Jax Trust

Jax Trust is shady. Everyone knows it. They’re who you go to when you need…favors. Usually pretty big favors that you can’t get any other way. They may not charge you upfront, but they’ll usually request a favor in return. Not right away, but in time. And if you can’t pay up when the times comes…well, you may start to rethink how important your request really was in the first place.

TERA Jax Trust, Human

Rewards for Helping Jax Trust

Jax Trust offers PvE gear that offers special bonuses when fighting monsters. Some gear also increases your crit rate. If you’re looking for weapons and armor, visit Loyek. She carries gear specially designed for melee fighters, so be sure that’s what you’re hoping to get before you devote too much time here that you can’t get back.

Maxing Out Your Jax Trust Reputation

Jax Trust have taken up residence in a corner of Cutthroat Harbor. Jax himself will send word that he wants to meet you with the Friend of the Family quest. Once you meet up with him, his associates will send you out to settle a few accounts.

Jax Trust Reputation Levels
Favorable 0–15,000
Friendly 0–20,000
Trusted 0–25,000
Revered 0–1,000

Each new reputation level resets the counter to zero. Don’t worry—you’re still gaining influence with Jax Trust. And just for hitting level 60, you start with a reputation of favorable. The Trust values experience, after all.

Jax Trust Quests

Jax Trust quests don’t really concentrate in any one spot. You can complete a couple within Cutthroat Harbor, but the majority are spread out and difficult to group together.

Quest Name Reputation Reward Efficiency Notes
Hungry for Profits* 700 Med Collect mushrooms that are fairly nearby.
Market Research* 730 Med Quick run up to Relic Hunter Post by Azarel’s Labyrinth and back.
Cutting Expenses* 760 Low This quest requires killing stalkers inside Azarel’s Labyrinth.
Routine Delivery* 760 Low This quest requires you go to Crescentia to make a delivery.
Urgent Delivery* 760 Low This requires you go to Pora Elinu to make a delivery.
Human Resources** 800 Med This just involves talking to a few people around Cutthroat Harbor. A bit of walking, but it’s nearby.
Gentle Reminders*** 800 High This is right in the Jax Trust camp. Walk around and settle up accounts.
Back to the Beach* 700 Med Kill spiders that are fairly nearby.

*These quests are available at level 60 with Favorable reputation.

**These quests are available at level 60 with Friendly reputation.

***These quests are available at level 60 with Revered reputation.

Who Are Jax Trust, Anyway?

Jax Trust is a collection of people who…help people. In a manner of speaking. For varying degrees of “help.” “Invest” might be a better word. They invest in people. We…can’t really say much more.

In fact, we may have already said too much.

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