Symbol of the Mystic

A mystic walks a wild path, combat pets at her sides, wielding primal powers to harm and heal, empowering her allies while cursing her enemies. Mystics travel the whole battlefield freely. They fight at close quarters, healing and boosting allies, draining and destroying enemies. They channel powerful auras that enhance whole groups. They summon allies to draw aggro, to fight, or to heal, and can summon their entire party from one location to another.

Add extensive crowd control and the capability to resurrect fallen allies, and you can see why adventuring parties seek them out. They add to the longevity of any party, can seize an out-of-control situation and dominate it until their allies are on the offensive again, or simply unleash their own magical fury. Mystics make their comrades better at what they do—and a whole lot more.

Skills Overview

Mystics have more skills than any other class. In addition to buffs, debuffs and straightforward damage, mystics can teleport away from danger, or summon their allies together for a quick regroup. They can resurrect fallen friends or call on their magical allies to aid them—a guardian to draw a foe’s attention, an avenger to inflict pain and suffering, or a healer to keep the mystic healthy. Mystics provide in-battle enhancement and replenishment while offering superlative crowd control and respectable damage.

Level Skill Description
1 Sharan Bolt Unleash a bolt of disruptive Sharan energy at a target.
1 Arun's Vitae Gather Arunic power into a mote that, when picked up, restores health and removes all harmful effects.
2 Mana Infusion Replenishes your mana for several seconds.
2 Metamorphic Blast Project a cone of energy that damages nearby enemies.
4 Thrall of Protection Summon a Thrall of Protection that draws aggro from monsters and makes melee attacks.
6 Metamorphic Smite Blast any enemies directly in front of you.
8 Teleport Jaunt Teleport a short distance in the direction the camera faces.
10 Corruption Ring Drain health from targets nearby, storing it as spiritual energy. After you cast Corruption Ring, it becomes Infusion Ring. Cast Infusion Ring to release the stored energy as mana for you and your party.
12 Retaliate Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.
12 Thrall of Vengeance Summon a Thrall of Vengeance that makes ranged attacks against your enemies.
14 Volley of Curses Lock onto your target and inflict a curse that does constant damage. Effect stacks up to three times.
14 Sonorous Dreams Lock onto your foes and put them briefly to sleep.
16 Arun's Cleansing Touch Select your allies and purge all harmful effects from them.
16 Thrall of Life Summon a Thrall of Life that heals you and removes harmful effects.
18 Titanic Favor Immediately heal allies you select, then heal them further over time.
18 Resurrect Restore life to a nearby dead party member.
20 Aura of the Swift An aura emanates from you that increases group members' movement speed.
22 Summon: Party Teleport any of your group members within the same province to your side.
24 Regression Remove all beneficial effects on nearby enemies.
26 Aura of the Unyielding An aura emanates from you, greatly increasing group members' resistance to critical hits.
26 Titanic Wrath Energy pours into you and nearby party members, increasing your strength.
28 Arun's Tears Gather Arunic power into a mote that, when picked up, instantly restores a large quantity of mana.
32 Mire Select several targets and cripple their movement.
36 Aura of the Tenacious An aura emanates from you, restoring mana to your nearby group members.
38 Thrall of Wrath Summon a Thrall of Wrath armed with a powerful area attack.
42 Ancient Binding Hurl a magical bolt that slows down its target.
42 Vow of Rebirth Form a bond between you and one group member, who will now resurrect if killed.
46 Curse of Exhaustion Select and curse enemies, increasing their cooldown times for all their skills by 20%.
50 Aura of the Merciless An aura emanates from you, doubling the critical hit rate of group members.
50 Shara's Lash Cast a caustic bolt of Sharan energy that explodes at range or on contact, briefly stunning foes.
56 Curse of Confusion Select several enemies and terrify them into running away.
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About Mystics

Using the power of their scepters, mystics support their allies and control the flow of battle. They drop healing orbs, and apply short-term boosts to attack power and speed. They can also restore mana to the whole party—by sucking the life force out of their enemies. Mystics also summon magical creatures to aid them in battle.
A mystic stuns, curses, sears, smites, and otherwise deals death to her foes using terrific area-of-effect attacks. Her superb Corruption Ring area-of-effect attack burns up her foes’ health and returns it to her party as mana. With a simple gesture, she can dispel enhancements from her foes and debilitating effects from her allies.
Armor: Robes
Mystic armor, like that of all arcanists, is robes of cloth, but their skills—and their magical pets—ensure their survival on the battlefield.
Weapon: Scepter
The scepter is the focus of a mystic's magic, which emanates from the world around her. With this instrument of power, the mystic can heal and harm, sustain life or bring death.

Sample Glyphs

Starting at level 20, glyphs can be applied to customize your mystic's skills in a variety of ways. Here are some samples:

Brilliant Sonorous Dreams
Sonorous Dreams costs less mana to cast.
Empowered Sharan Bolt
Your Sharan Bolt does more damage.
Energetic Metamorphic Smite
Speeds up the cooldown of your Metamorphic Smite.
Fortified Thrall of Protection
Strengthens the armor of your Thrall of Protection pet.
Hastened Mana Infusion
Mana infusion restores your mana more quickly.
Influential Metamorphic Smite
You can chain-cast Metamorphic Blast for less mana.
Lingering Volley of Curses
Your curse hangs on your enemies even longer.
Multiplicative Arun's Cleansing
Increases the number of targets so you can help more of your friends.
Persistent Teleport Jaunt
Adds a chance to refresh the cooldown of Teleport Jaunt when you cast it.
Trebling Corruption Ring
Hugely increases your resistance to knockdown and immobility.