Velik's Hold

Velik's Hold is a level 65 dungeon, with a minimum item level of 423. It features three challenging bosses with significant loot drops.


Velik's Hold is a raid dungeon intended for a party of seven level 65 characters. But you might want to try it with fewer characters, if you're feeling lucky.

How to Enter the Dungeon

While any character of level 65 can enter the dungeon proper (either via the entrance on Velik's Steps in Velika, or through instance matching), you'll get even more rewards if you first accept the “Strange Quakes” quest from Seir, in Valkyon Federation Headquarters.

The Story So Far...

The city of Velika has been experiencing mysterious earth tremors, starting at the docks and working their way closer and closer to the heart of the city. The civilians are starting to leave the city, and the federation is looking for answers to a problem that's clearly leading up to something catastrophic.

Here's Where You Come In

Seir summons you to Velika to investigate the source of the earth tremors, and points you to a secret tunnel accessible via an entrance at Velik's Steps, in the center of the city.

Through the teleportal, you discover that there is an ancient city complex far beneath Velika...and it has been the scene of a brutal—and very recent—series of battles.

Dungeon Walkthrough

This section steers you through the encounters you'll have in Velik's Hold. As with all things TERA, you'll need player skill and a healthy amount of common sense to emerge victorious.

Quest Title Min Level Type Starting NPC
Strange Quakes 65 Mission Seir

1. Summoned to Velika

You receive a request from Seir to report to him in Velika, who explains to you about the tremors and asks you to investigate. He points you to the secret entrance, located near the goddess's statue at the top of Velik's Steps.

2. Undermined by Archdevans

TERA Velik's Hold

Upon entry, you encounter archdevans almost immediately; they are acting as support troops for the boss monster, Kavador, who appears to be responsible for the damage that's been inflicted in the city's underground.

3. Killing Kavador

TERA Velik's Hold

After defeating the archdevan troops, you encounter Kavador, whose attacks include poison breath attacks in a broad arc, summoning temporary allies up out of the ground, and curling up like a giant wheel and charging across the arena to crush you.

4. Overpowering the Archdevans

Further into the underground complex, you encounter another array of archdevans waiting to slow you down. Finishing them off should fulfill your kill counts for the “Strange Quakes” quest.

5. Proud Prokyon

TERA Velik's Hold

Waiting for you just beyond the archdevans is the next boss: Prokyon. This boss is particularly challenging, because he uses several “area-of-effect” attacks that deal a lot of damage. Some of his basic attacks leave behind piles of rocks that stop you, but don't slow Prokyon down at all.

Although these rocks periodically explode, you'll want to stick relatively close, because Prokyon can unleash an AoE that deals a lot of damage...and those piles of rocks are the only cover. You'll get a warning when this is about to happen, at which point you need to high-tail it for the nearest rock pile.

Prokyon also throws out a rectangular damage field that could prove troublesome if it's between you and a pile of rocks at the wrong time. Try not to let him box you in with it.

6. Veldeg and the Real Threat

TERA Velik's Hold

After you defeat Prokyon, you'll find the exit from the underground complex (which should look familiar for those players who poked around a bit after visiting Velik after arriving in the city, way back when).

As you ascend the steps, you'll be treated to a cutscene featuring a mysterious and imposing armored figure contemplating Velik's Sanctuary in the distance. This figure notices your arrival...but rather than turning to fight you, he summons the final boss for Velik's Hold: Veldeg.

TERA Velik's Hold

Veldeg is a tough opponent, but not particularly cunning; his attacks consist primarily of slamming and slashing opponents, and using his arm-cannon to blast opponents away. Periodically, he unleashes an AoE that hits pretty much everything in the arena...and you should keep track of them, because every third such attack deals automatic crit damage.

Astute players will quickly notice that the arena is ringed by dark red crystals, which Veldeg periodically destroys. Each destroyed crystal generates a slow-building explosion; watch the glowing cracks in the ground at these locations to time the blasts. They don't deal much damage...but if you're low on HP, the edges of the map are not a safe place to hang around while recovering.

7. Who Was That Masked Man?

Once Veldeg is vanquished, you'll immediately see that the mysterious armored figure is gone—and there doesn't seem to be any way to follow, or even find out where he went.

Returning to Velik's Steps, you can report what you found to Seir...who deduces that the armored figure must have been the god Lakan. Seir tells you that if Lakan is behind the earthquakes—and that he was working his way toward Velik's Sanctuary—then the goddess is in serious danger. He informs you that he needs a little time to formulate a plan, but promises that he will contact you as soon as he does.

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