Cross-Level Play

Mid- to high-level TERA players and their lower-level friends have an abundance of options for cooperative play with one another. A more experienced player can give a lowbie pal pointers on everything from how to navigate the UI and menu options to how many people you need in a party to take down a basilisk, an infamous BAM known for wreaking havoc on unprepared players.

If you’ve been playing for a while and your buddy finally takes your advice to jump on the TERA bandwagon, there are many things you can do for and with them. This guide should get you started.

Party Up

If your lower-level friends are having problems finishing difficult (at least for them) quests on their own, you can provide more than moral support by standing in for one or more characters at their level. None of you will get XP or decent loot, but they’ll at least get to progress in the storyline, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped out. Odds are high they’ll remember the favor and pay it forward to someone else.

Of course, the stronger and more experienced their characters are, the more you can do together that will benefit you specifically. You can “go back in time” and finish quests you passed by while you were alone, polish off that last annoying dungeon boss, or complete any number of BAM (Big-Ass Monster) quests. If your levels differ by more than five levels, XP and loot will be drastically reduced. So if you’re level 60 and they’ve just left the Island of Dawn, it might be best to create an alt (described below) to adventure with.

Be a Bodyguard

As a higher-level player with better armor, weapons, a more advanced skill set, and skill-enhancing glyphs, your assistance in battle will be of enormous value to your low-level friends. A well-timed snare or stun can buy time for players to heal up, regroup, and jump into the fight, without stealing the kill. On a PvP server, you can hold off gankers (or at least retaliate after they one-shot your little buddy).

Speaking of staying alive, a higher-level healer can provide immense support to a novice in combat. A mystic with the right skill set can restore both HP and MP, which can help your friend move from mob to mob with little downtime.

TERA Amani Warrior, Human Berserker

Help Fight BAMs

There’s no time like BAM time for a TERA veteran who’s out there assisting a low-level player. It might take new recruits several attempts to take down their first few BAMs. But with a seasoned higher-level lancer helping out, your friends will take down BAMs the first time, every time. See “Be a Bodyguard” for tips on how to help. All the while, you’re bonding, gaining experience, making money, and collecting the unique drops that only taking down BAMs can produce! Just make certain to stay out of the party if there’s more than a six-level difference—otherwise you’ll diminish the chances of getting good loot. Nobody wants that.

TERA BAM Group Fight

Mail Your Buddy Good Stuff

Using the Parcel Post, you can send helpful items to friends who are just starting out in the game. You can even give or loan them a little seed money so they can upgrade their gear and buy glyphs. Alternatively, you can hand out items from your inventory or even purchase gear and items for your friends that they can’t yet afford or even find in lower-level areas.

Visit a banker in any major town or city to access the Parcel Post feature and start sharing your wealth. If you’re not so much into giving out of the kindness of your heart, you can also send items COD (cash on delivery) and make your friends pay for your friendship.

TERA Parcel Post UI, Human, Castanic

Craft for Your Friends

Use your superior skills to craft items that your friends won’t be able to produce for themselves any time soon (and definitely won’t find from merchants). Then send those items via Parcel Post (see above). Alternatively, you can help your friends improve their crafting skills by providing raw materials collected with one of your gathering skills. This may even help you down the line if your friends work on crafting skills you haven’t spent time on yet.

TERA Amani Crafting

Create a Private Chat Channel

You can create a private chat channel for yourself and your buddies to use while adventuring together or even while pursuing separate goals. This way, you can discuss top-secret stuff and keep track of one another in game even if you’re continents apart. This is especially useful when you and several friends are all playing at the same time, so you don’t have to keep track of a bunch of separate whispers.

To create a private chat channel, first determine an eight-letter (or alphanumeric) channel name, and a four-number password that’s easy to remember (all users will need to use this password). Then, type /make CHANNELNAME ####. For example, to make the channel TERARULZ with the password 4242, type /make TERARULZ 4242.

To use a private chat channel, type /1 (for the first chat channel you create). The name of the channel will appear next to the chat text window. If you make more chat channels, they will be numbered incrementally, so typing /2 will allow you to type into the second chat channel you create. Other players can join any of your chat channels simply by typing /chat CHANNELNAME PASSWORD.

Help With Transportation

Priests who are level 20 or higher and mystics who are level 22 or higher can use the Summon Party skill to summon a party member of any level as long as that player is in the same province. This is pretty handy considering that under normal circumstances you can’t teleport to a place you’ve never been. It’s a long walk from Crescentia to the Muricai Ruins. If someone’s lost or can’t find something, this is a great way for a more experienced player to help that lowbie reach the right destination.

Baraka Priest Summoning Party Member in TERA

Form a Guild

If your main character isn’t already in a guild, that character can form a guild with your lower-level friends. It’s a great way to keep track of each other, plus you can share a guild bank, be part of the alliance system, participate in guild-versus-guild battles (where PvP is enabled), and in some cases, run guild-only quests together to collect Catharnach awards, which can be used to purchase specialty items. Even better, being in a guild gives you the guild chat channel, which you can use instead of private chat channels. To enter the guild chat channel, just type /g.

Only two players are needed to form a guild, but one of them (the guild master) must be at least level eight. As long as your character is eighth level or higher, first party up with your buddy by typing /invite USERNAME in the chat window. You must be the party leader to form a guild, so you must do the inviting, and you must not already be in a party with a leader who isn’t you.

Next, visit the guild manager in Velika (southeast corner of the Plaza of the Huntress) and pay the 30 silver fee to form a guild. You will become the guild master, and all of the members of your party will automatically receive invitations to join your guild.

TERA Guild Creation, Human, Baraka

What if your main character is already in a guild? You can create or join guilds with another character on the same server. So if you want to start a new guild with your pal but don’t want to abandon the guild you’re already in, use one of your alts. Then, when your friend is playing, you can pal around on that character without leaving your high-level guild.

Speaking of Alts

If you want to truly level the playing field, so to speak, you can always create a new character and fight alongside your pals who are new to TERA. It’s fun and rewarding to level an alt with your friends as they experience the world of TERA for the first time. Plus, you’ll be a font of knowledge to them. Everything you did your first time around, you will do together and with more efficiency. Then, they will look up to you with reverence and devotion due to your outstanding leadership. Well, they should, anyway.

If you want to learn more about alts, check out TERA Tips and Tricks: Alts.

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