New Dungeon: Demon's Wheel

Quest | Demoros | Bandersnatch

New Dungeon: Demon's Wheel

Once you reach item level 423, you receive notice about a shanty town outside Allemantheia, which is making the high elf elders nervous. In the makeshift town, you discover all the adults have abandoned their families and livelihoods, seeking their fortune within the Demon's Wheel. To break their addiction to the games of fortune within, you must gamble with two very tricky bosses.

  • Difficulty:
  • Players: 5
  • Minimum Level: 65
  • Minimum Item Level: 423
  • Drops: Bane accessories, Ambush belt, and various crafting materials.
  • Accessible through a new quest (Demon's Wheel).



Bandersnatch sends 2 waves of explosions onto the players, you must determine the total number of explosions and watch the aura color to know the safe zone during his quiz. (The shantytown villagers can give you clues how to use that information to survive.)


You cannot kill Demoros. To defeat him, you need to fill your luck meter before Demoros fills his.

There are a couple ways to gain points, and simultaneously keep Demoros from gaining points.

  • You want to beat on the dice. Some dice give you points, others give him points.
  • You want to get hit by the giant coins that periodically fall from the sky.
  • When you get Demoros down to a certain amount of health, it will trigger fever time, making a shower of those giant coins.

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