The Broken Prison

TERA’s next update sends you into the darkest of dungeons to investigate suspicious activity, and perhaps avert a jailbreak of catastrophic consequences. Welcome to the Broken Prison.

The Broken Prison

Dungeon Overview

The world of TERA is dotted with captive gods, imprisoned for their crimes against mortals and the other gods. The most despicable among these is Lakan, whose prison under Oblivion Woods has begun to show signs of mysterious activity. Someone or something is attempting to infiltrate the prison and free Lakan...and it is up to you to stop them.

  • Required Level—65
  • Recommended Number of Players—5
  • Minimum Item Level—417
  • Difficulty
  • Location—Oblivion Woods
  • Daily Entry Limit—1 (2 for elite players)
  • Bosses—Gorgoth, Molek, Balbatos
  • Loot—alkahests, designs and materials for Imperator and Ambush sets; designs and materials for Quatrefoil Brooch; Manorborne and Estateborne accessories; tier 10 enchanting materials








The Broken Prison launches January 10
following maintenance as a free update!

View the full patch notes for this update.

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