Symbol of the Berserker

The berserker is an offensive juggernaut with better-than-average defensive capabilities, heavy armor, and an axe block that absorbs damage. Their capacity for sheer destruction gives them a place of honor in any party, and they can fend for themselves while soloing.

At level 65, the berserker gains the ability to tank, along with new skills designed specifically for that purpose. While this sacrifices some of their damage potential, being able to switch from DPS to tank at a moment’s notice makes them even more valuable to a party.

Skills Overview

The berserker skill set includes mighty overhand blows, whirling circular attacks, and stunning strikes, as well as shouts that buff the berserker and demoralize enemies. Not only is a berserker’s basic attack useful in any situation, but they have many skill combos to chop down even the biggest boss.

Berserkers can charge up certain skills by holding down the skill button, dealing additional damage with each level of charge. This power comes at a cost, however, because charging a skill for too long causes damage to the berserker as well.

As a tank, the berserker generates aggro automatically in the presence of enemies, and can tie up multiple opponents at once with devastating counterstrikes. However, using the Intimidation skill to tank removes the ability to charge most skills.

Level Skill Description
1 Axe Block Block frontal attacks with your weapon. The better your axe, the more damage you can block.
1 Combo Attack A series of damaging strikes that build MP.
2 Cyclone A charging attack that spins your axe (and you) in a circle.
4 Flatten Pound the ground, stunning those nearby.
8 Thunder Strike Charge up your axe attack for one deadly stroke.
10 Triumphant Shout Replenishes MP and keeps it from decaying for a few seconds.
12 Retaliate Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.
16 Vampiric Blow A charging attack that returns a portion of your damage to you as HP.
20 Tenacity Instantly replenishes a portion of your MP.
22 Fiery Rage Temporarily sacrifice Endurance to boost Power.
24 Leaping Strike Jump at your foe and smash downward.
26 Mocking Shout High change of staggering nearby enemies.
30 Unchained Anger Sacrifice HP to gain MP.
32 Dash Temporarily increases Movement Speed.
36 Lethal Strike A charging skill that uses HP instead of MP.
40 Staggering Strike A sweeping attack that briefly stuns and turns your target around.
46 Fearsome Shout Nearby enemies flee in fear.
52 Bloodlust Temporarily increases Power, Balance Factor, and Impact Factor.
56 Flurry of Blows Temporarily speeds attacks and charging times.
58 Inescapable Doom Briefly slows nearby targets, and prevents opposing players from using evasive maneuvers.
60 Evasive Smash When charging a skill, you can instead roll away and perform a surprise attack. Damage varies based on the charge level of the interrupted skill.
61 Raze Knock down nearby enemies while moving forward.
63 Tackle Spin your axe and knock down an opponent in front of you.
65 Axe Counter Deliver a crushing counterattack after a successful Axe Block. Only usable when Intimidation is active.
65 Evasive Roll Dodge your enemy’s attack. Only usable when Intimidation is active.
65 Intimidation Allows you to tank, grants access to new skills, and changes the effects of others. Continually generates aggro from nearby monsters.
65 Overwhelm Charge forward and attack. Has a high chance of knocking down monsters.
65 Punishing Strike A quick strike that generates high aggro. Only usable when Intimidation is active.
65 Unbreakable Temporarily protects you from going below 1 HP.
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About Berserkers

Frontal Assault
The berserker lives for combat. As they move from one downed opponent to the next, berserkers must keep attacking to generate MP. They're like rabid fimbrilisks, with axes.
Siege Breaker
A berserker on the front lines scatters, stuns, knocks down, and spins around their opponents. There’s no formation they can’t disrupt, and no opponents too big to fell.
Armor: Heavy
Berserkers wear metal armor so they can stand on the front lines and take as much punishment as possible. And when they plant their axe, only the most powerful attacks can move them.
Weapon: Axe
A berserker’s axe is functional on both offense and defense. It’s the strongest weapon on the front lines, but still agile enough for precise strikes.

Sample Glyphs

Starting at level 20, berserkers can use glyph points to customize skills in a variety of ways.

Brilliant Bloodlust
Reduces MP cost
Carving Combo Attack
Increases the chance to crit
Empowered Vampiric Blow
Increases skill damage
Energetic Tenacity
Decreases skill cooldown
Fleetfooted Fiery Rage
Increases Combat Movement Speed
Hastened Cyclone
Increases charging speed
Mindsparked Axe Block
Replenishes MP on a successful block
Slick Thunder Strike
Eliminates slowed movement restriction while charging
Lingering Unbreakable
Increases effect duration
Swift Flatten
Increases Attack Speed
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