Symbol of the Priest

Priests can bring allies back from the brink of death and beyond while burning and blasting their way through phalanxes of enemies. Priests derive power from their devotion to the gods, but it’s their devotion to others that earns them fame and friends on the battlefield. A priest has killing skills enough to survive alone in the toughest situations, and support spells to fortify, purify, and resurrect party members in need.

In fact, priests have more spells at their disposal than almost any other discipline. Priests are a support class that can also hold their own against foes. They keep themselves and their allies alive and regenerated while guarding them from critical damage, and still spare time to target foes for searing blasts of divine energy. They can target one comrade for healing, or remove poisons and curses from any nearby friendly player. They can stand up allies who have been knocked down, or put their enemies to sleep. It's no wonder that some say the party with the most skilled priest is the most likely to win victory in the field.

Skills Overview

Priests blast, burn, sear, implode, and shock their foes. They also heal, cleanse, boost, teleport, and resurrect their friends. Their range of skills is varied, containing abilities to attack, heal, and support in a number of ways, including area of effect and targeted heals and buffs.

Level Skill Description
1 Divine Radiance Project a pulse of energy at an enemy.
1 Heal Thyself Restore health to yourself, modified by your heal bonus.
2 Mana Infusion Replenishes your mana for several seconds.
2 Metamorphic Blast Project a cone of divine energy that damages nearby enemies.
4 Triple Nemesis Cast a vengeful pulse at a nearby target. You can use this skill three times before its cooldown begins.
6 Fiery Escape Fly backward on a gout of flame that damages enemies near you.
6 Restorative Burst Create a burst of healing in front of you. All allies in the burst regenerate health for several seconds.
10 Focus Heal Lock on and restore health to nearby allies, modified by your heal bonus.
10 Final Reprisal After using your Shocking Implosion or Triple Nemesis skills, follow up with a blast of energy from your staff that damages nearby enemies.
12 Retaliate If you’ve been knocked down, leap to your feet while attacking your target.
12 Mana Charge Charge up the spell, then release it to restore some of your mana.
14 Shocking Implosion Produce an electrical burst in front of you.
14 Ishara's Lullaby Lock onto several targets and put them briefly to sleep.
16 Purifying Circle Instantly remove all harmful effects from several nearby allies.
18 Regeneration Circle Several allies near you heal their wounds over the next several seconds.
18 Resurrect Restore life to several nearby dead group members.
20 Blessing of Zenobia Boost the non-combat speed of you and your nearby allies.
22 Summon: Party Teleport all group members within the same province to your side. You cannot teleport group members who are in other provinces.
24 Arise Instantly stands knocked-down group members and increases their knockdown resistance.
24 Plague of Exhaustion Call up a plague that inflicts constant damage every several nearby targets. Against other players, the damage decreases, but their cooldown time for melee attacks doubles.
26 Healing Circle Heal several nearby group members other than you, modified by your heal bonus.
26 Blessing of Shakan You and your nearby allies receive a blessing that increases your strength.
32 Homeward Bound Teleport yourself and group members nearby to the nearest campfire.
34 Blessing of Seren Increase the endurance of up to nearby allies, including you.
36 Prayer of Peace Nullify your aggro from nearby enemies.
36 Blessing of Balder You and several nearby allies heal for several seconds, modified by your heal bonus.
40 Energy Stars Fires an energy bolt at a nearby enemy you select. The bolt damages the target, but it increases nearby group members' strength and attack speed for several seconds.
42 Kaia's Shield Cast a barrier that absorbs damage on several nearby allies and makes them immune to knockdown and immobility.
46 Blessing of Arachne Increase resistance to all harmful effects for you and your nearby allies.
50 Guardian Sanctuary Decreases damage from distant enemies and increases your resistances to harmful effects.
56 Divine Respite Replenish a percentage of your health over the next several seconds.
60 Grace of Resurrection Grants a blessing enabling the priest to resurrect immediately with 100% HP and MP.
60 Healing Immersion Lock on a target within 19m and fire a healing light to restore HP (modified by your heal bonus) to all party members within 7m of the locked target. Press the skill button once and mouseover to lock on the target, then press the skill button again or left-click to heal all targets.
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About Priests

The gods have the power to create and sustain life. By drawing on their power, a priest can heal wounds, cure sickness, bring together a scattered party, and even raise the dead.
The anger of the gods is terrible, and priests are their instruments of retribution. Priests can call down divine fire, shock their foes with lightning bolts, and inflict plagues upon them.
Armor: Robes
Cloth armor keeps priests nimble on the battlefield, ensuring they are always able to reach their allies with a healing hand, or their enemies with divine wrath. The priest’s ability to self-heal makes up for any shortcomings of priestly robes.
Weapon: Staff
Priests channel the gods’ power to harm and heal through their staves. The long staff signifies the bond between those who walk the world and those who reside in the heavens, and focuses the priest’s devotional energies into spectacular targeted and area-affecting abilities.

Sample Glyphs

Starting at level 20, glyphs can be applied to customize your priest's skills in a variety of ways. Here are some samples:

Boosted Zenobia's Gift
Reduces the casting time of your Zenobia's Gift spell.
Brilliant Resurrect
It costs you less mana to resurrect your fallen friends.
Energetic Arise
Reduces the cooldown time of your Arise skill.
Lingering Regeneration Circle
Your Regeneration Circle skill’s health-restoring effects last longer.
Longshot Focus Heal
You can reach your allies from further away with your Focused Heal skill.
Multiplicative Focus Heal
Your Focused Heal skill can touch more allies at once.
Numbing Final Reprisal
Your Final Reprisal gains a chance to slow your target's movement.
Powerlinked Triple Nemesis
Greatly increases the damage of your Metamorphic Blast skill if you use it after casting Triple Nemesis.
Restorative Healing Circle
Improves the healing power of your Healing Circle skill.
Spirited Mana Infusion
Increases the mana recovery of your Mana Infusion skill.