Fraywind Canyon

You’re level 60 in TERA and you think you’re ready to take on PvP in the battlegrounds? Before you jump into the fray, make sure you know the rules.

TERA Battlegrounds

How to Enter the Battleground

To enter the battleground—just click the gray button with the two amani facing off. It’s below your compass, right next to the red Instance Matching button. The gray button opens the Battleground Matching window for you (and your party) to queue up.

Fraywind Canyon is a 15-versus-15 battle. If you queue up alone or with a party of five or fewer, you select the first option, “Party,” to be randomly assembled with other small groups into a team of 15 to compete against another team similarly constructed. Conversely, you can make or join a raid of 15 people, also known as a prebuilt or premade. The second option, “Raid,” will pit you against another premade team of 15.

You can leave the queue without penalty, but if you leave or go AFK in the battleground, you will get kicked from the battleground and be labeled with Deserter’s Shame for 30 minutes. Deserter’s Shame makes you ineligible to queue up for battlegrounds or dungeons.

TERA Battlegrounds

Scoring in Fraywind Canyon

Once you’re inside, you’ll be assigned to the blue team. The red team is your enemy. Your primary goal is to reach 5,000 team points—or have more points than the red team when the timer runs out.

How to Get to 5,000 Points

Fraywind Canyon is laid out like a ring with a line through it and a moat in between. Focus your attention on three pyres (capture sites): a northern pyre, a central pyre, and a southern pyre. Capturing a pyre gains you 300 team points, and you also gain points every second you control more pyres than the opposing team—three points per second if you control one more, five points per second if you control two, and seven points per second if your team controls all three.

TERA Battlegrounds

To capture a pyre, you just need to get up to the pyre and press [F] to channel the capture. Progress is measured on the ground as well as your screen so others can see the progress. Upon capture, the pyre shoots a huge beam of blue (yay!) or red (boo!) light into the sky and marks the location on the map.

Kill, Kill, Kill

Killing a player from the red team earns your team five points. Once killed, your enemies resurrect at a protected camp away from you. A few monsters roam the battlefield; kill them for ten team points and some buffs. Midway through the battle, BAMs will spawn near the northern or southern pyre. You earn 600 team points for delivering the killing blow on the naga BAM and 50 team points for the killing blow on the teralith BAM. The BAMs also provide buffs when killed.

TERA Battlegrounds

Legate Skills on the Battleground

For premade groups, the raid leader becomes the battleground leader. For random groups, the game selects a leader from players that check the “able to lead the battle” box.

During the battle, leaders gain legate skills they can use via the map interface:

  • Every three minutes, the leader can use the Meteor skill. Meteor rains fireballs down on a selected area, damaging enemies and slowing their movement.
  • Every 30 seconds, the leader can use the Scan skill. Scan illuminates enemy locations on the map to the entire team.

These skills are even more useful if the rest of the team knows when and where they’re being used, so that means...

Coordination and Communication

The key to success in Fraywind Canyon is coordination. A coordinated plan helps players play to their strengths, but that only works if everyone knows what the plan is—and that means communication. TERA’s action combat isn’t friendly to excessive typing in combat, so smart leaders may use audio channels, raid notices, and/or shorthand to coordinate attacks against BAMs and pyres.

TERA Battlegrounds

Common shorthand:

Central pyre: Mid or 1

Southern pyre: Low or 2

Northern pyre: Top or 3

Raid leaders can preload common messages into their combat exclamations (accessed through the Options menu) for quick use with the [E] key.


Your individual score affects your battleground rating and isn’t the same as the team score for ending the match.

  • 600 individual points for a killing blow
  • 300 individual points for an assist on a kill
  • 300 individual points for capturing a base

The PvP tab of your profile has your individual score. Seasonal leaders win achievements, exclusive mounts, and diamonds!


At the end of each battle, you earn rewards based on whether your team won or lost and your individual score in that battle.

When your team wins in Fraywind Canyon, you get the following:

  • 85 Bellicarium credits (185 Bellicarium credits if you were the leader)
  • Plus 1 percent of your individual score, up to 120 Bellicarium credits
  • 85 Killing Spree credits (185 Killing Spree credits if you were the leader)
  • Plus 1 percent of your individual score, up to 120 Killing Spree credits
  • 150 Bellicarium reputation
  • 150 Killing Spree reputation

If your team lost in Fraywind Canyon, you still get a reward:

  • 50 Bellicarium credits
  • 50 Killing Spree credits
  • 50 Bellicarium Reputation
  • 50 Killing Spree reputation

Use Bellicarium credits to buy useful items from battleground reputation vendors like better PvP gear, which leads to more wins, which leads to more Bellicarium credits, which…you get the idea.

And for the very best of the best, there’s an additional reward. The season’s top 30 players on each server receive the Murderous Intent skill, which improves your power, attack speed, crit rate, and movement speed for 30 seconds.

TERA Battlegrounds

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