The Agnitor

The Agnitor is a subgroup of the Mysterium, focused specifically on nexuses and the creatures that emerge from them. They believe that by really understanding the power of the nexus—and finding a way to harness that power—they will be able to find the answer that will end the Argon War. Their quests revolve mostly around going into nexuses and coming out with samples and examples of whatever is inside. The Agnitor primarily perform their experiments in secret, but no one has any cause to doubt their commitment to the cause...right?

TERA Agnitor, Human

Rewards for Helping the Agnitor

Agnitor quests pay reputation points as well as gold and credits to spend with Hanslet and Eriale, Zulfikar Fortress’s Agnitor merchants. Players on good terms with the Agnitor can buy enigmatic armor, high-level weapons, pristine zyrks, high-level scrolls (can you say, master enigmatic scroll?), an exclusive mount, and even some enchantable PvP equipment.

Maxing Out Your Agnitor Reputation

The Agnitor have settled into Zulfikar Fortress, where they examine the nexuses in the area at close range. To get quests for the Agnitor, you must first show that you’re interested in the nexus by going in and completing other quests in the area that relate to them.

Report to Rodrigo in Zulfikar Fortress, and once you’ve finished his quest “Boundary Explorer,” the Agnitor quests will unlock from the nearby Inquisitor. Your first Agnitor quest will send you into the nexus for “Puzzling Pieces.”

Agnitor Reputation Levels
Suspicious 0–3,000
Apprehensive 0–6,000
Wavering 0–9,000
Neutral 0–12,000
Favorable 0–15,000
Friendly 0–20,000
Trusted 0–25,000
Revered 0–1,000

Each new reputation level resets the counter to zero. Don’t worry—you’re still gaining influence with the Agnitor.

Agnitor Quests

Most Agnitor quests can be completed inside a nexus with almost no extra time or effort, so if you’re heading in for a fight, why not pick up a couple these for good measure? Just remember that, unlike other factions, you can only pick up two Agnitor dailies at a time.

Quest Name Reputation Reward Efficiency Notes
Puzzling Pieces 700 High Kill lesser nexus monsters. (Available during the first two nexus phases.)
One Monster's Garbage is Another's Treasure 700 Medium Kill nexus minions. Moar hailstorms! (Available during all three nexus phases.)
Ominously Silent Spring 700 High Use the quest item (a specimen jar) inside any nexus. Quick and easy!
What Could Possibly Go Wrong 700 Medium Use the quest item (symbol of distorted dimension) on a lesser nexus monster, then kill the monster.
Echoes in the Stone* 700 High Collect nexulitic fragments from the piles of tainted mountain debris scattered across Argonea, Granarkus, and Khanovar Front.
Technological Terrors* 700 Medium Kill argons in Argonea, Granarkus, and Khanovar Front. Look for the ones with the green “!” next to their names.
* Quest can be completed at any time of day (not just during nexus)

Who Are the Agnitor, Anyway?

The Agnitor is controlled by the Mysterium—one of their special-interest groups. Their primary focus is to understand the nexus—not only how it works, but also why. They seek to discover exactly what they can do with the power—and the creatures—from the nexus. They often ask soldiers of the Valkyon Federation to venture into the nexus itself and bring back relics and remnants that they can then study. Occasionally they will even ask for parts of the strange creatures so they can see whether there is any real difference between the creatures they understand and these strange creatures of the nexus.

Though often looked down upon for focusing so heavily on other worlds when their own is facing such troubles, the Agnitor posits that by discovering what else is out there, they are helping the war effort itself, procuring new kinds of material as well as new methods of attack. They stand by their profession and are determined to find the best the nexuses have to offer and see to it they make their mark on the federation.

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