow it up.

TERA Frost Reach

Notable BAMs

TERA Barsicore
TERA Fyrgaras
TERA Sabranak
TERA Barabok
TERA Teriak

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