Champions’ Skyring

The best part of Champions’ Skyring is its brutal simplicity: kill or be killed. This 3-versus-3 battleground will put your teamwork, reflexes, and tactics to the test like never before.

TERA Champions' Skyring

How to Enter the Battleground

In the upper right corner of the screen, just below the mini-map, you’ll see a Battleground Matching button—look for the icon of two amani facing off. From the Battleground Matching screen, you can select either Champions’ Skyring or Fraywind Canyon (a 15-versus-15 battleground described here). You can queue for only one battleground at a time.

When you put together your team of three, realize you’re allowed only one healer per team. You’ll be matched against a team with a similar rating to yours. If you’ve been in queue for a while, the matching system will gradually become less “picky” about pitting you against a similar team, because it knows: you wanna fight!

There’s no penalty for leaving the queue, but if you leave the battleground (or go AFK), the game bounces you out of the battlefield and gives you a debuff, deserter’s shame, for 30 minutes. Deserter’s shame means no queuing up for more battlegrounds or dungeons.

If you’re a competitive PvP player, choose a rated match in the Battleground Matching screen. You’ll face other highly rated teams and climb the ranks.

TERA Champions' Skyring

Scoring in Champions’ Skyring

When you enter the skyring, you have a few moments in an antechamber to prepare for the carnage awaiting you in the main ring. Your primary goal is simple: stay alive, and kill the other team. Your team wins when you kill all three enemies—provided someone on your team is still standing.

Each round has a six-minute time limit. If the round ends due to time, the team with more surviving members wins. If each team has an equal number of survivors, the round is a tie. You’ll see the wins, losses, and ties tallied near the top of the screen. If you see your team’s color, it’s a win. Gray means a tie, and the other team’s color means a loss.

TERA Champions' Skyring

You’ll fight in three rounds, with your character being fully restored and sent back to your antechamber between rounds.

Don’t leave the skyring during a match! You’ll take a loss, you’ll suffer the deserter’s shame debuff for 30 minutes, and you won’t even get the rewards that the game gives the losing team.

Instead of rage-quitting if you die, hit the space bar to watch the rest of the round through the eyes of your teammates. Hitting spacebar repeatedly cycles through the points of view of each player on your team. This is an opportunity to observe the enemy, and scheme up a counterattack for the next round.

True champions say no to consumables; campfires and charms can’t be used within the skyring. The priest’s Grace of Resurrection, the mystic’s Vow of Rebirth, and racial skills are likewise off-limits.

TERA Champions' Skyring


When you win a battle in Champions’ Skyring, here’s what you get:

  • 30 Bellicarium credits
  • 140 Killing Spree credits
  • 150 Killing Spree reputation

Even when you lose a battle in Champions’ Skyring, you still get something:

  • 10 Bellicarium credits
  • 50 Killing Spree credits
  • 50 Killing Spree reputation

The PvP tab of your profile has your individual rating for Champions’ Skyring. Seasonal leaders can earn achievements and win exclusive mounts and high-value diamonds!

At the end of each battle, you earn Killing Spree points that you can spend on epic weapons and armor once your Killing Spree rating reaches thresholds of 1,200 for armor and 2,000 for weapons.

TERA Champions' Skyring

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