Beach Bash | Festival of the Sun | Event Rewards | 2017 Swimsuits are Here!

Sunshine and sandy beaches means the TERA Summer Festival is back! Blood on the Beach kicks off on Thursday, July 13, bringing quests, mini-games, and brand-new swimsuits! Now, if only we could do something about this crab infestation...

Beach Bash

Beach Bash

Head on over to Dragonturtle Beach near Castanica and play some beach games while you soak up the sun:

Splash Cannon Mini-Game

You'll find the splash cannon mini-game on both shores of the party—on Dragonturtle Beach and Kerozen Isle. Speak to the mini-game coordinator, then shoot water at the demons out in the surf for points: red sea monsters give you points, blue sea monsters cost you points.

Watermelon Mini-Game

Talk to the mini-game coordinator to tie on a blindfold and get to smashing watermelons. Don’t confuse them with the barrels, though—they sound just like the watermelons, but don’t give you any points.


Fill your pockets with sand—intentionally, this time! Grab sand from around the beach and build as many sandcastles as you can. Build enough, and you can get magic items that let you build sandcastles anywhere—whenever you like.

* While the mini-games and sandcastles are available to all levels, quests associated with the beach party are only available to characters level 48 and higher, so level up quick to be sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun (or rewards)!

Festival of the Sun

Festival of the Sun

Journey to Balder's Refuge and help the Consos Clan get their temple back in order:

Fight Off the Monsters

Sloths and ghilliedhus and snakes—oh, my! Your first step on the festival quest sends you through the many rooms of the Temple of the Sun, clearing out all the vermin that have moved in since last year.

Temple Cleanup

Once that's done, you'll be tasked with helping clean up their mess: Droppings, garbage, and graffiti are all fair game for this group of daily quests. Help the Temple of the Sun shine the way it was always meant to!

Ice Treats

If all that work gets you ready to cool off with a snack, you're in luck—as long as you don’t mind doing a little extra work first. You can make yourself a sweet iced dessert, just as soon as you pick up all the ingredients.

* Festival of the Sun daily quests are random, so you won't know what you're in for until you log in. But you will want to check back every day and complete all the quests while the festival is active in order to maximize your event rewards! Festival quests are for characters level 58 and higher.

Event Rewards

Event Rewards

Use Claret and Temple Medallions earned by participating in the event to purchase Summer Festival loot boxes, which contain retired swimsuits and accessories. Players wanting even more loot boxes can also purchase them directly from the TERA Store starting Thursday.

2017 Swimsuits Are Here!

2017 Swimsuits

Starting Thursday, drop by the TERA Store to pick up the latest in stylin' summer beachwear: lifeguard trunks for the gents, bronze bikinis for the ladies, and much more!

The Summer Festival begins on Thursday, July 13 at 1 p.m. PDT...
but only if the beach is clear of crabs!

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