BuddyUp System

What Is the BuddyUp System?

TERA's Storm Season update introduces an in-game refer-a-friend feature, alglowing players to invite friends to play TERA—and giving both players rewards for accepting the invitation and reaching various milestones (such as leveling up to level 65).

Who Is Eligible?

Mentors (players who refer friends) must be level 40 or above. Recruits must be players who have not played TERA in the past 30 days. Recruits can only apply one BuddyUp code, and it must be applied to a character level 9 or lower.

How Does a Mentor Refer a Friend?

Start by pressing “U” in-game to open the Friends List. BuddyUp information is in the fourth tab, but let's quickly cover all four tabs in this interface.

This lists all the people who have accepted your friend requests, or whose friend requests you have accepted, and tells you their classes, levels, locations (if they’re online) or last login (if they’re offline), and your friendship levels with them. You can add friends from this menu, and you can create groups of friends.
Friend Request
Friends need confirmation. This tab shows you all of the friend requests you have received but not responded to yet, and all of the friend requests that you have sent that have not been responded to yet. Again, you can add friends from this menu.
Sometimes someone just won’t take “no” for answer. This tab shows you all of the people who you’ve blocked from sending you friend requests. You can add players to your blocked list from here.
BuddyUp Code
This tab explains how the codes work, as well as the rewards for both the mentor and the recruit (see below). If you are level 40 or higher, use the button at the bottom of this tab to generate a BuddyUp code and message you can paste into an email for your friends.
Each BuddyUp code is valid for a month, and up to three recruits can redeem a code. The following month, you can generate a new code and recruit three more friends.

How Does My Friend Redeem a BuddyUp Code?

When you email your friends a BuddyUp code, the default message contains the details of what server you play on, your character name, the BuddyUp code, and a link to the TERA website, where your friends can download and start playing TERA.

After a recruit logs in, he or she will see the spot to enter the BuddyUp code on the character selection screen. Mentors and recruits are automatically added to each other's friends list, so you can see when they’re online, and play with them to build up your friendship level! Note that your friend only has 15 days from the time he or she first logs into the character to redeem the code. After that, your friend is ineligible unless the account becomes dormant (no logins for 30 or more days).

What’s in it for Me?

Initially, mentors will receive the Token of Friendship: Giving reward. As your recruit levels up, though, you’ll receive additional rewards:

  • Token of Friendship: Giving—Philter of Bravery, Prime Battle Solution
  • Token of Friendship: Level 10 Friend—20 prime battle solutions
  • Token of Friendship: Level 20 Friend—20 prime battle solutions
  • Token of Friendship: Level 30 Friend—25 Entropic Emblems, 20 prime battle solutions
  • Token of Friendship: Level 40 Friend—10 friendly feasts, 300 friendly noctenium infusions
  • Token of Friendship: Level 50 Friend—10 friendly feasts, 300 friendly noctenium infusions
  • Token of Friendship: Level 60 Friend—25 Entropic Emblems, 10 friendly feasts, 300 friendly noctenium infusions
  • Token of Friendship: Level 65 Friend—7 Entropic Emblems, 3 personal gamma instance reset scrolls, 3 personal beta instance reset scrolls, Friendship Circle (right-click to exchange for Forge, a black dragon mount, Nugget pet, or party costume)

What’s in it for My Recruit?

Just for being invited, recruits will receive the Token of Friendship: Invitation reward. Then, as they level up, your recruits will receive additional rewards:

  • Token of Friendship: Invitation—30-day bonus XP scroll (100%), 30-day Aeolian zebra mount, Candyspinner pet
  • Token of Friendship: Level 10—7-day butler's uniform or dyeable housekeeper's uniform, amethyst (worth 30g)
  • Token of Friendship: Level 20—30-day Village Atlas, 3-day Shimmersoul tiger mount, Experience Mark I (enough XP to go from level 20 to 21), pearl (worth 50g)
  • Token of Friendship: Level 30—7-day dyeable Titan Force costume or devilicious costume, Experience Mark II (enough XP to go from level 30 to 31), ruby (worth 100g)
  • Token of Friendship: Level 40—3-day Blitzheart steel wolf mount, Experience Mark III (enough XP to go from level 40 to 41), sapphire (worth 200g)
  • Token of Friendship: Level 50—7-day gold short jacket or moonlight party dress, friendly bank expansion scroll, Experience Mark IV (enough XP to go from level 50 to 51), emerald (worth 1,000g)
  • Token of Friendship: Level 60—3-day Snarlheart spirit wolf mount, Experience Mark V (enough XP to go from level 60 to 61), three emeralds (worth 1,000g each)
  • Token of Friendship: Level 65—50 Entropic Emblems, 7-day white fedora or bride’s veil, delta instance reset scroll, gamma instance reset scroll, crystal box, bravery potion, 10 friendly feasts, 20 prime battle solutions, 1,000 friendly noctenium infusions

Do I Get any Benefit when Playing with My Recruit?

On the first tab of the Friends menu (“U”), you’ll find a friend tracker that lists all of your friends and shows you what level of friendship you have with them. You’ll notice that the column on the far right is labeled “Friendship Level,” and each friend has a rating of between 1 and 6. You increase this rating by playing with the people on your friends list. Different activities—grouping, tackling dungeons or battlegrounds together, and so on—increase the friendship level by different amounts.

BuddyUp mentors and their recruits automatically start at friendship level 3. When you're at the third friendship level with another player, you gain the ability to teleport that friend to your location from practically anywhere in the game world. Using the button in the Friends List actually sends a request to the player, and the player has to agree within 30 seconds to be teleported. Once you teleport another player to you using this system, this ability goes into a 10-minute cooldown.

How Long Do BuddyUp Benefits Last?

BuddyUp benefits are good for 30 days from the time your friend redeems the code, so all rewards must be earned within those 30 days. Level rewards earned beyond this 30-day deadline will not be delivered.

How Often Do I Get New BuddyUp Codes?

Players will receive a new set of BuddyUp codes they can use every 30 days, so if you have used up all of your current BuddyUp codes, just wait because they reset every month.

What Happens if My Buddy Uses a Level 60 Scroll?

If your buddy uses a Level 60 Scroll, you and your buddy will not get any level rewards for the skipped levels, but you will get rewards for level 60 and beyond. For example, if your buddy uses the scroll at level 1, no rewards will be awarded for levels 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50, but the level 60 reward will be awarded. If your buddy continues on to level 65, those rewards will be awarded normally.

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