Symbol of the Berserker

The berserker is an offensive juggernaut who shakes the ground with each blow and sends opponents flying with every massive swing, with better-than-average defensive capabilities that include heavy armor and an axe block that absorbs damage according to the quality of the axe.

Berserkers have multiple ways of recharging their own mana, and can absorb damage dealt to a foe as health. Their rage and bloodlust raise their strength to help end a fight quickly. They fend for themselves better than many classes, and their capacity for sheer destruction gives them a place of honor in any party.

Skills Overview

The berserker skill set is long on offense, including mighty overhand blows, whirling circular attacks, and foe-stunning groundshaker strikes. Assorted shouts buff the berserker and demoralize enemies. A devastating four-part combo establishes the berserker's presence on the battlefield, and builds the mana necessary for more advanced moves.

Although most berserker skills are strikes, many are effective against multiple enemies. Their arsenal also includes many useful soloing self-support skills.

Level Skill Description
1 Combo Attack The berserker's bread and butter: a series of strikes that charge mana and do more damage with each hit.
1 Axe Block Block frontal attacks with your weapon. The better your axe, the more damage you can block.
2 Cyclone Charge up your rage, then release it and spin your axe in a circle, chopping into anyone nearby.
4 Flatten Pound the ground, stunning those nearby.
8 Thunder Strike Charge up your axe attack for one deadly stroke.
10 Triumphant Shout Your battle madness restores your mana and keeps it from decaying.
12 Retaliate Leap to your feet while attacking your target if you're knocked down.
16 Vampiric Blow Charge up a mighty swing that also steals health from your target for yourself.
20 Tenacity Call on inner reserves to instantly replenish mana.
22 Fiery Rage Sacrifice endurance to boost your strength.
24 Leaping Strike Jump at your foe and smash down on them. If they're knocked down, you can even do extra damage.
26 Mocking Shout Stun your nearby enemies and knock them down.
30 Unchained Anger Your anger consumes your health but fuels your mana.
32 Dash Increase your speed to get to the next fight that much faster.
36 Lethal Strike A powerful strike that you charge up with health rather than mana.
40 Staggering Strike A sweeping attack that briefly stuns and turns your target around.
46 Fearsome Shout Monsters nearby briefly flee from you.
52 Bloodlust You're nearly unstoppable, with greater strength and resistance to stuns and trips. If you're fighting other players, you also do bonus damage.
56 Flurry of Blows All your attacks are faster while this skill is active.
58 Inescapable Doom Those nearby you are so frightened they move more slowly. If they're players, they can't use their evasion and movement skills.
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About Berserkers

Frontal Assault
Combat feeds the berserker. Moving from fight to fight, berserkers actually get stronger the more they trade blows. They're like rabid fimbrilisks with axes.
Siege Breaker
In addition to ripping things limb from limb, berserkers are good at scattering, stunning, knocking down, and turning around their opponents. Hard to hold the line when you're upside down in a tree.
Armor: Plate
For a berserker, combat is a way of life. Plate mail? Naaah. Those are just work boots.
Weapon: Axe
The berserker wields the most powerful weapon of any class. The sight of a heavily armored fighter swinging a giant axe with seeming abandon instills considerable fear.

Sample Glyphs

Starting at level 20, glyphs can be applied to customize your berserker's skills in a variety of ways. Here are some samples:

Balancing Tenacity
Greatly boosts your resistance to knockdowns and immobility.
Carving Combo Attack
Your Combo Attack has greater odds of scoring a critical hit.
Empowered Vampiric Blow
Boost the damage of your Vampiric Blow.
Energetic Tenacity
Your Tenacity skill cools down faster.
Fleetfooted Fiery Rage
You both move and attack faster.
Hastened Cyclone
Your Cyclone skill charges up faster.
Mindsparked Axe Block
When you block, you regain some mana.
Slick Thunder Strike
While charging your Thunder Strike, you can move at your normal speed.
Spirited Combo Attack
Your combos generate even more mana.
Swift Flatten
Your Flatten attack lands faster.