Dawnfall Descends

Island of Dawn | Forsaken Island (Hard) | Dreadspire
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The Dawnfall update makes several significant changes to the TERA landscape, including a dramatic upheaval on the Island of Dawn, the anticipated release of Forsaken Island (Hard), and the dynamic return of the Dreadspire. Check out the changes below.

Island of Dawn Devastated

What's New?

  • Level 65 BAM hunting ground
  • All-new storyline
  • Daily solo and group quests
  • Tier 7 and 8 rewards

After the destruction of the World Tree, the idyllic Island of Dawn has been transformed into a burning wasteland crawling with foul creatures. Veteran adventurers are being called back to their beginnings to rid the former starting zone of hordes of powerful BAMs and to solve the mystery of how the World Tree was destroyed.

Forsaken Island Adds Hard Mode

Forsaken Isle (Hard) Drops

Gear drops include:

  • Starfall Belt, Captain's Earring, and Captain's Ring
  • Dreadnaught and Starfall crafting materials
  • Desolarus Tokens: redeemable for rare glyphs, Schisma gear, and Captain’s jewelry

Forsaken Island, TERA’s current top-level dungeon, pits the hardiest adventurers in some of the best armor in the game against three of the toughest bosses ever added to TERA. Now, prepare for it to get even harder. The new Forsaken Island (Hard) dungeon will test the resolve of the best of the best of the best.

Dreadspire Descends Again

Dreadspire Rewards

Rewards Include:

  • Challenges 1-15 offer crafting materials for gear up to Dreadnaught (tier 8)
  • Challenges 16-19 offer jewels, tier 9 feedstock, Niveot shards, and Desolarus Tokens
  • Challenges 20-22 also offer the Smolder mount (20), BoE Starfall armor (21), and BoE Starfall weapons (22)

The Dreadspire is returning to Tempest Reach, with two new upper-level challenges. Shandra Manaya remains at the pinnacle as the 22nd challenge. Nightmare Koleogg (from Rift’s Edge) and Kaprima (from Vault of Kaprima) have been added as challenges 20 and 21.

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