Symbol of the Sorcerer

Sorcerers fight from range, channeling their force of will into sheets of flame, icy blades, and spheres of pure energy. The sorcerer strikes and evades and strikes again, playing a game of position few classes can match, and dealing massive damage in a spectacular fashion is all in a day's work for this explosive class.

Warriors of the intellect, sorcerers are at their best when they stand apart, watch for vulnerabilities, and then make their foes pay dearly for them. Sorcerers may not be as flexible as other classes, but when your close-quarters companions fall in battle it's awfully nice to have arcane artillery at your disposal.

Skills Overview

Sorcerers specialize in killing as many foes as possible in the shortest amount of time. Their skills are a mix of area, in-line, and targeted attacks, as well as mystical traps, buffs, and debuffs. Their unbridled killing clout makes them indispensable to any party of adventurers.

Some sorcerer skills can lock on to specific targets, be they enemy or ally. Press the skill button and mouse over the intended targets, then press it again to complete casting. Others can be charged up before casting by holding down the skill button.

Level Skill Description
1 Fireball Shoot a fireball at a target.
1 Flame Pillar Summon a column of flame directly in front of you that burns any enemies within it.
2 Backstep Quickly back up out of harm’s way.
2 Mana Infusion Replenishes MP for several seconds.
4 Magma Bomb Arc a fiery projectile several meters away, where it explodes, damaging anyone nearby.
6 Painful Trap Set a trap that explodes in all directions when stepped on. Trap lasts ten seconds.
8 Time Gyre Lock on to and immobilize targets.
10 Ice Needle Launch an ice shard that briefly slows the movement speed of each target it pierces.
12 Retaliate Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.
14 Mana Siphon A charging skill that drains MP from opponents.
14 Painblast Inflict periodic damage on enemies.
16 Glacial Retreat Freeze the ground before you as you leap backward, damaging and briefly decreasing the movement speed of those nearby.
18 Arcane Pulse A charging skill that sends an energy ball through multiple enemies.
20 Flaming Barrage Lock on to targets and deal impressive damage.
22 Teleport Jaunt Teleport a short distance in the direction the camera faces.
24 Mindblast Briefly puts enemies to sleep.
26 Fireblast Blast any targets in a large flaming circle a few meters in front of you.
28 Lightning Trap Set a trap with a ten-second duration that briefly paralyzes anyone in its area of effect.
32 Overchannel Your next attack within a few seconds does more damage.
36 Void Pulse Launch a powerful sphere at a single target.
40 Mana Barrier Create a magical shield that absorbs damage. Consumes MP with every hit.
44 Burning Breath Lock on to a target and deal massive periodic damage.
48 Burst of Celerity Increase your Attack Speed for a few seconds.
52 Hail Storm Summons an ice storm in front of you that damages and progressively slows everyone within it.
56 Nerve Exhaustion Lock on to PvP opponents and prevent them from using skills.
58 Mana Volley Lock on to PvP opponents and drain their MP.
60 Stone Skin Encase your body in stone, becoming immune to all attacks and dropping aggro.
61 Nova Deal massive damage to nearby enemies.
63 Warp Barrier Cancel incoming damage for a few seconds, and replenish MP for each hit taken.
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About Sorcerers

Ranged Offense
Sorcerers are artillery. They deliver power against targets with pinpoint accuracy or punishing barrages. Sorcerers shorten fights, clearing out minor threats quickly with area-of-effect attacks or doing massive damage to large foes with targeted skills.
Magical Mischief
Sorcerers also provide covering fire, slowing down enemies with traps or blunting their buffs so that healers and melee fighters can maneuver more easily.
Armor: Robes
Because aim and positioning are so critical to being a good sorcerer, they wear only cloth armor. Less weight means more speed.
Weapon: Disc
Through the lens of the disc, sorcerers shape the force of their will, turning mental energy into physical force. The spinning disc focuses, reinforces and redirects each spell precisely where needed.

Sample Glyphs

Starting at level 20, sorcerers can use glyph points to customize skills in a variety of ways.

Persistent Magma Bomb
Chance to eliminate skill cooldown
Longshot Fireball
Increases range
Spirited Mana Infusion
Increase MP replenishment
Indignant Backstep
Chance to automatically cast Overcharge
Multiplicative Time Gyre
Increases number of lock-on targets
Blossoming Painblast
Increases periodic damage
Shared Mindblast
Increases chance to debuff when hitting multiple targets
Hastened Fireblast
Increases casting speed
Keen Nova
Doubles Crit Factor for a few seconds
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