Velik's Sanctuary

Velik's Sanctuary is a level 65 dungeon, with a minimum item level of 423. It features four challenging bosses—including the god Lakan.

TERA Velik's Sanctuary


Velik's Sanctuary is intended for a party of five level 65 characters, but you might want to try it with fewer characters. Just be sure to include a good healer, because you're going to encounter some pretty powerful opponents.

How to Enter the Dungeon

While any character of level 65 can enter the dungeon proper (either via the entrance on Velik's Steps in Velika, or through instance matching), you'll get even more rewards if you first accept the “Lakan the Avaricious” quest from Seir, in Valkyon Federation Headquarters.

The Story So Far...

Having entered an underground complex far beneath the city of Velika and discovering that archdevans were responsible for recent earthquakes, you learned that the archdevans were led by the god, Lakan, whose final objective seems to be the heavenly sanctuary of the goddess Velik.

Although you defeated Lakan's troops—including the bosses Kavador, Prokyon, and Veldeg—you were not able to engage with Lakan before he disappeared (presumably to attack Velik's Sanctuary), leaving no way to follow. This forced you to return to Velika to report that you had succeeded in your initial mission, but had no way to pursue the actual threat.

Here's Where You Come In

Seir summons you once again to Velika to inform you that the priestesses of Velik have devised a way for you to cross the gulf between Velik's Hold and Velik's Sanctuary—by riding a pegasus. Seir sends you to Velik's Steps to pass through a teleportal that takes you directly to where you last saw Lakan.

Upon arrival, you are met by the three priestesses, who summon a pegasus for each member of your party.

Dungeon Walkthrough

This section takes you through the encounters you'll have in Velik's Sanctuary. As with all things TERA, you'll need player skill and a healthy amount of common sense to emerge victorious.

Quest Title Min Level Type Starting NPC
Lakan the Avaricious 65 Mission Seir

1. Seir's Plan

You receive another request from Seir to report to him in Velika. He tells you that the priestesses of Velik have come forward with a plan to use flying pegasi to get you from Velik's Hold to Velik's Sanctuary, and that they are waiting for you. Seir directs you to a different teleportal at Velik's Steps, which will take you right to the priestesses.

2. Your In-Flight Movie...

You arrive in the same place where you fought Veldeg, and last saw Lakan. Here, the three priestesses are waiting to summon a pegasus for you whenever you're ready.

Once mounted, it's a quick flight over to the main area. While the view is pretty, you might want to pay attention once you reach the skies above the sanctuary, because it will give you a few brief glimpses of what you can expect later in the dungeon.

Though three of the group are dead, the fourth, Ausdan, is hiding in the northern part of the zone. Ausdan is terrified of whatever killed the other scouts, but gives you a report to take back to Hendry.

3. Archdevan Ground Crew

Very near where your pegasus lands, you'll find a small group of archdevans waiting for you. They'll count toward completing the various conditions of the “Lakan the Avaricious” quest.

Defeating the last of them triggers a cutscene, featured the arrival of Revived Darkan (who you might remember from Sky Cruiser Endeavor.

4. Endeavor to Persevere

TERA Velik's Sanctuary

Revived Darkan is a particularly troublesome foe, but not the most dangerous in the sanctuary. He uses a combination of short-range slashing attacks, barreling charges, long-range “line” area attacks, and wide-arc knockback attacks to push you around.

Be wary of two factors here: First, the arena is ringed by mana generators. These mark the line where a constant damage effect will appear soon after the fight begins, dealing 10,000 points of damage per second to anyone in the area. You can destroy these generators with some difficulty (although it gets harder the longer the fight goes on). Destroying a generator creates a gap in the damage ring, giving you a bit more room.

This is important because Revived Darkan not only utilizes knockback attacks that can push you into the damage ring, but also because he periodically blasts everywhere except the damage ring with an AoE that deals a lot more damage than the damage ring does. Rather than choose between a quick death and a slow death, you can try to reach a safe zone when Revived Darkan announces “I'll burn you to ashes!”

5. More Archdevans

After you defeat Revived Darkan, you can head to the next area (which involves jumping off the platform to the walkway below). There are more archdevans waiting there, and taking them out will help you complete the next step of the “Lakan the Avaricious” quest. Once they're gone, you'll see a cutscene of the next boss: Revived Dakuryon.

6. Dakuryon Redux

TERA Velik's Sanctuary

Dakuryon's death has made him no less dangerous; Revived Dakuryon might have a handful of low-damage basic attacks, but he also has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Revived Dakuryon periodically summons archdevan reinforcements, who are first. Kill them as soon as they appear and you're fine—but if you don't kill them, they transform into demokrons. These demokrons don't move, but from time to time they launch bursts of fiery, slow-moving spheres. The spheres from a single demokron are inconvenient, but dealing with spheres from several is a tactical nightmare. Take them out as soon as you can.

Additionally, Revived Dakuryon uses a chain “leash” to grab players and either pull them close, or “impale” them and swing them around for several seconds (during which time other players can attack with impunity).

Revived Dakuryon has a few other surprises—including launching indestructible purple orbs that circle the arena. Touching one of these confers the Curse of the Orb, which lowers your maximum HP every second until the effect ends. But his most devastating tactics are a pair of “pattern” AoEs that require players to memorize the pattern on the fly, then be prepared to avoid the effects once the damage chain starts.

One of these pattern attacks occurs in a small area, defined by an impassable force field. Players inside and outside the field can damage Revived Dakuryon...but those inside will probably be more focused on avoiding the pattern attack.

The other covers the entire arena, so all players must pay attention—with no “safe places,” you'll need expert timing and damage mitigation effects to survive.

7. Decisions, Decisions

TERA Velik's Sanctuary

After you defeat Revived Dakuryon, you must choose one of two paths, both of which lead to a teleportal. The first is a courtyard with some archdevans and a BAM named Improvised Perimos. To the left is a broken wall, beyond which is another section of courtyard with many more archdevans.

The archdevans are standard dungeon fare, and if you've gotten this far you probably won't have too much trouble with them.

Perimos is a bit tougher. He uses a combination of sweeping blows with his club arm, and occasionally unleashes a blast of energy from the orb in his chest. Once you get his HP below about 65%, he starts using an AoE that blankets most of the arena with ice barrage attacks.

8. The Foulest Evil

TERA Velik's Sanctuary

After passing through the teleportal, you're treated to a cutscene in which the evil god Lakan uses the power of Oriyn's Arcana to bind Velik, and promises to destroy the Dream next—which would pretty much be the end of everything. It's up to you to stop Lakan.

Unsurprisingly, Lakan is extremely difficult to kill. He's heavily armored, and utilizes several attacks that affect the entire arena, either all at once, or in large sections. He also throws out periodic knockback attacks that push close-combat players out of reach.

If you hold aggro too long, you'll get a system message telling you that he's noticed you. That's bad news; he's about to mark you with “Lakan's Seed,” which reduces your max HP every second. Your only recourse is to let someone else take aggro for a while until someone can remove the condition, or it expires.

TERA Velik's Sanctuary

After you've reduced Lakan's HP a bit, he starts in with attacks that hit pretty much the entire battlefield except for a smallish circle around him. Get into that circle to avoid taking a lot of damage...but get out again as soon as you can, because he's still got plenty of close-combat attacks to deliver.

Once you reduce Lakan to 30–40 percent of his HP, he gains a buff called “Out of Phase.” Unless you can remove this buff (using Regression, Plague of Exhaustion, or similar effects), the arena transforms into a dark, nightmarish version of his own soul—and he becomes temporarily invulnerable. If that happens, you're going to be doing a lot of dodging and healing until your attacks can hurt Lakan again.

9. Wrapping Up

After you've defeated Lakan and rescued Velik, you can teleport back to Velik's Steps, then report to Seir for your reward.

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