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TERA Kumasylum Battleground, Hot Air Balloons

What Is Kumasylum?

The recent discovery of a “kumas island”—with what appear to be gigantic toyboxes often filled with massive diamonds—has sparked a flurry of competing expeditions full of adventurers with big dreams of striking it rich. Unfortunately, this island is not what it seems. What appears to be a giant playroom for kumases may in fact be a kind of madhouse. Those who venture there report severe hallucinations in which they believe they or their comrades are kumas infants. Worse still, the “diamonds” they bring back have so far all proven to be worthless rock candy.

Kumasylum pits up to 10 players versus a group of up to 3 players, the latter of whom play a kumas “nanny” and two kumas babies—and the sides are chosen at random. Players receive a quest to enter the Kumasylum battleground at levels 31, 41, and 51, and level 60 players receive a daily quest to participate.

Kumasylum is available to players level 30 and above. When you enter the battleground, your skills will scale to the level 60 versions, and all your gear will be standardized with the same number of crystal slots as the gear you were wearing when you entered. Players between level 30 and 59 can earn XP by completing quests for Kumasylum.

How to Enter the Battleground

To enter the battleground—just click the gray button with the two amani facing off. It’s below your compass, right next to the red Instance Matching button. The gray button opens the Battleground Matching window for you to select “Kumasylum” to queue up. You can leave the queue with no penalty, but if you leave or go AFK while in the battleground, you'll be kicked from the battleground and labeled with Deserter’s Shame, unable to queue for any battlegrounds or dungeons for 30 minutes.

Objective as player: Locate, gather, and carry kumas rock candy to the loading dock.

TERA Kumasylum Map
  • Transport three rock candies to win the match, or transport two rock candies before the time runs out.
  • Locate and break open treasure chests in Kumasylum to find rock candy.
    • Not every treasure chest has rock candy.
    • There are many different areas a treasure chest can spawn—not just on the ground level.
TERA Kumasylum Treasure Chest
  • Remember a few things while carrying rock candy.
    • Once you have picked up rock candy, you cannot drop it.
    • Ten Thousand Carat Burden debuff: Decrease movement speed by 50 percent while carrying rock candy.
    • Curse of the Kumas Treasure debuff: You can move while carrying rock candy, but cannot attack or take other actions.
    • If you are killed while carrying rock candy, it goes to the kumas who killed you.
TERA Kumasylum Rock Candy Debuff Elin, Kumas

Objective as kumas: Protect rock candy; stop the players from carrying rock candy to the loading dock.

  • Keep at least two rock candies from reaching the loading dock to win.
  • The mini-map is marked with which treasure chests contain rock candy, so the kumases always know which treasure chests to protect.

Special Kumas Powers

When a kumas’s HP is below 70 percent, it receives a buff that regenerates 3,000 HP per second. The buff disappears if the kumas’s HP is above 70 percent.

  • Kumas Baby
    • Energy Burst: Shoot two energy spheres in a small arc in front of you.
    • Breathe Fire: Breathe fire in an arc in front of you.
    • Belly-Bomb: Leap onto your enemies, inflicting terrific damage.
    • Forward Roll: Attack as you roll forward.
    • Purify Kumas: Eliminate all harmful effects cast on friendly kumases in the skill’s range.
    • Roundhouse Punch Right: Deliver a roundhouse punch while turning counterclockwise.
    • Roundhouse Punch Left: Deliver a roundhouse punch while turning clockwise.
TERA Kumasylum Baby Kumas
  • Kumas Nanny
    • Critical Energy Burst: Shoot spheres of critical energy in an arc in front of you.
    • Breathe Explosive Fire: Breathe fire in an arc in front of you, blasting yourself backward.
    • Belly-Bomb: Leap onto your enemies, inflicting terrific damage.
    • Rocket Punch Barrage: Shoot rocket punches in multiple directions around you.
    • Purify Kumas: Eliminate all harmful effects cast on friendly kumases in the skill’s range.
    • Three-Fisted Smash: Attack enemies three times and apply a poison effect.
    • Heal Kumas: Restore HP for friendly kumases in range. Does not heal kumas nanny herself.
TERA Kumasylum Nanny Kumas


Kumas candy boxes are awarded depending on how many rock candies your team has at the end of the match. If a winning team has two rock candies at the end of a match, two candy boxes are awarded to each member of the team, and one candy box is awarded to each member of the losing team. If a winning team has three rock candies, three candy boxes are awarded to each member of the team and none are awarded to the losing team.

  • Win
    • Bellicarium
      • 180 Credits
      • 150 Reputation
    • Killing Spree
      • 100 Credits
      • 150 Reputation
  • Lose
    • Bellicarium
      • 120 Credits
      • 50 Reputation
    • Killing Spree
      • 50 Credits
      • 50 Reputation
TERA Kumasylum Nanny Kumas

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