Tank Melee DPS Ranged DPS Healing/Support
Lv. 65 Berserker
Berserker Gunner
Warrior Reaper
Ninja Sorcerer Mystic
  • Archer Symbol


    Characteristics: Sustained DPS, Ranged, Light Armor

    The archer is a highly mobile ranged class. By channeling arcane energy into a bow, the archer creates a wide range of damaging effects.

    Additionally, archer skills can poison, slow, stun, and trap targets, giving them advantages in any encounter.


    With high damage and skills that distance you from the foe, solo play as an archer is exciting and fun.

    Skills: Incendiary Trap and Close Quarters


    In a party, the archer's main role is to provide a powerful combination of high damage and situational attacks which hit multiple targets.

    Skills: Penetrating Arrow and Arrow Volley


    Imagine a river of damage flowing from you to a giant monster. That's what it's like being an archer in a Boss fight, only the river has to keep moving lest the ocean notice and kill it dead.

    Skills: Radiant Arrow and Backstep


    Penetrating or Radiant Arrow -> Final Salvo:

    Final Salvo triggers after using your big arrow attacks, letting you follow up a large burst of damage with a quick flurry of shots. The initial skills are used in almost all situations, so you'll be doing this often.

    Close Quarters -> Breakaway Bolt -> Radiant Arrow:

    Stuns, distances you from the target, then nails it for high single target burst damage. An MP-intensive but effective way to kill an enemy.

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  • Berserker Symbol


    Characteristics: Burst DPS, Melee, Mitigation Tank (Level 65), Heavy Armor

    Berserkers are constantly in motion. They excel in multiple-opponent situations, both as part of a group and solo. They use charge-up attacks to deal massive damage, and also can block incoming frontal attacks.

    At level 65, berserkers gain the ability to tank, along with new skills designed specifically for that purpose.


    Heavily armed and armored, berserkers are amazingly self-sufficient. Very little can withstand a determined berserker's relentless assault.

    Skills: Vampiric Blow and Mocking Shout


    A berserker’s role in a group is to deliver maximum damage to the biggest threat. When tanking, they generate tremendous threat and can shield other party members, but still retain their mobility.

    DPS Skills: Incendiary Trap and Close Quarters

    Tank Skills: Intimidation and Axe Block


    Berserkers love a good fight, and TERA provides in the form of difficult bosses and monsters.

    Skills: Fiery Rage and Thunder Strike


    Leaping Strike:

    Any knockdown attack sets up a huge damage potential (5X normal) from this skill. And with a 7 second base cooldown, you'll be using it all the time.

    Flatten -> Leaping Strike -> Cyclone:

    Knock down your enemies, use leaping strike for high damage, then finish the fight with a fully charged cyclone.

    Intimidation -> Axe Block -> Axe Counter:

    The intimidation skill generates aggro from all nearby opponents, but it also sets up some damaging combos. After a successful Axe Block, deliver a crushing counterattack and set up other high-damage skills.

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    • Brawler Symbol


      Characteristics: Burst DPS, Melee, Mitigation Tank, Heavy Armor

      Brawlers are built to take the fight to the enemy. They can pin down one or more opponents with a variety of stuns and knockdowns, and can block most damage that’s aimed directly at them.

      A brawler’s skills are all about setting up combo attacks. Punches make Counter better, and every time she uses her skills, she builds up Rage...with which to unleash even greater attacks.


      With solid burst damage, heavy armor, and skills that can keep foes on the ropes, solo play with a brawler satisfies your taste for violence.

      Skills: Counter and Haymaker


      The brawler can barrel through hordes of enemies and push them into a corner...or just away from the less-armored members of the party. Add that to her ability to draw foes in with a ground-shaking blow, or just a bone-chilling shout, and she’s got crowd control covered.

      Skills: Bull Rush and Ground Pounder


      With a well-timed Counter, the brawler can shrug off a lot of any boss’s damage, and still be ready to dish out some serious damage of her own.

      Skills: Piledriver, Meat Grinder, and Divine Wrath


      Punch -> Counter -> High Kick:

      The brawler can use multiple Punches to wear down a target, then use the “super knockout punch” effect of Counter to knock the target down, setting up a High Kick.

      Bull Rush -> Jackhammer:

      To remove targets from the fight and keep them pinned down, the brawler can Bull Rush through multiple targets, then deliver a Jackhammer to take them out of the fight entirely. If the brawler has enough Rage built up, she can also Rampage through the bunched-up enemies.

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    • Archer Symbol


      Characteristics: Burst DPS, Ranged, Heavy Armor

      The gunner is a solidly-armored, ranged dps class. Effective from every part of the battlefield, the gunner uses a variety of potent attacks to pound foes, including some fueled completely by Willpower.

      Gunner skills focus on dealing damage, in differing amounts and differing areas, rather than creating effects—although plenty of the gunner’s attacks stagger or knock back enemies!


      With high burst damage, heavy armor, summoned constructs, and skills that distance you from the foe, solo play as a gunner is a rewarding experience.

      Skills: Arcane Barrage and Mana Missiles


      When in a party, the gunner combines the roles of ranged dps (like the sorcerer) and crowd control (like the berserker).

      Skills: Burst Fire and Time Bomb


      With her ability to both dish out and shrug off massive amounts of damage, a gunner is practically a boss’s natural enemy.

      Skills: Arc Bomb and Balder’s Vengeance


      Scattershot -> Rolling Reload -> Scattershot:

      Use Scattershot to get your target’s attention, then follow up with Rolling Reload to dodge any counterattack—while at the same time eliminating the cooldown on Scattershot for a second volley to finish them off.

      Arcane Barrage -> HB:

      The HB construct does a lot of things, but one of the most spectacular happens when you use Arcane Barrage. Fire an energy pulse, then detonate it. Not only does it do a whole lot of damage, but your HB will launch a volley of bombs at the same spot.

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    • Lancer Symbol


      Characteristics: Mitigation Tank, Melee, Heavy Armor

      A lancer is a heavily armored fighter focused on anchoring a battle. Generates maximum threat with shouts and special attacks, sacrificing movement and attack power for the best durability in the game.

      Lancer skills are adaptable to any party size, including an army of one.


      The lancer combines a large attack zone and high survivability to succeed in almost any situation.

      Skills: Debilitate and Shield Barrage


      A lancer keeps the most powerful enemies focused on the most heavily armored character. Protect your allies by being the greatest threat in the group.

      Skills: Challenging Shout and Leash


      Boss fights let the lancer take a position of prominence. However, your best defensive skills sacrifice damage in favor of protection so it's best to group up with other damage dealers.

      Skills: Stand Fast and Iron Will


      Spring Attack:

      This leaping attack normally has a cast time, but will come up for an instant cast after Shield Bash, Shield Barrage, or a third consecutive hit from Combo Attack. These are three of your best skills, so you'll use Spring Attack in many situations.

      Shield Barrage:

      Not only does this skill set up a faster Spring Attack, but Shield Barrage combos with itself for a short stun effect! Tap or hold down the skill button to attack twice in a row.

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    • Mystic Symbol


      Characteristics: Healer, Support, Ranged, Robes

      Mystics are a strong healing class with skills to protect and support their party. They also summon powerful thralls to assist and heal them in battle.

      Mystics’ skills prepare them for any situation, with a good balance of offense, defense, and support options.


      Summoned thralls and frontal AoE makes the mystic a solo powerhouse.

      Skills: Thrall of Protection and Metamorphic Blast


      With auras, crowd control, damage, heals, and debuffs, a mystic benefits any group.

      Skills: Sonorous Dreams and Arun's Cleansing Touch


      Mystics provide a diverse mix of heals, buffs, and DoTs during boss encounters.

      Skills: Arun's Vitae and Volley of Curses


      Corruption Ring -> Infusion Ring:

      A channeled PBAoE spell that hits all targets in a range with a better than average crit chance. Deals variable damage, but after use allows the mystic to cast Infusion Ring, restoring MP based on damage dealt. Very useful fighting Bosses and BAMs.

      Metamorphic Smite -> Metamorphic Blast:

      Extremely effective combo, since both spells cast quickly and deal superior damage to multiple targets. Better yet, it's available at level 6!

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    • Ninja Symbol


      Characteristics: Burst DPS, Elin Only, Light Armor

      Ninjas are designed to dish out damage, and avoid it in return. They can keep one or more opponents off balance with an arsenal of stunning and staggering attacks, and are adept at staying just out of their enemies' reach.

      The ninja's skills are geared toward setting up combo attacks, and keeping enemies distracted. Each of the ninja's attacks generates Chi, and with sufficient Chi, the ninja can use her most powerful attacks.


      Between decent burst damage and skills that can keep foes from landing solid blows, solo play with a ninja rewards clever combat tactics.

      Skills: Double Cut, Blade Storm, and One Thousand Cuts


      A ninja's role in any given party is to deal lots of damage at close range, and to keep enemies away from the ranged classes. Use evasive skills to avoid damage, and keep moving—but be careful not to lead opponents right to your ranged allies.

      Skills: Skyfall, Jagged Path, and Fire Avalanche


      Ninjas handle bosses by keeping them stunned and staggered, leaving the ninja plenty of time to deliver lots of damage.

      Skills: Burning Heart, Focus, and Impact Bomb


      Combo Attack -> Everything:

      The ninja's most basic attack, Combo Attack, is designed not only to deal damage and restore MP, it also works exceedingly well with virtually any other attack—though it works particularly well with Decoy Jutsu, Double Cut, Skyfall, Circle of Steel, and One Thousand Cuts, because it reduces their cooldowns.

      Double Cut -> Skyfall -> One Thousand Cuts:

      A ninja can use Double Cut to get into a crowd of enemies, then use Skyfall to damage all of them. One Thousand Cuts is certainly useful for finishing them off, but if they’re just a little too tough, the skill also makes the ninja temporarily immune to damage, so she can get out of the scrum before her opponents can overwhelm her.

      Fire Avalanche -> Fire Avalanche -> Fire Avalanche:

      Fire Avalanche can be stacked up to three times before the cooldown applies. So the ninja can hit targets up to three times in relatively quick succession, each time dealing more damage than the previous time.

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    • Priest Symbol


      Characteristics: Healer, Buffs, Ranged, Robes

      The priest is a robed magic user whose primary role is to restore health and vitality. However, a priest is not to be taken lightly—the same power that revives allies can also smite foes.

      Priest skills sustain a party through long and difficult encounters.


      A priest's fast attacks and survivability allow them to counter almost any situation.

      Skills: Triple Nemesis and Shocking Implosion


      A priest's primary role in a group is to keep the party alive through healing and situational recovery skills.

      Skills: Healing Circle and Arise


      A skilled priest can quickly turn a disaster into a manageable situation.

      Skills: Purifying Circle and Resurrection


      Shocking Implosion or Triple Nemesis -> Final Reprisal:

      The use of Final Reprisal after these skills lowers its casting time. Shocking Implosion is for close fighting, Triple Nemesis for when you've got a little range.

      Resurrection -> Blessing of Shakan -> Blessing of Seren -> Blessing of Balder -> Blessing of Zenobia -> Restorative Burst:

      No matter how hard you try, sometimes the rest of the party just moves the wrong way, or not at all, and you've got to get one or more of them back on their feet. After a quick combat revival (or four), these rapid-fire blessings boost resistances, HP regen and movement, followed by a quick heal prepping them to run off and deal with all the aggro you just took for the team.

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    • Slayer Symbol


      Characteristics: Burst DPS, Melee, Light Armor

      A lightly armored, agile fighter with a devastating greatsword. High damage attacks combine with evasive maneuvers for a dynamic combat style.

      Slayer skills are quick, precise strikes that knock over and incapacitate even the largest and strongest of foes, leaving them vulnerable for additional attacks.


      By focusing on knockdowns and stuns, a slayer can deal a lot of damage before an enemy knows they're even there.

      Skills: Knockdown Strike and Leaping Strike


      A slayer's role in a party is to deal huge damage while using evasive skills to avoid enemy attacks.

      Skills: Evasive Roll and Whirlwind


      A slayer's role in a boss encounter is launching counterattacks to interrupt and knock down opponents.

      Skills: Startling Kick and Stunning Backhand


      Anything -> Overhand Strike:

      Overhand Strike is an extremely versatile skill that can be used as a follow up to virtually all your attacks.

      Startling Kick -> Distant Blade:

      This combination allows you to evade or possibly cancel enemy skill use with a stun, then gets you back in the action by slashing forward with a powerful triple attack.

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    • Sorcerer Symbol


      Characteristics: Burst DPS, Ranged, Robes

      The sorcerer is a ranged damage class focused on annihilating the enemy with high-damage "nuke" attacks. The mobile artillery of TERA.

      A sorcerer's job is to kill things quickly. When grouped up, their high damage attacks decide which enemy dies first.


      A sorcerer succeeds by taking out enemies quickly and staying out of their grasp.

      Skills: Glacial Retreat and Mana Barrier


      In groups, sorcerers stay at range whenever possible, to harry the enemy and maintain a high damage ratio.

      Skills: Time Gyre and Blazing Barrage


      The best sorcerer fight is one where the enemy never lives long enough to get close. This is especially true in TERA's boss fights.

      Skills: Fireblast and Magma Bomb


      Mindblast or Time Gyre -> Fireblast:

      A fast and relatively simple combo. Immobilize/incapacitate enemies in front of you while preparing your biggest damage spell. High level sorcerers use this combo as an opening move in just about any situation.

      Flame Pillar -> Glacial Retreat -> Mana Shield -> Magma Bomb:

      Stun your enemies, leaving them vulnerable and unable to knock you down. Keep them together while you make a quick getaway, then drop a world of hurt in the middle of your slowed, stunned and damaged foes.

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    • Warrior Symbol


      Characteristics: Evasion Tank OR Sustained DPS, Melee, Light Armor

      Quick attacks and high mobility make a warrior essential to group play, but also very survivable while soloing. A warrior's skills are meant to cause damage, and move them around a battlefield. Their twin swords harry opponents until death, then deliver a fatal blow.

      For tanking, warriors use their Defensive Stance, Cross Parry, and aggro-generating attacks and shouts. When acting as DPS, warriors use Assault Stance, which increases Power and Endurance.


      When fighting solo, a warrior relies on quick area attacks and mobility to survive.

      Skills: Rain of Blows and Evasive Roll


      A warrior's role in a party is to pile on damage and keep opponents away from the ranged classes. Evasive tactics make fights more dynamic, but pay attention when leading an enemy.

      Skills: Torrent of Blows and Assault Stance


      Warriors focus on keeping bosses off balance and confused while delivering impressive damage. The warrior's best attacks sacrifice HP for power, so keep a healer nearby.

      Skills: Combative Strike and Smoke Aggressor


      Evasive Roll or Death From Above -> Vortex Slash:

      After landing from your dodge, release a wide arc of damage. Your invulnerability from the initial move continues while attacking.

      Pounce -> Traverse Cut -> Blade Draw:

      Close distance with the enemy, lower its defense, and then finish it off with a powerful double slash. Combined with Poison Blade or other debuffs, your opponent hasn't got a chance.

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    • Reaper Symbol


      Characteristics: Mid-Ranged DPS, Elin Only, Light Armor

      The reaper is a highly mobile, close- and mid-ranged dps class. By transferring their dark energy into their chained blades, the reaper can unleash area attacks and deadly chained attacks capable of massive damage.

      Reaper skills damage multiple enemies at once and offer knockdowns, immobilizations, and stuns, making them versatile in any encounter.


      With massive area damage and stuns, a reaper is deadly by itself against all enemies.

      Skills: Sundering Strike and Death Spiral


      In a party, the reaper’s main role is to provide a powerful combination of damage and situational attacks which keep the targets controlled.

      Skills: Cable Step and Smite


      A reaper's role in a boss encounter is launching attacks to avoid damage and dish it out at the same time.

      Skills: Shadow Burst and Retribution


      Cable Step -> Shadow Burst:

      These two skills chained together with proper glyphs enable massive damage with sped up animations and is a basic combo applicable to all enemies.

      Death Spiral -> Double Shear -> Grim Strike:

      Death Spiral damages all the enemies around you, then Double Shear and Grim Strike finish the job in spectacular fashion.

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  • Valkyrie Symbol


    Characteristics: Burst DPS, Melee, Light Armor

    The valkyrie is a close-combat specialist with a dual-focus of crowd control and burst damage. She uses an intricately-carved runeglaive to brand runemarks onto enemies and explode them for massive damage.


    The valkyrie is an excellent solo combatant, who can destroy most opposition with a few quick attacks.

    Skills: Glaive Strike, Spinning Death, Maelstrom


    The valkyrie thrives in target-rich environments like dungeons and battlegrounds.

    Skills: Ground Bash, Titansbane


    Damage is the valkyrie's stock and trade, so load up an enemy with Runemarks from crits and skills, then detonate them for maximum effect. It doesn't take long to generate more, so as soon as you have seven in place, it's boom time!

    Skills: Ragnarok, Shining Crescent


    Leaping Slash -> WindSlash -> Overhead Slash:

    Many valkyrie skills decrease or outright cancel the cooldowns of others. This combo takes this phenomenon to heart, and you'll most likely run out of enemies before you run out of MP.

    Reclamation -> Dark Herald -> Runeblast:

    Want to clear the battlefield in a hurry? Draw any active Runemarks to yourself, then pull enemies towards you and detonate the Runemarks for a crowd-ending finish!

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